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European Port Authority Gets Lean and Mobile with Documents [Infographic]

With 29 different models and a 5:1 employee-to-device ratio, this major European port authority had a chaotic print environment. Xerox made things a whole lot simpler, enabling mobile print, adding automation and optimising the fleet.

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European Port Authority Gets Lean and Mobile with Documents [Infographic]

  1. 1. ©2015 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox® and Xerox and Design® are trademarks of Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. BRXXXXX Learn how Xerox document management services can help your organisation improve its efficiency and agility: http://www.xerox.co.uk/services/document- management-solutions Find Out More Efficiency and Agility for a Major European Port Authority Through Optimisation, Mobility and Workflow Automation 29% 75% A variety of associated hidden costs caused by: • Requirement to stock many different consumables • Requirement to maintain many different printer drivers • Heavy support burden on the IT team • Less-than-ideal levels of device availability • Lots of different supplier contracts and invoices to manage Situation 480employees spread across 4 buildings 140of them using smart mobile devices under a BYOD initiative 84print devices to manage non-networked, unmonitored, single-function devices 1for every 5.7employees, comprising: 5different brands 29different models Automated Business Workflows Every document is scanned and stored digitally. Xerox has helped the port authority to make the process more efficient by automating scanning and storage using Xerox AutoStore workflows. Pressing a button on an MFD scans a document as a searchable PDF... Access to and interactions with the port are strictly controlled. Everyone must prove their identification and authorisation with appropriate documentation. ...interprets a barcode to create the file name, and routes the PDF to the correct folder in the document repository. Further Recommendations The port will also be looking at: Encouraging more sustainable and cost-effective printing behaviour through: Further increasing mobile worker productivity and efficiency by introducing: The Xerox Print Awareness Tool Xerox Digital Alternatives Assessment The Xerox Managed Print Services Maturity Assessment Tool revealed opportunities to: All leading to: estimated annual cost savings of 40% 68% Fleet Optimisation By the end of 2015, the port authority will have transformed and optimised its fleet of devices: 27MFDs (multifunction devices) reduction in fleet onebrand, three models 100% of devices networked and monitored for improved availability Proactive service and consumables management by Xerox Real-time management information via a web portal Consolidated quarterly invoicing from a single supplier Increase business process efficiency through automation Enhance enterprise agility and mobility Optimise the fleet of devices and reduce the cost of printing Secure Enterprise Mobility Xerox is helping the port authority to enhance agility and mobility by enabling: All users to print at any MFD on any floor of the building with secure pull printing capability BYOD users to print to any MFD from their smart devices