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Gartner SOA

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Gartner SOA

  1. 1. Gartner SOA & Application Development and Integration Summit The SOA Challenge: Skills, Strategies and Pitfalls on the Road to Value SOA steals the spotlight 25-26 JUNE 2008, ROYAL LANCASTER HOTEL, LONDON europe.gartner.com/soa CONFERENCE CHAIR KEYNOTE SPEAKERS & KEYNOTE SPEAKER Paolo Malinverno Massimo Pezzini George Glass Research VP VP & Gartner VP and Chief Gartner Fellow, Gartner Architect, Global Services, BT
  2. 2. The SOA Challenge: Skills, Strategies and Pitfalls on the Road to Value Introduction from the Conference Chair The debate is largely over: SOA has gone mainstream. As a critical mass of SOA initiatives are moving out of pilot stage and starting to deliver real results, the questions have become much more significant: How can we measure the value? Which are the measures of real SOA success? Whilst early adopters of SOA had a clear vision of the benefits, today’s critical mass of SOA adopters don’t. We keep playing football games without counting the goals, because we are too busy playing, and we don’t want to recognize that the attack did something right (and the defence something wrong), learn a lesson and restart playing. This is what is happening today: SOA projects produce results, the benefits are not recognised, and we wonder where the real value in SOA is. It’s time to stop the game and ask the tough questions if we want to justify renewed SOA investment. That’s where the theme of this year’s conference comes from: getting value out of SOA so your IT organization stays ahead of the game. Finding it, measuring it and driving it forward. The complexities of today’s technologies and the changing nature of applications make application architectures a core competency for any organization. While mastering the new, legacy architectures must be understood to effectively support them and extend their useful lives. The next wave of innovation comes by coupling SOA to architectural concepts and technologies such as event-driven architecture (EDA), business process management (see our SOA/BPM keynote), extreme transaction processing (XTP) and multienterprise B2B (this year with its own dedicated track and case studies). In parallel, new sourcing paradigms such as Open Source Software and Software as a Service play their role in this overall IT revolution. This year’s extended program reflects an entire year of new Gartner research and thousands of customer engagements. We believe it delivers a concentrated dose of Gartner’s unique perspective as an entirely new IT paradigm ramps up; plus a practical, down-to-earth keynote from BT on how to build a SOA in a very large enterprise and get it to fly through business turbulence; and deep case studies bring the practitioners’ views and experiences to the Summit. The process-centric view of applications and a service-oriented vision are digging two tunnels from opposite sides of the same mountain: the tunnels must meet in the middle for optimal business benefits. This new concept is highly disruptive and will not arrive without casualties. Join us for a challenging, insightful program that will help you exploit the new potential and navigate around the hazards. See you at the Summit. Paolo Malinverno Research VP, Gartner 2 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  3. 3. Agenda BENEFITS OF ATTENDING At a glance • Focus on the eye of the IT storm: SOA, EDA, B2B and ADI • Come and hear Gartner analysts and case TUESDAY 24 JUNE study speakers as they advise on what works PRE-EVENT TUTORIALS and what still remains a struggle and how to (separately payable) make sure you benefit from the very real efforts 13:00 Registration that SOA requires Opens • You’ll get a free 30 minute consultation with one 14:00 – 17:40 Tutorial Sessions of the Gartner analysts in a One-on-One session • Engage and network with leading SOA, WEDNESDAY 25 JUNE Application Development & Integration solution 07:00 Registration and service providers Opens • Share your experiences with your peers from across Europe 08:45 – 9:00 Conference Opening • Take away documentation from the conference sessions to your office and share your learning 09:00 – 10.20 Plenary Sessions with your colleagues. Available as a free 10:50 – 12:30 Track Breakout download from our website Sessions • You’ll get the opportunity to purchase the 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Solution conference sessions with speaker audio on a Showcase conference CD-Rom at the event 13:30 – 17:20 Track Breakout Sessions WHO SHOULD ATTEND? 17:45 – 18:30 Executive • Service/component Keynote • Enterprise architects • Information architects designers 18:30 – 20:30 Networking • Workplace developers Drinks Reception • Technology architects • Portal architects • Application managers • Infrastructure and THURSDAY 26 JUNE • Process architects operations managers 08:00 – 12:20 Track Breakout • Application developers • Business development Sessions • Integration specialists managers 12:20 – 13:10 Lunch & Solution • Data architects/ Showcase analysts/administrators 13:10 – 17:00 Track Breakout Sessions 17:25 – 18:10 Gartner Keynote Session 18:10 Conference Close Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 3
