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How to approach digital transformation with the Zühlke framework.

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01 digitaletransformationzuehlke en

  1. 1. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 1
  2. 2. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 2 More powerful and connected devices for the mass market Massive changes in society throughout all social classes «I want it all, and I want it now» Disruptive change of economies («creative destruction») and incentives for new technologies What is really new? Digital Transformation is a technology-driven development, which changes society and business for the long term
  3. 3. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 3 Why didn’t taxi companies create Uber? Why didn’t banks create Bitcoins? Why didn’t online music portals create Spotify? Why didn’t telecommunication companies create WhatsApp? Why didn’t hotels create AirBnB? Why didn’t car makers create Tesla? new to the industry young global Disruptive companies are usually young, global and new to the industry
  4. 4. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 4 Market drivers Barriers New, globally operating competitors New business models "The winner takes it all" – Time-to- market New legal requirements and technologies Clients appreciate simplicity Tight market focus, limited scalability Cannibalization of own success Long and difficult organizational structures Lack of know-how, inflexible IT systems Complex processes and regulations Digital Transformation is primarily a great challenge for established companies
  5. 5. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 5 Digital Transformation is the challenge and the answer. But what is your question? "Digitale Transformation" ist aktuell in aller Munde, man muss jedoch genau differenzieren, wovon man redet und was relevant ist …
  6. 6. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 6 What is your question? How can we position and organize ourselves to succeed in a digital competitive landscape? How can we bring innovations to market and excite our clients in the long term? How can we establish and maintain our foundation, which enables us to pursue new business opportunities? Direction Action Foundation
  7. 7. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 7 How can we differentiate ourselves from competitors in the digital age? How do we want to earn money in the future? How should we position ourselves in regards to organizational structure, core competencies and culture? Who do we want to work with? What is your strategic and organizational direction? Collaboration Organization & Transformation Digital Vision & Strategy Direction Business Model Innovation
  8. 8. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 8 Digital Marketing & Communication Customer Experience & Empowerment Product & Service Delivery Product & Service Innovation How can we continuously offer new solutions and meet increasing client expectations? How can we convert our clients to fans? How can we establish a high digital presence for our stakeholders? How can we optimally deliver our product and service promise to our clients? Who is your client and what is the underlying value chain? Action
  9. 9. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 9 Enterprise & System Architecture System & Data Security Internet of Things Data Analytics How can we extract profit-enabling information out of data? How can we build flexible and efficient IT systems for the long term? How can we turn “things” into “assets”? How can we effectively protect our systems and data? How do you handle your data and technology? Foundation
  10. 10. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 10 Target state of a fully digitized company Strong Presence in the Digital World Powerful Collaboration Network Convincing Customer Experience Automated, Customer- oriented Processes Agile Organization & Culture Convincing Vision & Strategy Innovative Products & Services Sustainable Business Model DirectionAction Flexible Architecture & IT Systems High System- & Data-Security Smart & Connected Physical Platforms Profitable Data Utilization Foundation
  11. 11. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 11
  12. 12. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 12
  13. 13. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 13
  14. 14. © Zühlke 2016Digital Transformation @ Zühlke Slide 14 Contact For further questions regarding Digital Transformation, please do not hesitate to contact us at Zühlke. Dr. Robert Knop Consulting Director robert.knop@zuehlke.com +41 78 846 23 90 Valentin Rüst Expert Business Analyst valentin.ruest@zuehlke.com +41 44 733 69 43 Cédric Riester Lead Consultant Cedric.riester@zuehlke.com +41 44 733 68 96