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  1. Project Report Website clone(WhatsApp Frontend development) Name: Aadesh Gupta
  2. Problem Statement Create clones of famous websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato, IRCTC, etc. The website you are making a clone of should be reputed and not a dull one. It should contain challenging design to get your project approved.
  3. Problem Solution: Initially WhatsApp has a simple, contemporary design that is not too difficult to imitate. As a result, rather than having to struggle with challenging design features, learners may concentrate on honing their front-end development abilities. Second, WhatsApp offers an easy- to-use design that enables seamless interaction between users and the service. Students may obtain practical experience in developing user-friendly interfaces by imitating this style. In conclusion, creating a replica of the WhatsApp website may be a great method for learners to improve their front-end programming abilities while working on a practical project with wide appeal.
  4. Abstract A website called a "WhatsApp clone" is made to mimic the key functions of the well known social media chatting app WhatsApp. To give users another venue for exchanging quick messages, photographs, and links while connecting with others in real-time, a WhatsApp clone was developed.Message privately. End-to-end encryption and privacy controls. Stay connected. Message and call for free* around the world. Build community. Group conversations made simple. Express yourself. Say it with stickers, voice, GIFs and more. WhatsApp business. Reach your customers from anywhere using the application. Modern online technologies like HTML , CSS, JavaScript are used in the creation of WhatsApp clones. To give user the same experience as the official WhatsApp web app. Since the main domain was front-end development so no backend language is used to obtain the result and project is totally made using front-end development languages and frameworks
  5. Workflow Diagram
  6. Study official WhatsApp Website When creating a copy of WhatsApp, developers must thoroughly comprehend the platforms features and operations by studying the official website. Developers may learn about the platform's architecture, design patterns, and user experience by examining the official website. These insights can then be applied to the cloned platform to provide consumers a comparable experience. Studying the official website may also assist developers in figuring out how to improve or separate the copied platform from the original producing a distinctive and cutting edge platform that targets a certain niche market. A thorough grasp of the WhatsApp, which may be included into the copied platform to give further features and functions can also be gained by developers by studying the official website. To sum up, it is imperative for developers to thoroughly grasp the platform, its features, and its architecture before copying WhatsApp in order to reproduce or enhance it in the cloned platform.
  7. Choose Tools and Technology Languages used for Front-end Development ❖ HTML ❖ CSS ❖ Javascript ❖ ReactJs ❖ Tailwind CSS ❖ Visual Studio Code is used as IDE ❖ Npm
  8. Mockup and Wireframes
  9. Mockup and Wireframes
  10. Data Required As it is a front-end clone of WhatsApp, the ui/ux design was took into account and attempted to be exact. Every webpage that is cloned as part of the project is carefully designed, and the code is done to be simple to comprehend and update as needed.
  11. Resource utilization The front-end of WhatsApp is replicated while taking resource use into account. The integration of several resources, including as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, pictures, and other media files, is necessary for front-end development. To make sure that the website operates well and offers a smooth user experience, it is crucial to optimise the usage of these resources.
  12. Lines of code
  13. Thank You