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Yazmin Kuball
5010 Erbs Bridge Road 717-439-6698
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 yazkuball@gmail.com
Seasoned professional who is ...
to keep parents involved in their child’s educations and needs. My program was organized to implement
structured lesson pl...
 Maintained records of student progress and development
 Provided a variety of learning materials and resources for use ...
 “The Effect of Whole Language Instruction On The Writing Development of Spanish Speaking and English
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Yazmin Kuball 2016 Resume

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Yazmin Kuball 2016 Resume

  1. 1. Yazmin Kuball 5010 Erbs Bridge Road 717-439-6698 Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 yazkuball@gmail.com Seasoned professional who is dedicated to performance, quality, and delivering results. With Rainbow Paints I was able to develop and expand my business management, customer service, accounting, and marketing skills. As a teacher and trainer I facilitated creativity and education to both children and adults. Excellence in communication skills in English and Spanish are exhibited in my published writings. EDUCATION Master of Arts in Elementary Education with Minor in Bilingual Education, December 1992 California State University, Northridge, Northridge, CA WORK HISTORY MEMO Financial Services Inc., Camp Hill, PA (June 2011-August 2016) Compliance Examiner MEMO’s environment required exceptional organizational and customer service skills. I learned to discover and capitalize on consulting opportunities while performing an internal audit role across various departments. As a Compliance Examiner, I’ve trained and guided clients through Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) audits, including the implementation of comprehensive AML programs that protect the client’s business as well as MEMO’s.  Developed MEMO’s internal audit methodology and procedures  Facilitated compliance training and audits of the Bank Secrecy Act, US Patriot Act and Anti-Money Laundering requirements for all MEMO agents and organizational employees  Defined audit scope, prepared schedules, and performed internal audits of policies and procedures with the goal of mitigating operational risks for MEMO’s departments  Reported audit findings, recommendations, and risk remediation opportunities to the Board of Directors  Created quarterly AML training newsletters for agents and organizational employees  Managed high-dollar transactions performed by clients to ensure the accurate completion of logs and reports  Prepared and performed compliance and control audits of high-risk AML programs at client locations  Provided technical support and resolved compliance issues for clients during bank and IRS material submission periods  Managed state-performed audits of MEMO’s AML compliance program  Continuously maintained the integrity of business transactions by resolving errors during client data transmissions through the AS/400  Maintained and updated compliance and internal audit documentation The Children’s Center, Enola, PA (February 2009-June 2011) Lead Teacher The Children’s Center of Enola provided an environment which challenged me to quickly adapt to teaching severely autistic children while balancing their needs with those of the other children. I provided opportunities
  2. 2. to keep parents involved in their child’s educations and needs. My program was organized to implement structured lesson plans which stimulate the desire to learn.  Created and maintained a warm environment conducive to learning and engagement  Challenged students by implementing an array of learning materials, teaching strategies, and equipment  Engaged students with unique and creative learning experiences  Managed comfortable environments to foster student ownership within the classroom Rainbow Painting, Mechanicsburg, PA (September 2003-June 2011) Owner I formed Rainbow Painting as a sole proprietorship painting business. My clients included private businesses, commercial buildings, residential homes, and townhomes. Challenges maintaining a profit-oriented business has made me successful at client relations, marketing, accounting, inventory, and resource management.  Designed and implemented a five year business strategy outlining goals, key performance indicators, and success metrics  Supporting business marketing via positive customer service experiences, supplier relationships, and social media promotions  Ensured customer satisfaction via optional surveys  Managed and maintained an accurate inventory  Managed accounting and financial records  Provided leadership to contractors and on-site staff  Managed customer registration and scheduling Weight Watchers, Mechanicsburg, PA (January 2002-June 2004) Work Leader Weight Watchers propelled me into a world of healthy living. As an on-site Work Leader at different corporations, I became the bridge between a healthy lifestyle and the client. I became a life coach for many members though my teachings, guidance, listening, and support.  Role-modeled a healthy lifestyle  Delivered diverse and inspiring lessons during group sessions while maintaining and open and supportive environment  Supported members through challenging and difficult experiences  Managed new member registration and due collection  Coached members throughout the journey to achieve their personal goals  Demonstrated techniques for migrating to a healthier lifestyle Cumberland Valley School District, Mechanicsburg, PA (September 1999-June 2002) Teacher Cumberland Valley School District (CVSD) gave me the opportunity to become familiar with Pennsylvania’s educational culture. As a faculty member, I had the opportunity to teach different grade levels from kindergarten through seventh grade. I was exposed to working with many talented teachers, each with diverse teaching styles and lesson implementations, which has cultured my experience and knowledge.  Developed work schemes, lesson plans and tests in accordance with established procedures  Established and enforced rules and procedures to manage student behavior  Directed students in the use of learning materials and equipment  Encouraged and monitored the progress of individual students and adjusted teaching strategies appropriately  Implemented technology in the classroom to support and differentiate lessons