  4. 4. The Tracks 4 Tracks to help you extract value WHAT WILL THE SUMMIT from SOA COVER? Getting Value Application Architecture and Governance 1 With SOA, Web innovation, and legacy modernization – business executives and CIOs expect to see significant gains in enterprise agility, from SOA Emergent Architecture innovation, and competitiveness. These advances cannot sacrifice information integrity, application performance and reliability, fiscal Styles responsibility, control or good judgment. This track examines best practices and solutions for applications architecture, governance and IT Platforms and management that will enable, rather than restrict, achieving real business Platform Styles results from applications evolution. Moving to Advanced SOA Changing Software Platforms and Web 2 The historical applications platform, comprised of COTS infrastructure software running in on-premise servers and mainframes, is rapidly Application Development evolving. Cloud-based offerings are quickly gaining traction, with Web and Roadmap platforms and SaaS moving to anything as a service (XaaS). Open source for SODA software and extreme transaction processing (XTP) are taking on bigger roles. The Web is center stage and Web-oriented architecture (WOA) is Multienterprise the new hot style of AD. All this leads to a very complex set of B2B capabilities that must be effectively managed and governed in order to E-Commerce provide the mission critical foundation required to run enterprise business applications. Multienterprise Business Process 3 Mastering Application Development and Integration Application development organizations are under pressure to deliver business value and innovation in a cost-effective fashion. At the same time, Platforms XaaS: How integration is more of an issue with diverse delivery models, services and SaaS is data. SOA and Web 2.0 have solved some of these problems but have Evolving into also given us new ones. This track explores the practices and tools Cloud required to succeed in a SOA-centric, globally distributed development Computing environment; and examines SOA integration strategies, thereby providing practical guidance on what to do today whilst planning for tomorrow. Web 2.0 and Beyond B2B / Multienterprise Collaboration: A ‘Mash-up’ of 4 Transactions, E-Commerce, SOA and Web 2.0 A decade ago “B2B” – aka “business to business” – was essentially a Enterprise Mashups synonym for EDI. While that is still a viable IT approach, the notion of Software as a “B2B” – or more broadly “multienterprise collaboration” – now both refers Service (SaaS) to traditional EDI, but also a wide range of new styles of B2B, including multienterprise SOA, e-commerce automation, multienterprise process SOA and data integration, as well as new forms of multienterprise collaboration Governance based on Web 2.0. The sessions in this track will cover all these forms of B2B, addressing multienterprise collaboration trends, technology, security, A Business strategy and how B2B affects some industry solutions. Framework for SOA Open Source 4 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  5. 5. Worldwide Expertise at Your Fingertips – Your Questions on Meet the Analysts SOA & Application Development and Integration Answered! For over 25 years, Gartner analysts have been the trusted advisors to many of the world’s largest and most demanding organizations. No one sees the implications of technology so clearly, so consistently. Gartner analysts draw constantly from the real-life challenges and solutions experienced by more than 45,000 clients worldwide. The value of this resource, combined with our deep analysis of technology vendors, is unrivalled. The Gartner SOA & ADI Summit brings a level of experience and expertise that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Philip Allega Gene Alvarez Andreas Bitterer Research VP Research VP Research VP • The changing nature of EA • Business to business & business to • Data integration • EA processes, frameworks and consumer e-commerce strategies and • Data quality program maturity technologies • Business intelligence • EA certification, training, recruiting and • CRM & web customer experience mgmt management • Partner portal strategies • Sales configuration technologies Michael Blechar Anthony Bradley Nikos Drakos Research VP Research Director Research Director • Model-driven development • Application architecture • Social software • Information architecture • Web 2.0 • Collaboration and communications • Metadata repositories • SOA Mark Driver Joseph Feiman David Gootzit Research VP VP & Gartner Fellow Research Director • Distributed computing application • Application security • Enterprise portals development tools • Vulnerability assessment and • Enterprise mashups • The Microsoft .NET and Java software management • Social computing platforms • Application development • The open source software model Teresa Jones Frank Kenney Marc Kerremans Sr Research Analyst Research Director Research Director • Application development • SOA Infrastructure & Governance • Business of IT • SOA • Managed File Transfer Suites and • Business Process Management – • Middleware Technologies technology • Integration and Infrastructure • Business Process Management – Appliances organisation • Business Rules Management Susan Landry VP Distinguished Benoit Lheureux David Norton Analyst Research Director Research Director • Application maturity • B2B integration • Application development methodologies • Application staffing, skills and • Application integration and software life cycles frameworks organization • Middleware • Service Oriented Architecture • Application governance development platforms and practices • Development metrics and measurement practices Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 5
