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2016 Conference - Tools to support inclusion of SEND pupils in PE and school sport

  1. Tools to support Meaningful Inclusion of pupils with SEND in PE and School Sport Dr. Niamh-Elizabeth Reilly - Programme Manager (SEND Inclusion), YST
  2. Inclusion? “For me, inclusion is about a community where everyone is recognised for their differences and everyone is recognised as belonging – not only in our schools, but in our communities.” - Dr. Joseph Petner, Educator
  3. What does MEANINGFUL physical education and school sport look like for young people with SEND? “In the case of disability, people are excluded not because of their impairments but by the way in which society fails to meet their needs.” – Ken Black, Inclusion Specialist
  4. How to establish MEANINGFUL, INCLUSIVE and SUSTAINABLE PE and school sport for ALL young people
  5. YST Inclusion Schools (leading on Project Ability) National Network of 60 Expert Schools across England WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CREATING NEW OPPORTUNITIES EMPOWERING YOUNG PEOPLE
  6. SOLUTIONS WHERE TO START!? School Games Inclusive Health Check
  7. SOLUTIONS Sainsbury’s AK4A Inclusive PE Training Programme Since 2013, we have trained over 5,000 teachers and school staff, benefitting more than 118,000 young people with special educational needs and disabilities.
  8. SOLUTIONS TOP Sportsability FREE ONLINE resource and practical advice YSTINCLUSION53 3 main aims: 1. To provide physical activity and sport options for young people with high support needs 2. To create a vehicle for the inclusion of young people together 3. To provide a basic intro to a wide range of sports and activities in support of the School Games programme and Inclusive PE provision.
  9. SOLUTIONS School Games Inclusive Formats Created to enable pupils with and without SEND from mainstream schools to compete against each other. Designed in partnership with 12 NGBs and 30 SEN and mainstream schools.
  10. SOLUTIONS Special Olympics Unified Sport Unified Sports® was inspired by a simple principle: playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding.
  11. Young People with SEND Leading the Way Image Inclusive Futures Image Step into Sport Inclusive Leadership Image Play Unified Image Be inspired by the journey ahead! SOLUTIONS ALL Young People Leading the Way
  12. For more Information on these tools and how to purchase or organise training please contact: Dr. Niamh-Elizabeth Reilly -Programme Manager (SEND Inclusion), YST Mobile: 07825 065203 Email: Web: