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DockerCon 14

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DockerCon 14

  1. 1. DockerCon 14 TANABE Ken-ichi OGAWA Yusaku
  2. 2. About DockerCon 14 ● Docker-centric conference ● June 9-10, 2014 ● Held in San Francisco ● We were a silver sponsor ● Docker team announced some important news http://www.dockercon.com
  3. 3. Announcement: Docker Engine 1.0 ● “Docker”means the platform now, its components being“Docker Engine” ● Production ready ● Some new features ● Many Docker users were looking forward to this big news
  4. 4. ● It was called“Docker Index” https://hub.docker.com ● SaaS for sharing and managing application stacks ● The host of Docker images Announcement: Docker Hub
  5. 5. Announcement: libcontainer github.com/docker/libcontainer ● Standard interface to OS sandboxing ● Core Docker component but also usable standalone ● It provides API for using Linux namespaces
  6. 6. Announcement: libswarm github.com/docker/libswarm ● Toolkit for composing network services ● It provides a standard interface to combine and organize network services such as EC2, Digital Ocean and etc.
  7. 7. Announcement: libchan github.com/docker/libchan ● Lightweight networking library ● It provides standard communication layer for network services ● Used in libswarm
  8. 8. Track Sessions ● 3 different sessions took place at the same time ○ Docker for Developers ○ Docker for Ops & Sysadmins x 2 ● 40 minutes / session ● 3 different tracks x 10 sessions in DockerCon
  9. 9. Demo
  10. 10. MacBook Demo: Workflow EC2 git push Webhook push DockerHub GitHub docker pull
  11. 11. FYI: Docker Blog You can watch the videos and presentation-slides of DockerCon 14 at Docker Blog http://blog.docker.com/
  12. 12. San Francisco Map from Google http://www.housmanweirinvestments.com/portfolio/startuphq/ From the way to Coit Tower
  13. 13. Where is SF? What is timezone in SF? ● SF is on the west coast of the US ● 19:00 in SF is 11:00 of next day in Japan ● People in SF and Japan can work well together in the timezone point of view Map from Google, INEGI
  14. 14. Food Chinese at Panda Express Breakfast at CAFE MASON Lunch at Oscar’s Basically, it costs $10 + tips = $12~ per meal
  15. 15. Special thanks to SUBWAY SUBWAY is available everywhere… We ate at SUBWAY 3 times.. (Sat day night, Sunday morning and night)
  16. 16. Activity Crossed Golden Gate Bridge by bike Went to Mountain View (Silicon Valley) by Caltrain Went to UCB (the place BSD was born)
  17. 17. Computer History Museum Google’s self-driving carIn Mountain View sorry, removed
  18. 18. Have you ever see first spam in the Internet? The fight against spam began from this message…. sorry, removed
  19. 19. difficulty: We called a taxi… ● but the taxi didn’t come after 20 minutes… ● we could not have a confidence in calling the taxi.. ● we started to walk to Mountain View station ● after several minutes, the driver called back to us ● we could not explain where we were….. ● we gave up finally ● Its a sad day for both Lesson: reserve a taxi for return
  20. 20. Weather ● fine all the time we stayed ● warm until early evening ● feel cold at night. need a coat to go out. ● feel a bit cold on the sea ● California Current effects on weather in SF ● I feel very confortable
  21. 21. Thank you all for giving us the great opportunities! TANABE Ken-ichi OGAWA Yusaku