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Gafcon Boosts Mobility with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

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Gafcon Boosts Mobility with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

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Gafcon Boosts Mobility with Notebook PCs and Windows 7 Professional

  1. 1. Windows 7 Customer Solution Case Study Construction Firm Boosts Mobility with Notebook PCs and Feature-Rich Operating SystemOverview “Windows 7 Professional has just been a revolutionaryCountry or Region: United StatesIndustry: Construction tool for us. There’s been an amazing amount of progress from earlier operating systems. We couldn’tCustomer ProfileGafcon is an award-winning construction be more impressed.”consulting firm with offices throughout Josh Sebert, Chief Financial Officer, GafconCalifornia. The company handles all typesand phases of development, With 23 years of experience and numerous awards, Gafcon isconstruction, and project management. highly regarded in its industry. This construction andBusiness Situation development firm prides itself on delivering every phase of aGafcon sought an operating system thatwould streamline daily tasks, improve project with ease, excellence, and top-level customer service.office efficiency, boost everyday system The sluggishness of Gafcons computer systems, however, wasperformance, and offer greater ease ofuse for mobile employees. hampering the productivity of the team of architects, construction managers, market analysts, civil engineers, and realSolutionWindows 7 Professional and the Dell estate economists. Gafcon needed a computing solution toLatitude E6400 notebook met Gafcons match its growth and level of expertise, and that would supportcomputing needs with stronger mobileaccessibility, quicker startup times, its rigorous standards of quality and customer service. Theimproved search capabilities, intuitive introduction of the Windows 7 Professional operating systemdesktop customization, and more. has resulted in significant operational improvements for Gafcon.Benefits By boosting everyday performance, mobile access, search Faster startup saves 5 minutes per day Applications load 10 percent faster functionality, and security, the upgrade has enabled this File copying is 61 percent faster construction firm to move boldly ahead. Network connections are 75 percent faster Search saves 5 minutes per employee File handling improved with 64-bit processing Works the way you want
  2. 2. “We used to have to Situation “The Dell E6400 with Windows 7 Gafcon is an award-winning construction Professional has just been a revolutionarymanually select the consulting firm located in Southern tool for us," says Josh Sebert, Chief California. With offices in San Diego, Los Financial Officer at Gafcon. "There’s beendefault printer for the Angeles, and Orange County, the company an amazing amount of progress fromcurrent network we were has a staff of 120 employees serving 75 earlier operating systems. We couldn’t be clients across the state. The team is focused more impressed."using. Now the on delivering project management, engineering, and land planning expertise to Benefitsoperating system residential, government, public, and private Using the Dell Latitude E6400 withswitches it automatically. clients. Windows 7 Professional, Gafcon expects to gain the following benefits:It’s been a huge time Gafcon has earned a reputation for impeccable service. In addition to receiving Getting More Done on the Roadsaver.” Gold and Silver Constructech Vision One of Gafcons primary goals with the Ashley McElravy, Business Development Awards, the company has been recognized Windows 7 Professional operating system Representative, Gafcon among Engineering News Records Top 100 was to improve network accessibility and Construction Management Firms. other mobility features for employees who needed to do business at off-site locations Despite well-deserved praise, Gafcon has or conduct presentations for clients. been challenged by computing issues. Users complained of sluggish startup times The Network Connection Wizard in and connections, sometimes requiring up Windows 7 Professional has exceeded to five minutes to connect to remote Gafcon’s needs with improved wireless networks and up to eight minutes to launch detection and speedier access. “I absolutely applications. love the Mobility Center!” says Ashley McElravy, Business Development Other problems included sluggish response Representative. “I dock when I get back to times and difficulty locating files and my office, and I have it on dual view across documents. Gafcon was in need of a new two monitors. Every time I come to a operating system that could accommodate conference room, it’s much faster, which its fast-paced operations and adapt to its saves me time and money.” method of doing business. Speedier networking saves employees Solution roughly five minutes each time they change With the introduction of Windows 7 wireless networks—which happens Professional on the Dell Latitude E6400 frequently throughout the day as they notebook,* Gafcon has found a computing move around the building—and makes off- system thats a perfect fit for the way the site presentations more seamless and company works. The operating system professional. offers reliable mobility and simple personalization features that streamline Location Aware Printing in Windows 7, everyday computer use, while Dell PCs are which automatically updates the default designed for improved performance, printer when users move to a different security, and reliability—the perfect network, has also been vital in saving time combination for a business like Gafcon. and improving efficiency. “We used to have to manually select the default printer for Works the way you want
  3. 3. “Copying files from the current network we were using,” says Easy and Intuitive Access McElravy. “Now the operating system Gafcon employees have enjoyed the timedifferent network switches it automatically. It’s been a huge savings provided by the new desktop timesaver.” personalization capabilities, which allowlocations is incredibly them to streamline access to the programsfast with Windows 7. We Speed and Efficiency and documents they use most often. Another big advantage of the Dell andcan drag and drop, copy Windows 7 pairing has been the Data access is also dramatically improved improvement in computer speed and with the Windows 7 search function. Thisand paste, and performance. Says McElravy, “Not only tool allows for more intuitive searching,everything is does the Dell machine look really nice, but making it faster and easier for users to everything is running really, really quickly. locate documents.instantaneous—even It’s saving a ton of time. We click on an application, and it loads instantly. No “The Windows Search function is muchwith large files.” problem.” more user-friendly," says Sebert. "And I like Josh Sebert, Chief Financial Officer, that it sort of helps you if you’re not Gafcon Long startup times and slow-loading spelling something correctly—it’s like it applications were among Gafcons chief predicts what you’re thinking. It’s so complaints with older operating systems, intuitive." both of which have been dramatically improved with Windows 7. * As part of the solution deployment through the “Copying files from different network Windows 7 SMB Evidence Program, the customer locations is incredibly fast with Windows 7,” received complimentary notebooks and technical adds Sebert. “We can drag and drop, copy support from Microsoft and Dell. and paste, and everything is instantaneous—even with large files.” The Microsoft Office 2010 suite has become another big timesaver for Gafcon employees. The facility and ease of the improved applications allows them to work more quickly, whether theyre creating broadcast presentations with the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 graphics presentation program or using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and the Microsoft OneNote 2010 note-taking program to share information among Gafcon staff. "Its not so much that the changes to Office 2010 are totally new, revolutionary things," says Sebert. "Its that its brought it all together in a very easy, intuitive way." Works the way you want
  4. 4. For More Information Windows 7For more information about Microsoft Works the way you want: Windows 7 willproducts and services, call the Microsoft help your organization use informationSales Information Center at (800) 426- technology to gain a competitive9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft advantage in today’s new world of work.Canada Information Centre at (877) 568- Your people will be able to be more2495. Customers in the United States and productive anywhere. You will be able toCanada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing support your mobile workforce with bettercan reach Microsoft text telephone access to shared data and collaboration(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. tools. And your IT staff will have betterOutside the 50 United States and tools and technologies for enhancedCanada, please contact your local corporate IT security and data protection,Microsoft subsidiary. To access and more efficient deployment andinformation using the World Wide Web, management.go to:www.microsoft.com For more information about Windows 7, go to:For more information about the Dell www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7products and services, call (800) 456-3355 or visit the website at:www.dell.comFor more information about Gafconproducts and services, call (800) 731-6110 or visit the website at:www.gafcon.com Software and Services Hardware  Windows 7 Professional  Dell Latitude E6400  Microsoft Office − Microsoft Office 2010 Partners  DellThis case study is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.Document published September 2010 Works the way you want