  6. 6. Meet the Analysts Speakers GARTNER KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Massimo Pezzini VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner Focus Areas: Platform and integration middleware, SOA/EDA, Extreme transaction processing Massimo Pezzini is a vice president and Gartner Fellow Gene Phifer in Gartner Research. His research focus is on Managing VP application platforms, ultra high-end transaction Distinguished Analyst processing technology, composite applications, service- oriented and event-driven architecture infrastructure • Web oriented architectures and best practices, and application integration including • Mashups integration appliances and mobile middleware. Mr. • Web 2.0 Pezzini has decades of experience in distributed • Social software computing, middleware technology and software • Cloud computing architectures. Throughout his career, he had • Portals responsibilities in software development, project • RIA management, pre-sales support, consulting and product marketing. Dan Sholler Research VP Paolo Malinverno • Application design and architecture Research VP, Gartner (service oriented architecture and web Focus Areas: SOA and application integration, B2B oriented architecture) multienterprise SOA governance and organizational issues • Open source Paolo Malinverno is a vice president in Gartner • Application integration Research. Mr. Malinverno covers a broad set of SOA and application integration technology areas, plus organizational issues, integration competency center e SOA Center of Excellence, SOA Governance, Integration Service Providers, Integration as a Service (IaaS), B2B software. Mr. Malinverno is a 25-year IT veteran, and his Jess Thompson experience ranges across a wide variety of IT and Research VP business issues. • Application infrastructure for integration and strategies that involve EXECUTIVE KEYNOTE SPEAKER the use of hat infrastructure including, SOA, EDA and BPM George Glass VP and Chief Architect, Global Services, BT George Glass is Vice President and Chief Architect for BT Global Services, with over 20 years experience in IT architecture, design and delivery at BT and its Dale Vecchio associated global ventures. Within BT George is the key Research VP technical evangelist for their SOA activities, which is • IT modernization being used to transform BT from a traditional telephone • Mainframe SOA company to a world leader in the provision of networked • Mainframe migration IT services. 6 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  7. 7. Agenda Experience a unique mix of Gartner analyst presentations, guest keynotes, real-life case studies, interactive panels and selected solution provider sessions adding up to a cutting edge program agenda. PLENARY SESSIONS Gartner Opening Keynote: Executive Keynote: How Well Does IT Meet Business Requirements: Realising an Enterprise-Wide SOA at BT Past, Present and Future How do you go about building a Service Oriented The past decade has witnessed a stream of innovation in Architecture across the entire enterprise, when the technology, standards, IT organizations and their enterprise is very large? How do you fund it? What are the development practices. The goal has been to meet pitfalls that you may encounter? How do you keep it on escalating business demands for better information, faster track as business priorities change along the way? These end-to-end processes and more agile applications. But are the issues BT faced. This session will talk about how what has worked? What hasn’t worked? What is really BT overcame them and offer practical advice on building a new? What is timeless and inherent? This keynote session very large scale SOA. examines the evolution of IT, looks at the future of George Glass, VP and Chief Architect, application architecture and provides guidelines on what Global Services, BT mainstream companies should do now. • Has innovation improved the performance of IT in Premier Panel satisfying business requirements or is IT losing ground? Two Gartner analysts and three key players in this space • How will businesses justify investments in SOA, BPM, will engage in a lively debate on current industry issues EDA, BAM and the Web? and latest technology news. • What will be the five most important threats and improvements in IT during 2008-2013? Microsoft SAP Massimo Pezzini, VP & Gartner Fellow, Gartner Software AG Gartner Closing Keynote: Moderated by: SOA Changes the Game: Compositions in the Paolo Malinverno, Research VP, Gartner and BPM and SOA World Jess Thompson, Research VP, Gartner Service Oriented Architectures present a lot of problems for organizations seeking to build next generation applications. From collaborative BPM, to mediated and virtualized SOAs, to modern application integration, the way you do composition represents a high impact opportunity to unify approaches and to align business and IT. One reason for this is that the venerable application model does not generally apply and new skills and methodologies must be employed in SOA and BPM. When customers buy composite applications infrastructure they must recognize that composition is becoming the common thread in the way systems will be delivered. This keynote presentation examines what composition is and what it means in a SOA and BPM world. • What is composition, and how does it affect SOA and Guest Speakers BPM? • What practices, roles, and scenarios will be most To complement Gartner research, advice effective using composition? and direction, the SOA & ADI Summit will • What categories of technology will support composition feature end user case studies from across for successful SOA and BPM initiatives? Europe, covering different industries and Paolo Malinverno, Research VP, Gartner topics. These case studies will address pragmatic and real-life experiences of the end-user community, to provide you with insight into lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid. Keep updated with further developments at europe.gartner.com/soa Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 7
