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10 Engineering Lessons Moving From a Startup To a Global Scaleup by Paul Schulz, CPTO @Perkbox

  1. 10 Engineering Lessons in Scaling Paul Schulz, CTPO
  2. A little bit about me …
  3. Shifting expectations Work and personal lives are integrated; wellness is paramount Introducing the era of employee experience Changing demographics By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce As ever, great customer experiences starts with great employee experiences
  4. Our leadership team Our awards Trusted by Our creds Global leader 8,000+ customers across 3 countries 289 employees across 4 offices Backed by investors & founders behind
  5. A bit about our tech …
  6. One Platform, One Code Base, One App -> Unified Experience PerksGO | Perks | Reward & Recognition | Perkbox HQ Our One App approach means that should you decide to launch Reward, Recognition or Insights, employees will get a single unified experience instead of multiple apps MULTI-APP EXAMPLE ONE APP APPROACH
  7. A small part of our tech stack
  8. About our P&E team …
  9. Our Product & Engineering Tribes ● 7 Tribes - 16 Squads ● Around 102 heads split across Product, Engineering and Partnerships ● 4 main guilds - mobile, front-end, back-end, design ● Nearly all in London
  10. The 10 Lessons
  11. Scaling is very tough! (everything is magnified) 1
  12. Think global not local day 1 2
  13. Tool up as you go (and monitor everything) 3
  14. Value Architecture (and Architects) 4
  15. Start with DevOps 5
  16. It really is about the data as you scale 6
  17. Trust and autonomy is core 7
  18. Scale with leadership focused on culture (people, technical, thought) 8
  19. Measure and Monitor your Growth Efficiency 9
  20. It’s always about the Employee Experience 10
  21. Thank you!