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Life Review

Describes general principles and benefits of the Life Review process.

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Life Review

  2. 2. LIFE REVIEW • An intentional effort to tell one’s life story. • Includes critical events, and the person’s interpretation of those events. • As people grow older, they are able to look back on their lives, consider high and low points, and integrate life events into something meaningful.
  3. 3. BENEFITS • While the process of life review is most beneficial to the individual, it is also meaningful for significant others. • This is especially true if the life review process is captured in some way, either in audio or written format.
  4. 4. • Life review is more than just simple reminiscence. • It involves work from the individual doing the interviewing, and the individual being interviewed. • This project requires more training than we have room for here, but is available on request. • However, feel free to integrate aspects of life review into your visits. LIFE REVIEW PROJECTS
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