  8. 8. Track 1 Sessions APPLICATION ARCHITECTURE AND GOVERNANCE Finding the Value in SOA: A Business Case Practitioner’s Guide: Best Practices in Enterprise- Framework Wide SOA Initiatives Formulating a general business case for SOA is very As organizations climb the SOA learning curve their difficult if not impossible. Enterprises must understand the ambitions grow to enterprise-wide deployments. But, mappings between SOA benefits and specific business implementing large-scale, strategic SOA initiatives poses value. This session presents a framework for evaluating IT tremendous technology and organizational challenges. and business goals to establish a business case for SOA. This presentation discusses “dos and don’ts” of several Anthony Bradley approaches. Massimo Pezzini Event Processing Scenarios: Two Ways to Capture the Value of Events Yin & Yang of Process and Data: Establishing An Agile Information Architecture in a SOA Business processes and application systems that incorporate event-driven architecture (EDA) principles are BPM and SOA initiatives aim to foster agility through more effective than traditional IT systems, because they reusable processes and services. But these will only be as reflect the way people and organizations actually operate. agile as the data and content they need. Improved Companies use business events for two reasons: to information agility will enable new business opportunities engineer more-flexible application software, and to improve based on content-driven solutions in the form of situational awareness and real time response through composite applications and mashups. business activity monitoring (BAM). Michael Blechar Jess Thompson Building the New Application Team Patterns and Guidelines for Starting With SOA To succeed with SOA, advanced Web applications, and Moving to Advanced SOA process orientation and other application trends, dramatic SOA appeals to a broad spectrum of people within an changes are needed in staffing, skills and sourcing. Baby- organization: programmers, project leaders, software boomer retirement rates and a diminishing technical architects, CIOs and even CEOs want it – yet they all graduate pool exacerbate the challenge. This presentation cannot possibly have the same expectations of SOA. examines future resource requirements and describes the Successfully meeting everyone’s expectations requires strategies, processes and approaches to gradually, yet both experience and a range of new competencies. rapidly, transition the application organization. David Norton Susan Landry Application and SOA Governance: SOA and EA: Understanding the Emergent The Who, What and Why Architecture Style As adoption of service oriented architecture expands, the Application developers using SOA and enterprise policies, procedures and rules that allow an organization to architects are on two sides of the same coin: delivering the adequately ‘govern’ their SOA projects must also make right solution to their business: one plans and one creates. similar moves to its mainstream governance processes. Business agility requires the use of an “emergent” There are two main problems: application governance in enterprise architecture style which identifies a small general is poorly understood and loosely followed (if at all) number of rigidly enforced constraints and services rather in most organizations, and SOA governance has been the than all-encompassing systems that describe the complete purview of the technology organization, where application relationships between services and the solutions in which governance must be broader. they are deployed. This type of approach leads to a more Sue Landry business-relevant architecture, ensuring interoperability while enabling rapid reconfiguration and extension of the Application and SOA Governance: business. The How, When, and With What Philip Allega As SOA becomes mainstream, the overlap between application and SOA governance increases. Governing SOA projects and applications is largely an organizational “The conference was a great issue, but there are tools to help governance processes, opportunity to interact with fellow once these are well defined and agreed within the organization. This session will demystify the hype of SOA architects and solution providers. governance technology solutions, help you get started in governing applications, and understand how to define the Much of the input is directly usable scope of your current governance arrangements. in my daily work.” Paolo Malinverno Marc Friis-Møller, Systems Architect, PBS 8 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  9. 9. Track 2 Sessions CHANGING SOFTWARE PLATFORMS AND WEB Platforms Aren’t What They Used to Be Getting Radical Enterprise Value from Web 2.0 Social Software The traditional view of platforms is rapidly evolving. No longer limited to on-premise collections of infrastructure Web 2.0 social software technologies are dominating Web software, platforms now include SaaS-based alternatives innovation, transforming the way people interrelate, and like salesforce.com, social platforms like Facebook, and creating new business opportunities. These business process platforms delivered by leading software transformational technologies have thrived in the Web megavendors. Most enterprises will employ two or more of context but are now penetrating the enterprise. these platforms over the next few years, and their platform Anthony Bradley strategies must change to leverage the strengths of the new platforms, while avoiding their weaknesses XaaS: How SaaS is Evolving into Cloud Gene Phifer Computing, and How That Will Impact Your Platform Strategies Software as a Service: Changing the Rules of Cloud computing has