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Managing fully remote teams

  1. Who am I Founder & CEO
  2. Who am I Launched yesterday 🎉
  3. Let’s start with a secret remote management hack
  4. How to mute/unmute yourself on Zoom like a pro • Go to Zoom > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts. • Tick "Enable Global Shortcut" to Mute/Unmute. • Map it to any keyboard shortcut you like. You can now mute/unmute yourself, even if Zoom is not the selected window.
  5. Managing
  6. Employees don’t leave companies, they leave their managers.
  7. Employee retention at remote-first companies is 90%+.
  8. Managing Recruiting Compensating Onboarding Meetings 1:1 Morale
  9. Values
  10. Trust & Autonomy
  11. Transparency
  12. Intentionality
  13. Efficiency
  14. Recruiting
  15. Spoiler alert: nobody recruits today.
  16. - Any CEO (−3000 BC - March 2020) Recruiting is so hard.
  17. Stripe C-Suite Survey (−2018) 61 percent of C-suite executives believe access to developer talent is a threat to the success of their business. This threat was even ranked above capital constraints.
  18. It’s hard in a different way 10210 0.2%applicants per week interviews per week applicant success rate
  19. Compensating
  20. Transparent and public
  21. Location: Basecamp vs Gitlab
  22. The reference is Buffer
  23. Onboarding as-a-service
  24. Written culture async, timezones
  25. Scalable
  26. Tooling Async Sync
  27. Manager
  28. Output-driven
  29. Carry context
  30. Document
  31. Protect against burn out
  32. Day to day
  33. You don’t go remote to have more Zoom calls. M E E T I N G S
  34. Agenda / Brainstorm / 1 hour max M E E T I N G S
  35. Embrace the social M E E T I N G S
  36. No daily standups. Trust your people. M E E T I N G S
  37. Weekly 1:1 check-ins (45m/1h) M E E T I N G S
  38. Weekly reviews (for each team, for the company) M E E T I N G S
  39. Care
  40. Create social opportunities
  41. Celebrate, not alienate
  42. Retreats 😭