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20160627 building great products

"Building Great Products" lightning talk at Wayfair, June 2016. Briefly touches on product, engineering, marketing, and recruiting elements.

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20160627 building great products

  1. 1. WHAT DOES ITTAKETO BUILD GREAT PRODUCTS? Yoav Shapira / June 27th, 2016
  2. 2. NO PAIN, NO GAIN • “Pain” = some problem that someone really appreciated your solving. • Slow, cumbersome, manual, costly, expensive things are painful. • Duct tape ~= pain. • “We can build something cool” != pain. • ^ pain = $$$.
  3. 3. WHILE PAIN IS ~FIXED, SOLUTION IS FLEXIBLE. • Keep an open mind, listening to your customers/users and to the market. • Starbucks started out selling espresso makers, but realized people wanted coffee more than a machine. • Nokia (paper mill), Flickr (game), Instagram (checkins), Avon (books), etc etc.
  4. 4. FAITH IT’LL GET BETTER “The device that Jobs actually took onto the stage with him was actually an incomplete prototype. It would play a section of a song or video, but would crash if a user tried to play the full clip.”
  5. 5. SHOW ANDTELL (MARKETING) • Marketing is often under-rated by techies.Why? • A good product usually does not sell itself. (Common mistake.) • Your product will never be “ready,” much less “perfect.” Don’t wait. • Coca Cola, an established iconic brand, has been growing marketing by ~$100M/year for many years. • 1.9B Coke servings / day
  6. 6. GET OUTSIDETHE BUILDING • Opinions are inside the building, truth outside. • Everyone should talk to customers / users regularly. Not just sales / support. • Don’t forget churn and closed/lost analysis.Ask people why they left. • Listen well, act on feedback.
  7. 7. TIMETO WOW• Wow = pain reduced. • Shorten the time to wow / delight / solution as much as possible. • A version ofTylenol that works in 1 instead of 30 minutes… • Reverse funnels, mini- WOWs, other tactics…
  8. 8. YOU NEED ATEAM • Recruiting is its own topic, many people’s #1 question. • It’s everyone’s job, not HR/ recruiter’s. • Sell the mission, the vision.That’s your best (only?) chance. • Figure out where your target audience hangs out, then go… • Speed wins here too, just like in building products.
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