become the latest in a series of hot Delivering Applications industry terms and as such, is used in many contradictory SaaS is a delivery model that made its mark by providing ways. Underneath the fog, there are very real trends such as turnkey functionality at a low cost. Often SaaS deployments global class architecture, Web platforms, massively scalable circumvented information technology departments or processing, and the Internet itself that are converging to fuel custom developers as there was no need for this phenomenon. Impacts will be felt as related concepts customization. The value proposition that SaaS providers (loosely grouped as XaaS) evolve to deal with the changes, offering their own solutions will now be available to both real and resulting from hype. Platform strategies in developers everywhere, including external service providers particular will be impacted as more and more computing and large IT organizations, through the use of new cloud moves to abstractions enabled by the Web. based offerings such as SaaS enabled application Gene Phifer platforms. This session will describe what SaaS is, how organizations will mature in its use, the business model Extreme Transaction Processing: Enabling economics and emerging development platforms. Advanced SOA for Business Critical Goals Teresa Jones Break-through business innovation enabled by advanced SOA initiatives demand support for extreme availability, How Standards Affect SOA performance and scalability requirements. This session Today some IT organizations are aggressively using open explores how emerging Extreme Transaction Processing source for competitive advantage. Others struggle with the (XTP) technologies can be used to materialize the vision of uncertainties surrounding this new approach. Either way, global-reach business applications. you must clearly understand the open source model in Massimo Pezzini order to make optimal decisions for your own IT strategy. This presentation examines the impact of open source The Business Process Platform: Your New today and in the future, and provides immediate and long Platform for Running Business Applications term strategies to maximize the value and minimize the risk of open source. The business process platform (BPP) is a user adoption Dan Sholler model which is used to deliver the infrastructure and applications services necessary to run business applications. While the BPP is not a product, many Enterprise Mashups: The Face of SOA and vendors are trying to deliver all the necessary piece parts Composite Applications of a BPP in their product offerings. If you are running The celebrity of mashups has exploded on the fuel of Web packaged business applications, or even if you run a set of 2.0 hype. This hype stems from mashup technologies’ custom business applications, the BPP will likely become potential for delivering composite application capabilities the platform of choice for running those applications. directly to end users for very rapid application Gene Phifer development. Mashup products are evolving rapidly and enterprises are now taking mashups from Web Practitioner’s Guide: Choosing an Application entertainment to enterprise – relevant and looking to Platform Stack for a SOA Project augment their applications delivery and management models. Application architects must investigate this BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat, Salesforce.com, growing space for the significant and transformational SAP, SpringSource, Sun -- are some of the key vendors potential it may offer their enterprise. competing to offer a comprehensive application platform David Gootzit stack for new SOA-style business application projects. To help users make the right choices we examine the application platform scenario: the industry trends guiding the users’ and vendors’ strategies. Dan Sholler Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 9
  10. 10. Track 3 Sessions MASTERING APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT AND INTEGRATION Roadmap for SODA Agile Software Project Management: Square Peg in a Round Hole Service-oriented architecture (SOA) lays a foundation for dramatic changes to application development. In this Software project management’s roots are in manufacturing presentation we examine the scope of issues related to and engineering. Although much evolved for software, it is service-oriented development of applications (SODA), still a plan-driven approach aimed at predicting a project’s including the best practices for defining service granularity future state, with variable success. The agile movement and composition, where SODA technologies and challenges this traditional view of trying to plan our way out standards are headed, and how SODA methods and of crises, instead it pushes project control by empirical modeling should be coordinated with business process feedback. management (BPM) initiatives. David Norton Michael Blechar Technologies of Business Process Management Software Quality Issues for SOA/SODA and Business Rule Management As SOA moves to the mainstream, IT organizations must Leading enterprises are jointly embracing the technologies improve their practices just to maintain their current behind business process management (BPM) and operational levels. Yet the business is expecting big things business rule management (BRM). In combination, BPM from a move to SOA and its close on the heels bretheren: and BRM technologies are more valuable than either is SaaS and cloud-computing. alone. Managing business processes and business rules Mark Driver together better positions enterprises to meet the increasing demand for agility, productivity and accountability. This Development 2013: Programmers vs. Machines