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Transmedia & Marketing

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Transmedia & Marketing

  1. 1. Transmedia Entertainment Marketing
  2. 2. This Presentation • Transmedia Entertainment Marketing • Benefits of transmedia storytelling • Developing transmedia entertainment • Integrated marketing communications • Next steps
  3. 3. Brand options in entertainment • Product placement – product is dropped into shot; better if product benefits integrated into story • Branded entertainment – entertainment that aligns with brand attributes and reflects brand personality • Transmedia entertainment marketing – branded entertainment that’s co-created with consumers; multi-platform; dynamic; engaging
  4. 4. Transmedia Entertainment Marketing • Telling a story across multiple platforms • Built on social media & social networks • Co-created entertainment experience with consumers • Provides bridges between platforms to get consumers to point of purchase (online or in store) • Opportunity to be responsive/dynamic • Provides new consumer insights
  5. 5. Entertainment and AIDA Attention Interest Desire Action Product Placement & Branded Entertainment Transmedia Entertainment Marketing Transmedia Entertainment Marketing presents opportunity to integrate sales promotion but has to be done correctly without damaging the credibility and authenticity of the entertainment.
  6. 6. It’s not advertising • Pull marketing rather than push marketing – consumers seek it out and don’t try to avoid it – content they want to share with friends – content that generates word-of-mouth • Entertainment that’s valued by the targeted consumer group and therefore: – stronger emotional connection to consumer – builds brand affinity • When co-created with consumer, opportunity for new insights
  7. 7. Working with you • Define the project • Develop the creative • Design the experience • Deliver and operate • Hand-over
  8. 8. Possible Objectives 1 of 2 • Awareness – Maintain or boost brand awareness – Reach beyond the usual or core consumer – Assist in profiling and recruiting influential consumers – Generate press (old & new media) • Advocacy – Increase consumer advocacy – Reward or empower advocates – Accelerate and amplify buzz around brands and products that have the “wow” factor – Generate fans and followers
  9. 9. Possible Objectives 2 of 2 • Revitalization – Create a “wow” factor around dull or undifferentiated products – Generate word-of-mouth around low involvement products – Re-position against competitors • Sales – Generate indirect sales through all the above – Increase in direct sales by increasing consumer closer proximity to point of purchase, combine with sales promotion
  10. 10. Integrated Marketing Communications • Advertising • Sales Promotion Transmedia • Events and Experiences Entertainment • Public Relations and Publicity Marketing • Interactive Marketing Can fit within your IMC • Word of Mouth Marketing or utilize the IMC approach • Direct Marketing • Personal Selling
  11. 11. Transmedia project: Colour Bleed Phase One: Two Months Phase Two: Two Months Real World Live performance Business Cards Conclusion on same night Bar codes (newspapers etc) Cinema screening URL to main site filmed screening Online Code found in clues Email invitation to attend with event details GPS of secret location Our Video Live streaming instruction uploaded UG Video reward URL Code found in clues Unlocked URLs Website (“History of Colour”) Rabbit hole instruction Phase 1: ARG sites & Puzzle Reward! Reward! Reward! Phase 2: ARG (Becky’s website ) clues Graphic Novel
  12. 12. New Product Launch example Real World Brand marketing is baked into transmedia Live performance entertainment. Business Cards Brand motives are transparent & honest yet it’s Bar codes (newspapers etc) Cinema screening “all about the narrative” and not “all about me”. URL to main site filmed screening Online GPS of secret location Our Video Live streaming uploaded UG Video Website (“History of Colour”) Rabbit hole Phase 1: ARG sites & Puzzle TV ads builds tease and emotional connection Reward! Reward! Reward! Phase 2: ARG (Becky’s website ) Graphic Novel Live flash dance and UG video builds engagement Integrated Marketing Special sample packs provide story content: have narrative value in addition to trial of product Advertising ARG provides coupons as rewards as well as narrative content. Could be stand-alone coupon Point of Sale or better: tear sheet in comic book Limited edition packaging and point-of-sale display provides game clues to complete online Packaging puzzle Coupons Final cinema screening offers another chance for narrative-themed product samples and direct sponsorship Samples
  13. 13. Location-based Marketing • Proliferation of GPS cellphones and mobile devices offer a multitude of opportunities for location-based marketing • Promotional opportunities such as those offered by FourSquare & GoWalla are only the beginning • Huge opportunity to integrate LbM into an integrated, transmedia entertainment experience
  14. 14. Augmented Reality • Opportunity for creative use of (store) location • Opportunity to drive offline activities, online
  15. 15. Next steps • Goals • Scope • Success criteria • Target audience – Definition; Where they gather; Quality expectations; Engagement • Business case • Team
  16. 16. www.transmediastoryteller.com The online service for interactive, cross-media content delivery, management and measurement Robert Pratten twitter.com/zenfilms