  3. 3.  Maintained records of student progress and development  Provided a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities  Encouraged students to develop and fulfill their academic potential  Reviewed and evaluated student work Camelia Avenue School (Los Angeles Unified School District), North Hollywood, CA (August 1989-June 1997) Lead Bilingual Teacher Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) awarded me the great opportunity to teach in a bilingual program as a Lead Bilingual Teacher. I was given the liberty of developing an entire language-learning environment which incorporated hands-on, team, literature, and group-based learning. My last two years at Camelia were spent developing and teaching in a multi-age classroom. This was an informative, successful, and satisfying experience in my teaching career.  Responsible for instructing students in an elementary school from grades K-2  Planned, prepared and delivered lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitated active learning  Created a positive educational climate for students to learn and explore  Maintained an organized and orderly classroom environment  Established and communicated clear objectives for student-learning activities  Mentored students which needed assistance with classroom materials  Updated student records accurately and completely as required by law, district policy, and school regulation  Held active roles in department, school, district, and parent meetings  Worked with students from diverse cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds  Instructed students on all subjects including English as a Second Language (ESL)  Created a well-rounded, comprehensive instructional program  Created a warm, child-centered learning environment  Encouraged parent and community involvement with student and classroom activities  Planned and executed ESL lessons for student’s parents  Completed grant proposals and gained funding for student educational activities  Mentored college student-teachers  Taught district teachers how to implement a hands-on learning program Discovery School, Tarzana, CA (June 1985-August 1989) Teacher Assistant Discovery School made me aware that I wanted to spend my time teaching children. I switched my major and career from real estate law to teaching. My mentor taught me many lessons and is someone whom I was lucky to work with. I learned to teach through hands-on activities such as cooking, gardening, dancing, acting, and swimming, which were used throughout the entire curriculum.  Provided a variety of materials and resources for children to explore and manipulate, both in learning activities and imaginative play  Organized and lead activities designed to promote physical, mental and social development, such as games, arts and crafts, music, storytelling, and field trips  Organized activities to facilitate education about the world, personal interests, and talent development  Worked in groups and personal environments, depending on the subject matter and the needs of the children  Monitored for signs of emotional or developmental problems in students  Studied to understand each student’s emotional needs and communicated developmental opportunities to parents
  4. 4. PUBLICATIONS  “The Effect of Whole Language Instruction On The Writing Development of Spanish Speaking and English Speaking Kindergartners” Bilingual Research Journal, 1999  “K-2: A Case for Developmental Continuity In A Bilingual Setting” Young Children Journal, 1999  “Mommy Cried Last Night” Young Children Journal, by National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1995  “Good-bye Dittos” Young Children Journal, by National Association for the Education of Young Children, 1993  Southern California Association for the Education of Young Children Valley Chapter Newsletter published three short education articles, 1993 KNOWLEDGE  CAMS, Association for Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, February 2016  Challenges and Best Practices of PEP and Sanctions Screening, FinScan, March 2016  FinScan focus: Adapting Compliance Models for Tech-Based Financial Service Providers, Association for Certified Anti-Money Specialist, February 2016  How to Prepare an Effective Audit Manual for an Internal Audit Department, Compliance Online, November 2015  Introduction to Auditing: Audit Principles and Techniques, July 2013  Math and Science for Young Children, Harrisburg Area Community College, June 2009  Early Child Literacy and Language, Harrisburg Area Community College, June 2009  Emerging Curriculum Design, University of Phoenix, July 1996  Materials That Inspire Learning, University of Phoenix, July 1996  Creative Lessons in Science for Every Classroom, University of Phoenix, July 1996  Bulletin Board Magic, University of Phoenix, July 1996  Building Multicultural Displays and Boards, University of Phoenix, July 1996  Art Expression Throughout the Curriculum, University of Phoenix, July 1996