session will introduce the technologies behind BPM and BRM, and will guide you to greater business process The problem of low productivity and lack of programmers improvement project success. will be solved not by cheaper (usually offshore) manual Marc Kerremans labor, but by automation – by the replacement of manual labor with “software” machines. This will critically impact Measuring and Managing the Value of Integration organizations and individuals, through the disappearance of some jobs, emergence of new professions, cultural Application Integration today is taken for granted: changes, commoditization of some skills and demand for obviously applications need to be integrated, and creativity from those who will make a core of new IT. everybody (especially in business) expects that integration Joseph Feiman can and will be done simply. SOA projects need application integration, to be able to cut out services at the IT Modernization: SOA as a Legacy Extension right granularity, to be consumed by existing and new Strategy business processes. In this scenario, the Integration Competency Center always is the unsung hero. Why? IT modernization is a movement that recognizes the Because the value of its work is very rarely measured and strategies for and approaches to managing the ongoing, communicated. coordinated evolution of the business process and Paolo Malinverno application and supporting technology portfolios. SOA is one such strategy for extending the reach Open Source Scenario Dale Vecchio Today some IT organizations are aggressively using open Data Integration Technology and Architecture: source for competitive advantage. Others struggle with the Increasing the Value of Your Information Assets uncertainties surrounding this new approach. Either way, you must clearly understand the open source model in Solid practices and technology for data integration are order to make optimal decisions for your own IT strategy. required to achieve reliable consolidation, synchronization This presentation examines the impact of open source and delivery of data throughout the enterprise. Data today and in the future, and provides immediate and long integration architectures, tools, and markets are morphing term strategies to maximize the value and minimize the risk as they become integral functions in an enterprise’s of open source. information infrastructure. Mark Driver Andreas Bitterer “I was looking for convincing evidence that SOA is really happening. I have received a lot of good information that I’m going to leverage when I am selling SOA to colleagues.” Santtu Vuori, Team Manager, Software Architect, Comptel Corporation 10 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  11. 11. Track 4 Sessions B2B / MULTIENTERPRISE COLLABORATION: A ‘MASH-UP’ OF TRANSACTIONS, E-COMMERCE, SOA AND WEB 2.0 Governance Helps Fulfill The Promise Of B2B Wikis, Social Networks, Content Mashups and Web Services & SOA the Next Generation of Strategic Web-Oriented Collaboration Tools Web Services continue to provide value for enterprises implementing an SOA, by allowing services to interoperate Wikis and a new generation of authoring and collaboration across platforms. But interoperability across domains tools represent a different way to create content and continues to be a challenge because of various security, interact with others. This Web-oriented way of working will management, and visibility issues. The methodologies (ICC forever change the single-user mode tools we have used and CoE) and technologies (Service Registries and Policy for the last 20 years. We examine this emerging set of Enforcement) associated with SOA Governance will allow technologies and how enterprises can leverage them to companies to successfully interoperate in a well managed, improve the flexibility of their workplace tools and the value driven way. This presentation will reintroduce the efficiency of their workers. notion of B2B Web Services and SOA, present the Nikos Drakos challenges involved and examine how various vendors are developing and delivering technology to fulfill promises The Emergence of the Multienterprise Business made a decade ago. Process Platform Frank Kenney This presentation will explore the convergence of several IT and business initiatives focused on B2B, integration, How to Modernize Your B2B Infrastructure to multienterprise, collaboration, e-commerce, and newer Support Multienterprise Integration delivery models such as SaaS; and how these activities Companies are struggling with proliferating requirements to and initiatives are creating the ground work for a new do more B2B integration, driven by external e-commerce emerging technology platform, called the ME-BPP. The mandates, the need to support SaaS integration and question users are now asking is: what is this new multienterprise SOA, and the increasing business demand technology, and how do I manage my entire application for improved security and compliance (e.g. HIPPA, SOX). and integration portfolio in order to leverage it? In this presentation we reveal what kinds of B2B projects Gene Alvarez and business requirements you need to support, what kinds of IT solutions are available to support them, and Multienterprise Security in the Age of what B2B strategies will help ensure your success. E-Commerce and Web 2.0 Benoit Lheureux As companies increasingly expose internal applications and systems via SOA, Web 2.0, and e-commerce B2B E-Commerce: Is it a Portal, EDI, Webstore or projects, this makes it imperative to understand security More? threats and implement the right security strategy and In this presentation we will explore how organizations are technology. using a collection of technologies to fulfill their e-commerce