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Transmedia Activism And LowLifes

The Lowlifes transmedia entertainment project (http://www.lowlifes.tv) gains a layer of social activism.

Skip forward to slide 11 if you're already familiar with the project.

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Transmedia Activism And LowLifes

  1. 1. Lowlifes project presentation Presentation to Coalition on Homelessness, SF Robert Pratten Producer
  2. 2. About this presentation • About Lowlifes • What is “transmedia”? • Transmedia Activism – definition – examples • CoHSF Campaign – Goals, Narrative, Actions • Next steps…
  3. 3. LowlifeS’ synopsis • Larry Hayes is San Francisco homicide detective with a drug addiction. • He has a dead informant, an ex- wife fighting for custardy of their daughter and a private eye hired to dig the dirt on him.
  4. 4. High Concept One story, three perspectives. Told over three platforms: novella, web series, blog. dETECTIVE LARRY HAYES EX-WFE (JEN HAYES) PRIVATE EYE (LAUREN ORTEGA)
  5. 5. Aim: Whole is greater than sum of parts Movie Game Book Media Franchise Whole is less than the sum of the parts: dissatisfying conclusion to consuming all media Movie Game Book Transmedia Whole is more satisfying than the sum of the parts: euphoria of collecting and connecting the pieces
  6. 6. objectives • Possible to consume each media independently of any other • Enhanced satisfaction with each additional media consumption • Micro-budget • Freemium distribution model • Creative Commons licensing to allow audience collaboration • Simple, commercial, transmedia story (not experimental)
  7. 7. Distribution • Free online – BitTorrent, Website, YouTube • With paid options (Kindle, Book, DVD, Mobile) • Paid workshops
  8. 8. Finding opportunities in source material
  9. 9. Online “active graphic” crime scene hides clue that creates suspense (reader will know more than character)
  10. 10. Ar marker at end of chapter reveals clue that creates suspense
  11. 11. Adding a layer of activism
  12. 12. Transmedia activism • A framework that creates social impact by using storytelling by a number of decentralized authors who share assets and create content distributed across multiple forms of media to raise awareness and influence action.
  13. 13. Transmedia to create impact Actionable Content Issue Engagement Action Change Story Universe Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Lina Srivastava at info@linasrivastava.com http://transmedia-activism.com/
  14. 14. World without oil
  15. 15. Traces of hope
  16. 16. Conspiracy for good
  17. 17. TmA: Campaign goals • A. Social Change- what are you trying to change? – Address and correct common misunderstanding – Greater empathy with plight of homeless by showing as real people who can be helped – Change of the law? • B. Storytelling- what is the narrative thread? – Can we tell fact from fiction? Do we recognize ourselves (when we ignore people in need)? • OTHER GOALS – Build mailing list/ Raise money/ Raise awareness
  18. 18. Driving traffic to Cohsf website CoHSF Lowlifes Book/ Website Video/Blog Street Sheet Holy Joe Website LowLifes ARG Shop flyers/ Posters
  19. 19. CoHsf website, today
  20. 20. Common misunderstandings? • It will never happen to me • We deserve what we get • Drugs & booze come before fall • There is support for those who need it • Other misunderstandings?
  21. 21. Narrative theme: Fact or fiction?
  22. 22. Joseph “Holy joe” rawlings videos • Real people telling personal accounts of their homeless experiences on the street… in the context of the fictional world of Holy Joe’s • Link to real personal history pages at CoHSF: “I am not an actor. This is not a movie set. This is my life.”
  23. 23. Homeless connections... • Interview families: see accommodation/places they live (integrate UFO & ghost stories); how they got evicted or lost their homes • Personal stories: how they fell on hard times (and how they work for Joe); photos of better times • Candid improv on the streets outside important places (shelters, kitchens etc.) • Other issues?
  24. 24. CoH Alternate Reality game: “Victim of fate” • Can you help Hayes informant? – Four week game to save a family from homelessness – Goal: Highlight the obstacles and how easy it is to fall victim of fate – Engagement: twitter, puzzles, email story installments • Legislative twitter stream throws up plot twists (other dark forces?) • Character-based twitter stream of thoughts and feelings based on real life experience (daily diary?)
  25. 25. Publicity campaign • Homeless Facts & Fiction Month – Lowlifes ARG: Victim of Fate – Online quiz:fact or fiction? Startling facts about homeless situations/legal issues etc. – Engage people with issues • Street Sheet – Unique content to solve puzzles/enter competition – Serialize Lowlifes for rest of year: drive more people to donate • Social media – Blogs • Local business – Flyers & posters for downloadable content • Mainstream press – Serialize LowLifes (SF Chronicle) – PR on unique storytelling for change
  26. 26. Next steps • Interest? • Resources? • Timescales?

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The Lowlifes transmedia entertainment project (http://www.lowlifes.tv) gains a layer of social activism. Skip forward to slide 11 if you're already familiar with the project.


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