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You're secure glass windows & doors

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You're Secure custom manufactures and installs a wide variety of Glass Windows and Doors for all residential and commercial applications.

Contact Us:
Business Name: You're Secure
Address: Unit 2/1 General Macarthur Place, Redbank, Brisbane, Queensland 4301
Ph: (07) 38182949
Web Url: www.youresecure.com.au

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You're secure glass windows & doors

  1. 1. Glass Windows & Doors You're Secure custom manufactures and installs a wide variety of Glass Windows and Doors for all residential and commercial applications. For builders and renovators who know exactly what they want and want to fit the products themselves, we can make any window or door to your required specifications for supply only, and have it ready for your within 2 weeks (conditions apply).
  2. 2. Awning Windows Awning Windows (also known as Hopper or Winder windows) are the modern equivalent of the old 'push-out' windows. Instead of pushing them out, you wind them out with a handle on the inside. The opening is essentially one large glass panel, that opens out away from the house at the bottom of the opening. Attached to the bottom of the glass panel is a chain winder on the inside. The chain winder allows to you to wind the panel in or out as required.
  3. 3. Double Hung Windows Double Hung Windows are a vertical sliding window, where both the top and bottom sash can move up and down. At any one time you can only have half of the opening 'open' for breeze. The fact both sashes can move gives you option of which part of the opening you would 'open'.
  4. 4. Louvre Windows Louvre Windows are the only window on the market that can open up the full opening to give you the maximum amount of breeze and circulation. The window is comprised of the glass blades sitting in aluminium galleries (frames). Louvres can come as galleries only, or can come in an outer frame with a channel on the outside for a fly or security screen to sit in and cover the opening.
  5. 5. Sliding Glass Windows Sliding Glass Windows are still the most popular option for most homes. They are by far the most affordable window, coming in a lot cheaper than any other window option. The fly or security screen only needs to cover the opening side, making the screen cost cheaper as well. There are a number of options availble to you when ordering a sliding window.
  6. 6. Window Exchange Window Exchange simply involves us removing your old timber or aluminium windows or doors, and replacing them brand new aluminium glass sliding windows or doors. We can do the whole lot for you from start to finish.
  7. 7. Contact us You're Secure Unit 2/1 General Macarthur Place Brisbane, Queensland 4301, Australia Phone: (07) 38182949 www.youresecure.com.au