Joseph Feiman requirements while leveraging its investment in SOA and ME BPP. The world of e-commerce has evolved from EDI BPM’s Role in E-Commerce and B2B Projects into a collection of technologies that can be used either in a buying or selling role. In this session will be help clients Companies have been increasing their domain expertise understand that evolution. and deployment of BPM, particularly within their own Gene Alvarez organization. But how will companies apply those same skills and technologies in e-commerce and B2B (business- to-business) project scenarios? Moving from Internal to B2B Services in the Financial Services Industry Benoit Lheureux Banks and investment services firms are increasing the Portal of the Future: What’s Beyond Web 2.0? range of value-add services they use to support multienterprise financial services communications, in part The portal of the future will evolve significantly. Through a via their use of business process networks. We examine concept called the “portal fabric” the user will become the the evolving role of business process networks (BPNs) and center of their own portal universe. At the same time, the other innovations in the financial services industry and how types and methods of client interaction will change they relate to general IT industry architectural trends, dramatically. More and more Web 2.0 features will be including the adoption of service-oriented and event-driven leveraged by portal vendors in their product offerings. architectures. David Gootzit Paolo Malinverno Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 11
  12. 12. Pre-Event Tutorials Jump-start your Summit experience with our pre-Summit tutorial sessions. Available at an additional cost of ?495. See back page for further details. Use these valuable briefings to deepen your understanding of the vital issues and emerging trends and opportunities which will be central to the Summit content. Choose from 6 tutorials in 2 concurrent Tutorial Tracks to gain maximum knowledge and insight. TUTORIAL TRACK 1 TUTORIAL TRACK 2 Market Trends and User Adoption Application Modernization: A New Way of Life This tutorial presents the current and future dynamics of IT modernization, and the sweeping changes in the application development, application integration & architecture, infrastructure and applications it portends, will Middleware, SOA and Open Source software market disrupt many organizations’ processes for managing segments, focusing on market taxonomies, vendor application and project portfolios. Most organizations will revenue market shares, market forecast and business need to adapt their management and governance trends in the software industry. practices in parallel with other modernization initiatives. Teresa Jones You’ll need a strategy, a road map, deep engagement with the business and retooling to make the transition. This How to Make Agile Waterfall: Breathing Life into tutorial will describe how to do this. Prescriptive Practices Dale Vecchio The 80s and 90s saw a rush to implement software Understanding ESB Suites and Other SOA improvement programs to add rigor to chaotic and Infrastructure Alternatives uncontrolled development discipline. This has left a legacy of waterfall development where prescriptiveness wins out The technology issues associated with effectively over agility. This tutorial looks at how organizations can hit deploying and managing SOA are more challenging than the right balance of control and agility by weaving new vendors would like users to think. This tutorial describes practices into the existing software lifecycle. the stages of SOA maturity and examines the David Norton infrastructure, e.g. ESBs and alternative technologies, that are needs at the various stages of maturity. Web 2.0 Basics: Principles, Platforms, Jess Thompson Standards & Best Practices BPM Technology: From Best-of-Breed Tools to The Web includes a set of technology, community and Process Suites business models and related standards that characterize today’s leading Web sites. Understanding what’s new This tutorial will provide an overview of the core about Web 2.0 architecture and applications, and how it technologies associated with BPM. From the modeling will impact the enterprise, is essential to success. If you tools to the run-time engines such as the Business think Ajax and online communities are all there is to Web Process Management Suite (BPMS), this tutorial will help 2.0, then this tutorial is for you! business and technical professionals understand the core Nikos Drakos and contributing BPM-enabling technologies, and how they tie together to support business process improvement efforts. Marc Kerremans “Having real case studies from End Users was very interesting and has provided a real and realistic SOA approach. Overall the conference was very informative and gave an excellent opportunity to learn more on the latest issues and trends.” Walid Thabet, SM/EA, Mobily 12 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
