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Powerapps & Flow

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Sérgio Viana - Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead, @Xpand IT, during the presentation of APP.NEXT 2016.

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Powerapps & Flow

  1. 1. Powerapps & Flow Sérgio Viana – sergio.viana@xpand-it.com
  2. 2. Introducing Microsoft PowerApps
  3. 3. it’s hard to keep everyone happy
  4. 4. Secure Scalable Managed Integrated Compliant Fast Iterative Cross-platform Beautiful Easy VS
  5. 5. What about every other need your business faces?
  6. 6. Let’s change the way we build business apps
  7. 7. Connect to existing systems and data sources Microsoft PowerApps is a service for creating and using custom business apps across platforms Build apps, forms, and workflows without writing code Publish apps instantly for web and mobile
  8. 8. Build useful apps without writing code Craft forms and screens in a visual designer that helps you see exactly what you’ll get Take advantage of device capabilities like cameras, GPS, and pen controls Extend the capabilities of connected data sources, or focus just on the bits you need Build business logic into your apps with an Excel- inspired expression language
  9. 9. Quickly generate and customize apps based on Excel files, SharePoint Online lists, Salesforce records and more. You can even connect custom APIs. Your apps will be able to fully interact with underlying sources and will respect the permissions you’ve already established in them. Connect to the systems you’re already using
  10. 10. Get apps to your team when and where they’re needed, whether that’s on the web, iOS or Android—no app store required. Publish apps instantly for web and mobile
  11. 11. Connections Build apps that interact with your data sources and respect their permissions Your data PowerApps connects to a range of data sources and systems, including custom APIs Create in PowerApps Studio Build apps in a visual experience that shows exactly what you’ll get PowerApps Cloud Publish apps to people in your organization so they can access anywhere Use on web and mobile Find and use apps instantly on the web and in PowerApps mobile for iOS and Android How it works
  12. 12. Build your next cost estimator business app with PowerApps
  13. 13. DEMO cost estimator
  14. 14. Introducing Microsoft Flow
  15. 15. Most business integration challenges today are met with a single solution
  16. 16. You
  17. 17. Microsoft Flow helps you work smarter by automating workflow across your apps and services Get notifications Synchronize files Collect data Automate approvals
  18. 18. Get started quickly with over a hundred useful templates
  19. 19. Build your own flows in an easy to use visual designer Sending an Exchange email when a new file is added in Dropbox Authenticate to your O365 account. Build email Subject and Body Choose to include properties from previous step (Dropbox file) to improve relevance Specify Send To email address and additional properties (optional): From, CC, BCC and ImportanceConnected to johnsharp@hotmail.com Authenticate to your Dropbox account. Select folder to monitor PowerApps
  20. 20. Automate advanced scenarios with multiple steps, branching conditions, and more
  21. 21. Integrate the systems you’re already using… even custom APIs.
  22. 22. Get started at flow.microsoft.com
  23. 23. DEMO
  24. 24. Questões? Sérgio Viana – sergio.viana@xpand-it.com