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  1. 1. Shivang Mahesh Desai ( Analyst : SOA ) Senior Programmer – Global Delivery Network, Accenture, London Email (Office): shivang.desai@accenture.com Email (Personal): desai.shivang@gmail.com Cell phone/pager: +44 7506376108 Total IT Experience: 2 Years 11 months Address: Flat 18, 90 Degrees, 27 Wheler Street E1 6ND Passport No: F1622742 Profile Summary 1) A Software Engineer (Analyst) with hands on experience on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and Java. I’ve been working on SOA, Webservices and Java since 2 years and 2 months of my career in Accenture. I’ve worked in Design (Functional and Technical), Coding and Testing (UT, LT) phases of SDLC. I’ve also worked on SIR (System Investigation Reports) Fixes, Merge Activity, CR (Change Request) Phases and Siebel 7.7 Tools/Client for Memory Leak Fixing. 2) Possessing good communication, Presentation and Interpersonal skills and proven ability to lead and motivate team. Achievements 1) Rewarded for good performance in Milestones Mail published by Accenture. 2) Got a Super Trooper Team - Accenture Celebrates Excellence (ACE) award FY04-05. 3) Got another ACE award in "Livin' on the Edge" category FY05-06. 4) Won second prize in C++ Capability Whitepaper presentation held in Accenture, Bangalore. 1
  2. 2. Job Experience Project Code Name: Everton Project Duration: Nov 2004 - Present (2 Years and 9 Months) Level: Senior Programmer (Analyst) Role Description: Objectives of the Project: 1. Integrate CRM applications developed on Siebel 7.7 to the legacy Mainframe applications. 2. Design (Technical Design) of the interfaces using the Telelogic's Enterprise Architecture and Modeling Tool: System Architect v10.0.22 3. CUT (Code-Unit Test) and Link Test to ensure proper functionality of the entire system. 4. Fix SIRs (System Investigation Reports) which are raised by Assembly Test Team, eBPT and BPT Teams. 5. Work on CRs (Change Requests) during the entire SDLC phases. 6. Merge Activity for files of different versions created in different Branches (phases) using ClearCase Tool – Merge Manager. 7. Memory Leak Fixing using Siebel Tools 7.7. My Role: 1. Create Technical Design of different interfaces using System Architect which is a Telelogic’s Tool used for Planning, Modeling, and Execution of Business Processes (BPM). 2. Code WSDL/XSD (Webservices) in Altova XMLSPY 2004 rel4. These Webservices are exposed to the Siebel Application. 3. Code Request/Response transformation XSLs using Altova XMLSPY. 4. Code in Java for performing Content Based or Error Based Routing. The java classes in JEF (Java Execution Framework will decide where the Request/Responses will be routed and to which transformation file it should go as an input). 5. Code Java classes to be used by XALAN Java XSLT engine for additional functions to be performed by XSLT file. 6. Unit Testing of the interfaces developed using Test Harness and XMLSpy. 7. Link Testing of the interfaces developed using Test Harness and XMLSpy. 8. Merge the components (files) from the Maintenance Release Branch to another Wave branch. 2
  3. 3. 9. CAR (Causal Analysis Report) creation for quality assurance 10. Memory Leak Fix on e-scripts using Siebel 7.7 Tools. Project Code Name: Contentrix Project Duration: Oct. 2004 - Nov. 2004 (2Months) Level: Programmer Role Description: Using Python on ZOPE framework to develop a tool called as Contentrix, which can be used as an Add on Tool to any Community Portal. My Role: 1. Using Python Language developed modules to integrate with other modules to develop a tool Contentrix. Project Code Name: Website - india.blogstreet.com Project Duration: Aug. 2004 - Oct. 2004 (2 Months) Level: Programmer Role Description: 1) To develop PERL, XML (ATOM and RSS) and HTML scripts in UNIX environment for creating a Blogging Website called as india.blogstreet.com. 2) Maintenance of parent website www.blogstreet.com. My Role: 1. Using PERL, developed different programs to facilitate the Web Botting Process and also created a small search engine to search the XML feeds syndicated by other Websites. 3
  4. 4. Education University/College Degree Year Percentage BVBCET, VTU B.E (Computer 66% 6/2004 Belgaum Science) (1-8 Semesters) 12th C.B.S.E Science 6/2000 77% 10th C.B.S.E N/A 6/1998 68.4% Skills Proficiency Rating Skill 1 - min, 5 - max Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) 4 Web Services 4 XSL/XSLT 4 WSDL 4 XML (Extensible Markup Language) 4 XSD (XML Schema Definition) 4 Toad for Oracle, Version 8.0 (Quest Software) 3 JAVA 2 Python on Zope ( Z Object Publishing Environment ) 2 Rational ClearCase 3 Rational ClearQuest 3 UNIX / Shell Scripting 2 System Architect 10.0.22 3 SOAP ( Simple Object Access Protocol) 4 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 1 IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integrated Edition 5.1 1 IBM WebSphere Business Integration Message Brokers 1 IBM Websphere MQ 1 Mercury Test Director 3 PERL 1 log4j 1 Test Planning 2 Siebel Public Sector 7.7 (Tools + Client) 2 4