  13. 13. Meet Innovative Technology and Service Providers at the Sponsors Forefront of SOA & ADI At the Summit we’ll help you develop a “short list” of SPONSORSHIP technology providers who can meet your particular needs. We OPPORTUNITIES offer you exclusive access to some of the world’s leading If your organization is interested technology and service solution providers in a variety of in sponsoring this event, please settings. Visit the demonstration forum, attend the sponsor contact our Sales Department. presentations and join in the networking drinks reception for informal relationship-building. Tel: +44 (0)1784 267 456 european.exhibits@gartner.com PREMIER SPONSORS Microsoft Microsoft’s “Real World” SOA and BPM products and Software AG technologies (such as the .NET Framework, BizTalk Server, Software AG is the world’s largest independent provider of Visual Studio, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) help Business Infrastructure Software. Our 4,000 global organizations leverage existing IT resources, assemble them customers achieve measurable business results by into larger business processes, and make the outputs modernizing and automating their IT systems and rapidly available to users in order to run their organization more building new systems and processes to meet growing effectively. This pragmatic approach lets organizations begin business demands. Our industry-leading product portfolio with a focused understanding of the business problem and includes best-in-class solutions for managing data, enabling realize rapid success. service oriented architecture, and improving business www.microsoft.com processes. By combining proven technology with industry expertise and best practices, our customers improve and differentiate their businesses – faster. www.softwareag.com SAP As the world’s leading provider of business software, SAP “The conference really gives delivers products and services that help accelerate business innovation. We believe that doing so will unleash growth me a good insight into the and create significant new value for our customers, SAP, entire industries and the economy at large. Today, more possibilities and challenges than 46,100 customers in more than 120 countries run regarding SOA.” SAP applications – from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to suite Hugo Visser, Consultant, Mansystems offerings for global organizations. www.sap.com Premier Panel: Day 1: 09:50 – 10:20 Two Gartner analysts and three key players in this space will engage in a lively debate on current industry issues and latest technology news. Moderated by: Paolo Malinverno and Jess Thompson Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa 13
  14. 14. Sponsors PLATINUM SPONSORS SILVER SPONSORS DataDirect Technologies Microgen DataDirect Technologies is the world Axway Microgen, the information leader in data connectivity and Axway is the leading global provider management group, provides mainframe integration, offering the of collaborative business solutions. solutions and consulting to over most comprehensive line of software Over 8000 organizations all over the 1,100 customers in its four business for connecting the world’s most critical world depend on Axway to manage divisions: Asset & Wealth applications to data and services. and control their business-critical Management; Banking; Commercial, information. Built on a service- Public & Utilities; and Billing & www.datadirect.com oriented architecture, Axway’s Database Management. With offices Synchrony™ solutions feature a worldwide, Microgen delivers both its highly flexible integration and B2B flagship BPM Suite, Microgen framework, business and technical Aptitude, and vertical applications to analytics, and professional services. these markets. Fiorano www.axway.com www.microgen.co.uk Fiorano is a leading provider of enterprise class business process integration and messaging infrastructure technology. www.fiorano.com Oracle Oracle’s business is information— BEA Systems how to manage it, use it, share it, protect it. For nearly three decades, GT Software BEA Systems, Inc. is a world leader GT Software is a leading global in enterprise infrastructure software. Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), the world’s largest enterprise software provider of rapid SOA development BEA® Enterprise 360º, the industry’s solutions that leverage mainframe most advanced SOA-based offering, company, has provided software and services that enable organizations to resources, making the mainframe an is a comprehensive approach to active participant in SOA initiatives. delivering business results that get the most accurate and up-to- includes technology, professional date information from their business www.gtsoftware.com services, best practices, and world- systems. Today, Oracle has over class partners. For more Information 275,000 customers—including 98 about how BEA helps customers of the Fortune 100—in more than build a Liquid EnterpriseTM go to 145 countries. www.bea.com www.oracle.com PRIMEUR Making SOA Work for You. In-depth experience of integrated solutions involving SOA, SOA Batch, WebSphere, Security and Managed File Transfer across mainframes and IBM distributed platforms. Sterling Commerce At IBM, we strive to lead in the www.primeur.com Sterling Commerce solutions enable invention, development and business process integration, multi- manufacture of the industry’s most channel selling, and supply chain advanced information technologies, fulfillment to improve profitability both including computer systems, internally and externally. These software, storage systems and solutions enable companies to build a TIBCO Software micro-electronics. We translate multi-enterprise SOA, enabling a TIBCO’s infrastructure software gives these advanced technologies into consistent set of business services customers the ability to innovate by value for our customers through our and processes that rapidly adapt to connecting applications and data in professional solutions, services and changing market, technology and a service-oriented architecture and consulting businesses worldwide. legislative environments. Sterling streamlining activities through www.ibm.co.uk Commerce is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. business process management. www.sterlingcommerce.co.uk www.tibco.com 14 Register today at europe.gartner.com/soa
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