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McDonald's digital marketing plan

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McDonald's digital marketing plan

  1. 1. McDonald’s Digital Marketing Plan Sijie Xiao ADV 420
  2. 2. Target AudienceFamily with kids Teenagers Young working class
  3. 3. Global Idea & Goal• Idea We Are Together• Campaign goal – Penetration/market share – Customer retain – Brand image
  4. 4. Social Media StrategyPrimary social media• latest promotion ads• Q&A• Vote• other content related Secondary social media • quick, instant promotion • fill in the blank • rewarding tactics • the first ten people who fill in the blank will get a free Family/Friend/Colleague meal.
  5. 5. Social Media Strategy previousRetouch Contest• A pair of pictures – before and after retouching.•The object of the picture is any food or drink ofMcDonald’s.• They could be beautiful, cute or quirky.• The ten winners will have their work displayed inMcDonald’s stores as print advertising with briefpersonal information on it. after
  6. 6. Mobile Media Strategy Mobile siteBusiness App• Location serves as an importantfunction • find store • share location with delivery man• Social media will be imbedded in• Exclusive promotion on mobile •Coupon shared via phone contact App
  7. 7. Mobile Media StrategyEntertaining App• Mobile games cooperated/compete with friends• Theme related to food• Get rewards from McDonald’s Joint Mobile Strategy• Cooperate with Instagram or Vineor other potential promising apps ...
  8. 8. Online Advertising Strategy Online display ads Google Adwords SEO SEO• Use Google Adwords to search key words that is relatively highly searched butcompetitive to get McDonald’s website easier to find• Location would be another strategy to use •If someone lives in East Lansing, when searching “fast food restaurant for family”, the hint words “in East Lansing” will pop out under as primary options
  9. 9. Internet Marketing Strategy The online news room in homepage is also important because every piece of press release related to McDonald’s will be displayed in that page so that when journalists or reporters require for information, online news room would be a good resource center.
  10. 10. Budget• McDonalds spent 900 millions on overall advertising in 2010 (Social Brand Value). Assume its increasing rate is 15% in 2013, McDonalds will have a overall marketing budget of 1.2 billion dollars.