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ProformaTech: Zuora Product Showcase

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http://bit.ly/Oa6dIv How we help manage your recurring revenue business. We will demonstrate how Zuora solves common challenges that billing and accounting teams often struggle with, ranging from managing customer upgrades to payment retries to properly handling revenue recognition in the subscription economy. We will also detail how Zuora can complement your GL to help your company close the books faster.

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ProformaTech: Zuora Product Showcase

  1. 1. Product Showcase Monika Saha |Keenan Simmons Product Marketing Director | Solutions Engineer
  2. 2. The Leader In Commerce, Billing and Finance Solutions For the Subscription Economy Six+ Years of Incredible Growth 2007 Zuora founded 2008 Series A; First product launched 2009 2010 Series B, Series C; Zuora Zuora featured announces 1B in in WSJ contracted revenue 2011 Series D, Trademarks Subscription Economy; EMEA expansion 2012 2013 Zuora wins AlwaysOn Company of the Year Award; expands to Asia $20Bn contracted invoice volume; Series E funding; 50th product release 500+ $132.5M 300+ 95% Customers Funding Employees Customer Sat Offices: Silicon Valley, London, Sydney, Beijing, Chicago, Atlanta © 2014 Proformative
  3. 3. Businesses Are Embracing Subscriptions
  4. 4. 4 Customers Are Embracing Subscriptions
  5. 5. Subscriptions Are A Great Business Model $100 Subscription $100 Subscription + $50 Add-On MORE Predictability © 2014 Proformative $100 Subscription + $50 Add-On + $50 Add-On A BETTER Revenue Model
  6. 6. 6 A Business Model Being High Tech SaaS Cloud Infrastructure Media Adopted By Multiple Industries Devices Telecom Education Healthcare
  7. 7. But Running a Subscription Business Poses a Unique Set of Challenges Some of which you might be facing today …
  8. 8. A New Way To Think About Pricing Simple per-unit pricing 8 © 2014 Proformative In nit e pricing opt ions
  9. 9. Subscription Order Management Is Different Subscribe Renew BUY Suspend Add-on Upgrade 9 © 2014 Proformative
  10. 10. Subscription Billing Is Constant $10 New Customers Ship Bill Pro-rate 10 © 2014 Proformative Existing customers Usage
  11. 11. Subscription Payments Are More Complex © 2014 Proformative
  12. 12. Accounting for Subscriptions Is Messy © 2014 Proformative
  13. 13. Without the Right System, Your Team Struggles “It takes us 3 weeks to complete our billing operations, and we can’t automate electronic payments” “We’re doing all our revenue recognition in spreadsheets. This isn’t scalable and we can’t grow our business this way” “It takes us 17 days to close our books” “Our systems won’t support advanced subscription pricing models” - Finance Team 13 © 2014 Proformative
  14. 14. That’s Why We Built Z-Business The World’s Leading Subscription Management Platform Delivering valuable and differentiated capabilities across commerce, billing and finance Enabling rapid and scalable revenue growth for any subscription business 14 © 2014 Proformative
  15. 15. Z-Business Complements Your General Ledger 15 © 2014 Proformative
  16. 16. And Integrates With Key Elements Of Your Current IT Landscape 16 © 2014 Proformative