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Seric case study city of glasgow college nseries

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Case study for City of Glasgow College Nseries Storage and Blade Servers

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Seric case study city of glasgow college nseries

  1. 1. a. Seric Systems Ltd, Studio 2004, Abbey Mill Business Centre, Mile End Building, 12 Seedhill Road, Paisley, PA1 1JS. t. 0141 561 1161 e. info@seric.co.uk w. seric.co.uk tw. @sericsystems CASE STUDY City of Glasgow College N Series BRIEF The City of Glasgow College was formed out of a merger of several colleges and as a result required a scalable and reliable solution for critical services including a new deployment of Groupwise email. Flexibility was also key as exact usage and uptake of the new system was not known. SOLUTION The Seric solution was an IBM Blade chassis and IBM N Series storage. The Blade chassis gave the ability to quickly and easily deploy more servers as and when required. The IBM N Series, as well as being highly available and reliable, combines both block and file level access, working as a NAS and a SAN, increasing the flexibility of the solution. As IBM N Series solution award winners, Seric Systems were well experienced to carry out the project and worked closely with the other stakeholders to ensure full satisfaction of the solution. “After installing the basic infrastructure we worked closely with the Groupwise consultants to optimise the email solution. We then worked with the colleges technical team on their VMware deployment onto the Blades and N Series to ensure an easy and successful migration.” Martin Humphrey Consultant, Seric Systems OUTCOME City of Glasgow College was left with a consolidated, scalable solution that can rapidly adapt to suit the requirements of the merger and changing business needs. It is important for any solution to be flexible and scalable, to rapidly adapt to changing business needs. We work hard to ensure all our solutions achieve this and it's made so much easier with the IBM N Series". William MacLeod, Technical Director, Seric Systems I just want to take the time and thank Seric, it's always good to have a knowledgeable local IBM partner who can assist and this is much appreciated.” Craig Dowling, Head of Infrastructure, City of Glasgow College PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS STORAGE AND INTEGRATED SYSTEMS SOCIAL BUSINESS AND COLLABORATION IT SECURITY