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Building Quality Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin

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Dinis Vieira - Microsoft Solution Center, @Xpand IT, during the presentation of APP.NEXT 2016.

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Building Quality Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin

  1. 1. Building Quality Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin Dinis Vieira, Jorge Borralho
  2. 2. Building Quality Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin
  3. 3. Plan (agenda) • Introduction to Xamarin Development (Dinis Vieira) • Xamarin Test Cloud (Jorge Borralho)
  4. 4. Native user interface Apps are built with standard, native user interface controls for easy and familiar interactions High-fidelity API access Apps have access to the full spectrum of functionality exposed by the underlying platform and device Native performance Apps leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled as native binaries, not interpreted at runtime What’s a native App?
  5. 5. C# + XIB C# + AXML C# + XAML Native UI Native UI Native UI
  6. 6. C# + XIB C# + AXML C# + XAML Native UI Native UI Native UI
  7. 7. Xamarin exposes 100% of the Native Android and iOS APIs Native API support
  8. 8. Same day support: iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 8, iOS9 Full support for: • Google Glass • Android Wear • Amazon Fire TV • others… Native API support
  9. 9. Native compilation, native performance Xamarin.iOS does full Ahead Of Time (AOT) compilation to produce an ARM binary suitable for Apple’s App Store Xamarin.Android takes advantage of Just In Time (JIT) compilation on the Android device
  10. 10. Native compilation, native performance C# with Xamarin
  11. 11. Portable Class Libraries
  12. 12. Visual Studio 2015 Integration  A single solution for iOS, Android and Windows development.  Leverage the entire Microsoft ecosystem:  ReSharper  Team Foundation Server (TFS)  NuGet  Other tools…  Visual Designers for iOS and Android  Xamarin Mac Build Host
  13. 13. Xamarin Components  More than 200 components: - Salesforce, Azure and SAP. - Barcode scanning plugins - others…  Only some lines are enough to add the several components to Xamarin to Xamarin and Visual Studio. And don’t forget you can use nuget
  14. 14. Tips • Emulators • Visual Studio Android Emulator • Genymotion • Xamarin Android Emulator • Google Android Emulator with HAXM • MVVM Light, MVVM Cross dinis.vieira@xpand-it.com dinisvieira@outlook.com twitter: @dinisvieira linkedin: dinisvieira.com
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Thank you!