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  2. 2. MAIN CHARACTERAll five of these actressesare beautiful, glamorous, Name: Clarissafeminine and more oftenthan not play very Downingpowerful, sexy and Smoldering makeup,independent characters. luscious big hair, plumpEach one of these female limps, endearing dimplesactress’s are self aware tanned skin, manicuredand confident, they know nails, slim hour glasshow to handle Katherine Zeta Jones figure, elegant walk. Amber Heardthemselves under all types of circumstances and this iswhy they are perfect examples of potential characters These two outfits would be thefor my sexy business woman role. Even though this type of thing she would wear atleading female role is played by an influential and work, a mix betweenstriking young woman, she still depends on her best sophisticated boss and glamorousfriend, her ‘wing woman’ for advice and affection during cat walk.a dramatic ordeal. I am keen to find an actress whocan hold a hard exterior but contain a lot of emotiondeep down. I would also expect my actress to reveal avulnerable side at some point during the film to secure support and sympathy from the audience. Not Leighton Meester Her choice only is it essential for of casual this character to show In contrast to her work shoe would emotion but it is equally attire, on weekends she most important to be elegant, would be more casual, definitely be sophisticated, influential jeans and leather jacket a fashion and loveable. for example but still Michelle Monaghan trainer, keeps her stylish edge. converse for Anna Faris example.
  3. 3. BEST FRIEND Even though these five actresses are also exceptionally Name: Sarah beautiful, each one of them has a more innocent, naïve and Johnson mystical aura about them which makes them perfect examples for my ‘best friend’ character. Not much will be revealed about her in the film (which is why she is seen as so On the weekend, she mysterious) until the last series looks fashionable but Mia Wasikowska of scenes which is why she not overwhelming. Leggings and over Amanda Seyfried wouldn’t have obtained aparticularly large fan base in the audience as there is no sized jumpers is the Long hair, fair and flawlessemotional attachment created with her. Although the norm. Few but simple skin, big eyes, full lips, buttonrelationship between both female characters is endearing accessories. nose, nibbled nails child likeand can be related to by most, there is always an body. Anne Hathawayunderlying sense of what could be described as jealousy oreven hate which is shown through the best friends eyesand through her prickly body language. However, the best friend character has more angelic and more child like features, such as the large wide apart eyes, which increase her chances of charming the audience into thinking that she is an exceptional best friend, so She works along side the main character caring and selfless. Her fair hair however does not wear such powerful and and non curvaceous body is also stunning attire as the best friend, she will another aspect of her young and Mischa Barton innocent girly look. wear more boyfriend fit trousers and Michelle Trachtenberg blazers, not as feminine and sexy.
  4. 4. EX-BOYFRIEND On the weekend Dazzling eyes, cute my leading male smile, tall, luscious lips, role would dress well groomed hair, fashionably and delicate facial hair, wide casually. Strong shoulders, raw cheek These four male contrast from a bones. characters have all working day but played attractive, not scruffy; trendy Name: Michael womanizing, bad boy trainers, designer roles which is the kind jeans, fitted t-shirt Higgs of image I am trying and comfortable to echo with my ex- jumper. boyfriend character. To gain any audience Jude Law The ex-boyfriend character is a appreciation and toincrease positive female response, it is necessary ‘cheeky chappy’ who is charmingfor the ex-boyfriend to be played by an and loves attention. Whateverattractive, young and fresh faced actor. Even goes wrong he always seems tothough he is an IT technician he will be very make things right, throughout thesuavely dressed in a suit and brogues as he film, even though the audience areworks in an exclusive business up in Central supposed to frown upon hisLondon. alleged unfaithfulness, I hope that they can’t help but love him. His aim is to charm all the female Sam Riley members of the audience into believing he is innocent and Another aspect of the ex- encourage the male audience boyfriend which is supposed members to empathize with the to lure in female attention pain he is going through because and sympathy is mans best of the rejection he is receiving Freddie Stroma friend, his dog, Cat. from his true love.
  5. 5. CASTINGClarissa Downing, Michael Higgs and Sarah JohnsonPossible actors for Clarissa• Lauren West• Rachel EverettMichael• Elliot Lipley• Frank AndrewsSarah• Margarita Milne• Roisin McAweaney• Merial Jackson