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Oliver Cromwell

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Oliver Cromwell

  1. 1. Oliver Cromwell<br />Oliver Cromwell (Born April 25,1599 Died September 3, 1658) was the political leader of England, Ireland, and Scotland from December 16, 1653 until his death.<br />One of many who signed death warrant of King Charles I and removed monarchy from power.<br />His son, Richard Cromwell, took over the English Commonwealth, but was overthrown by the army a year later.<br />Two years after his death, royalist took control of the government and put King Charles II back in power.<br />
  2. 2. Oliver Cromwell’s Head<br />Under the new monarch established by King Charles II, Henry Ireton (top left), John Bradshaw (top right), and Oliver Brodwell (bottom left), were all exhumed and hung.<br />After being hung for hours, the bodies were cut down, the bodies beheaded, and put on a 20 foot spike above the Westminster Hall (a drawing of Oliver Cromwell’s head on the spike shown on bottom left)<br />They were all treated this way because of their role in signing the death warrant of King Charles I <br />