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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MARKETERS 05

  1. We CAN help them! The significant rise in mental health issues among children and adolescents needs to be urgently addressed to prevent self-harm and suicide attempts. Lack of a child psychiatrist and underdeveloped info structure could lead to system breakdown caused by the non- availability of professional help. This profession is considered less attractive for med students which is caused by public opinion and lower salary rates vs other doctor specializations. vs cool lame
  2. They CAN be heroes of tommorow The goal is to increase the number of child psychiatrists by improving the perception of the profession (up to 20%) in 2 years by raising awareness of the child‘s mental problem issue and offering solutions for improving the situation.
  3. We all CAN help PUBLIC DECISION INFLUENCERS MED STUDENTS Med students aged 23-25 choosing specialization after studies Close ones to med students such as friends and family General public (+18), with low awareness of the issue
  4. Good will CAN help Stage 1 – AWARENESS ABOUT THE PROBLEM Stage 2 – OFFERING SOLUTION THROUGH PRAZDROJ Stage 3 – MAKE IT BIG WITH OTHERS • Awareness about the increasing number of children with mental issues • Perception of the profession • Lower salery vs other specialzations • Lack of infrastructure • Three pillars of improvement • Unique portfolio • Big PR impact • Strong contribution to the system • Building a better future
  5. Awareness CAN be the key 360° Create emotional impact on consumers in the first stage of communication without revealing company identity TVC OOH Influencers Digital PR MAKE THEM HEROES GIVE THEM FAIR REWARD DELIVER TOOLS TO SAVE LIFES
  6. CAN of good will •Description: New 250ml cans with Kapka Naděje communication •Pricing: Promotional level of 500ml can portfolio •Purpose: Additional revenue will be donated to a transparent account to fund activities to help solve the current situation The presented solution brings not only a positive impact to the community and client but also a real business impact to the company bringing: • New variants for different occasions and consumers • Increase in brand value perception by the consumer • Additional possibilities for product visibility Delivering a triple-win. You CAN help today (DIGITAL) You CAN help to-go (OFF-TRADE) You CAN help right here (ON-TRADE)
  7. CAN of good will 1) Make child psychiatrists more than a job – it‘s a mission, saving lives. Start today and make them heroes of tomorrow. 4) Purpose: Investments from the transparent fund to develop offices across the republic Goal: Ensure effective help to patients in need Challenge: Overcoming the lack of psychiatrists will take time Solution: Development of sophisticated AI to identify potentially depressed children 2) Assure, that these professionals get paid 130% of the average doctor‘s salary. 3) Inspire medics to choose this profession at relevant locations such as medical schools, and student bars using benefits delivered by funds from a promo portfolio. BOTH SAVES LIFES
  8. World CAN bring good will • Stage 3 after establishing awareness and proving the sustainability of the project: • Joint investments by multiple companies following basic criteria: • Designeted products to project • Joint approach on contribution to the transparent account • Unified approach to the branding of products and communication Bringing a better world for the people and PR/CSR competitive advantage to involved subjects Company PR B2C communication
  9. World CAN become a better place 1) Addressing • Percetion of the profession • Lower income outlook • Missing infrastructure 2) By long-term strategy to • Build awareness of the issue • Normalizing treatment of mental issues • Improving the psychiatrist‘s image 3) 3 Stages of activation • Generates public interest in the issue • Bringing additional value to involved companies • Delivering long-term sustainable funding • Creating a better word lame 4) All together inspiring and motivating med students to work in the relevant, attractive fields, being perceived as heroes of tomorrow
  10. We need to help those who CAN help our children 1) Increase consideration of Child psychiatry as a specialization of medics from 5% to 20%, by shifting the perception of the profession. Focus on the biggest barriers, such as the current low value of psychiatry in public perception and under-indexing salaries. 2) Raise public awareness about the issue to become a relevant subject for people to talk about through strong communication campaigns with child psychiatry as the heroes of tomorrow. 3) Launch unique beneficial products in the portfolio to bring sustainable funding for improving conditions in the field, and positive impact on the company‘s business. 4) Work long term with the subject with specific goals such as competitive salary (130% ratio), AI helping identify early stages of depression, and effective system of support. Bring to the project other relevant companies to assure sufficient funding for all parts of the project.