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Notas do Editor

  1. Good evening Doc Alipoon, good evening my dear classmates. Tonight I will report and discuss about What is Ethical Leadership and of course Why is it essential to be an ethical leaders. We will also learning What are the elements that define ethical leadership. And what are the traits of an ethical leadership. Of course, who know someday one of us will become a leader or one who will run the school. So at least we have a little idea what qualities do we need to have or posses in order to be come a good leader.
  2. So let’s define what ethical leadership is? (Read) So, Ethical Leadership the word “Ethical” it is pertaining to right and wrong conduct, relating to moral principles and values. As an Ethical leader you need to behave according to the set of principles and values that are recognized by the majority. What are the principles and values these includes integrity, respect, trust, fairness, transparency and honesty. As a leader you need to behave according to these principles. As an ethical leader you need to act ethically and set the standards for others as well. Through this principles and values Leaders have an opportunity to inspire others not only to do the right thing but also to consider the kind of people they want to be. Ethical leadership is about leading, inspiring, motivating and making the employees feel accountable for their work.
  3. There are many good reasons to be an ethical leader. (Read) Being an ethical leader you served as a model they look up to, a great influencers, and an inspiration. An ethical leader is a big factor because it can influence them positively and negatively. It is very much important because being an influencer you can change and influence so much lives. So you need to represent good values and behave according to the set principles recognized by the majority for the common good of everybody. Yes, in a personal level it is more on your personal credibility and reputation. Of course, if you are aiming to become a leader someday you need to behave ethically and follow the good values and principles. Behaving unethically can automatically damage and ruin you personally and leads to losing self-esteem and inferiority.
  4. Ethical leadership encompasses many things but ultimately boils down to these six main elements. HONEST - Of course as a leader you should have a characteristics of being an honest person in order for others to trust you especially if you are an administrator and the one who runs the school. You should be honest and state nothing but only facts and truth and you should be fair in every decision you have with full honesty. JUSTICE, I believe this is one of the most important elements for ethical leaderships. As a leader, you should be fair enough in everything, you should treat everyone equally regardless of the position in an organization or institution. You should avoid favoritism, especially when it comes to opportunites that we can offer because it will leads to faction or separation of an institution or organization. You need to be fair and just. As a leader of course, you should impose proper behaviors and discipline in an organizations and condemn such actions that could harm someone and ruin the organization. Respect – Is one important elements also of ethical leadership. Simple word but hard to gain. “ Respect is earned not give”, Respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand it.” So we should respect each other regardless of the position and status we have in life.
  5. The fourth elements that define Ethical Leadership is: INTEGRITY – should be shown, aligned, and consistent with our values, words and actions. In order for us to demonstrate integrity someone has to walk the walk because to talk the talk is not enough. (to talk the talk – para magsalita ng usapan) We need to act in a way that agrees with the things we are saying in order to us to demonstrate integrity. ( Sometimes Lain ang ginhambal mo but contrast sa actions mo) It should be aligned and consistent para mapatihan kita… RESPONSIBILITY – is one of the qualities that define a good ethical leader. Responsibility is a commitment and also an obligation. When you accept responsibility you are accountable to that specific task and assignment and should know how to respond to the situation maturely and professionally. TRANSPARENCY – is very important elements of an ethical leader. As a leader, you need to be transparent in all aspect especially when it comes to money matters. Transparency concerns mainly the communication with all the stakeholders. Yes, this is very true. That’s why we have our transparency board in an organization because this is our way to inform and demonstrate transparency to our stakeholders by posting all the liquidation reports on the transparency board. Through this you could disclose everything to them and at the same time you will gain their trust.
  6. This time we will find out what are the different traits of an ethical leader. Leaders play a crucial role in an organizations or institutions, as they have been chosen to guide others. What do great ethical leaders do, and what ethical traits do they have in common? (READ) Of course one of the traits of an ethical leader is knowing oneself. Knowing yourself is about knowing what makes you tick. It means identifying what matters to you, your strengths and weaknesses, your behaviors, and capability. Know yourself in order for you to share what you have. 2. Consistency, as a leader you need to be consistent in your ethical behavior or else the trust or tiwala that people place in you can quickly fade if you misbehave. You need to be consistent because you have an image to maintain. “Minsan ka lang magkamali, lahat ng ginawa mong Mabuti ay nabaliwala” 3. I agree with this traits, As an Ethical Leader do not make exceptions in this area, you should not tolerate bad behaviors or actions. Because By doing so, you build consistency, respect and good credibility not only for yourself but for others too. Tolerating this kind of bad actions and behaviors will leads you to disrespect and probably they will abuse you. Let’s always remember Code of Conduct is very important.
  7. 4. An ethical leader are very particular when it comes to small details especially if they can cause them problems. So if they are facing doubts and problems, ethical leaders raise their concerns and huddle even if it will delay their work or it can add extra work to them as long as they can come up with the right solution to solve the problem or issue. 5. Leaders are also humans, they are not perfect, they also commit mistakes. What matters is you accept and admit mistakes and learn from it for the better. Admit and apologize and try to find ways to solve the issue or problems. As a leader you don’t need to hide what happened instead open up and share, and plan out what are the possible recovery plan to do together with the stakeholders. This is one way to show you care not only for yourself but for the whole institution or organizations.
  8. 6. Responsibility is a commitment and obligation. As a leader you need to be responsible not only in your words but also in your deeds. Willingness is very important in accepting responsibility. Lack of responsibility leads to ineffectiveness and waste of time. 7. Yes, ethical leaders serves as the front liner, a spoke person and the defender of the team. As a leader you are always there no matter what happened, in good and in bad times especially if they nexeded you most. You should be there to stand with your team. That’s one characteristic of a good leader. ( Hindi nang iiwan sa kahit anong laban)
  9. 8. As a leader you need to act fair in every decision you made. You should avoid favoritism in a institution or organization regardless of the position and status in life. You should practice fairness in treating everyone and avoid discrimination. 9. You should bear in mind that Integrity is very important. You practice what you preach, your words, actions should be aligned and consistent with your values and principles in life Or else your credibility and reputation will suffer.