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Young Lions CZ 2023 | DIGITAL 06

  1. campaign summary Active people percieve the world around them. Their surroudings can evoke feelings, needs or emotions. Those demand impulses to transform them into ideas. Often the obstacles can stop the process from realization, so we focused on breaking the barriers between concept and implementation. The foundation VIA is bringing together those active teens who care about their community.
 As opposed to focusing on limitations, our campaign strives to empower teens with positive motivation and inspiration through uplifting stories. Our goal is to provide them with self-esteem, valuable experiences, new connections, and an overall sense of well-being. These are benefits that will continue to develop and positively impact them over time. creative insight Despite being digital natives, Gen Z also recognizes the need for real-life action in solving social issues. With 91% of them expressing the desire for more discussions on social problems, we aim to empower them to take action and make a positive impact. This generation shares a passion for sustainability and supporting local businesses. However, they also face numerous barriers that prevent their ability to bring their ideas to life. During these formative years, teens are discovering their true selves and what they are capable of achieving through self-realization. They often lack guidance and mentorship. Instead, they turn to digital idols on platforms like Instagram and TikTok for inspiration. The rise of communication through Discord also highlights their growing preference for this medium. solution DISCOVER: guide to the ADVENTURE
 Our approach to empowering GEN Z and fostering social responsibility involves creating a virtual guide, Robot Marvin, who will help them discover their options and guide them on their adventure to become DOBRO-DRUH. Marvin is inspired by story about Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. He is highly intelligent and the tasks he has to do are trivial for him. He yearns for a challenge and wants to prove that he is capable of more. Marvin identifies with GEN Z on most levels.
 His role is to capture and motivate through inspiring short videos distributed on selected platforms, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and break down the barriers in front of them. His communication approach resonates with the tone of GEN Z. He is phlegmatic, but still inspiring and confident. how does it work? Our goal is to efficiently utilize our limited budget to reach as many individuals as possible. To attain this objective, we propose the creation of profiles on Instagram and Tik Tok for Marvin - your new favourite virtual influencer and guide. In this endeavor, we have partnered with one of the most prominent Czech „vlivník“, Kovy, who will also provide his voice for Marvin. ATTENTION Marvin's first video series nonchalantly encourages indefinite action, resonating with the audience's shared perspective. INTEREST Marvin shares his concerns and barriers while Kovy motivates him to step out of his comfort zone by providing insightful perspectives. DESIRE Marvin overcomes obstacles, discovers strengths in community service, shared activities, and environmental improvement. ACTION Marvin encourages community involvement in videos, sharing success stories and inspiring others to become DOBRO-DRUZI. We connect the community through Discord and offer a chance to join a discussion with Kovy. DISC VER: ADVENTURE guide to the what r u doin? discovering creating
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