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Human trafficking & slavery

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A presentation I did for school

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Human trafficking & slavery

  1. 1. Forced labour • Abolition of Slavery 1833 • Human Trafficking = Modern Slavery Even extraction of body parts!Sexual exploitation
  2. 2. • Debts they never owed • Working long hours, under the threat of violence“I had to run away, even if it meant Imight die”
  3. 3. • Roughly 2/1000 of the world are victims• 3/1000 in Asia & Pacific• Less than 0.04% of the traffickers were convicted
  4. 4. • More slaves in the world than ever before in the human history• Dumped or killed when no longer of use• 2nd biggest international crime industry – $31.6 Billion Profit, Flowing directly into our lives
  5. 5. • Slavery Convention 1926• Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery, the slavery trade and Practices similar to Slavery( 1956)• Protocol to Prevent, Supress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women & Children (2000) • 137 State Participants • Still many lack legal instrument or political will
  6. 6. • Criminal Code (Slavery and Sexual Servitude) Amendment Act 1999 (Cth) • Fear of Deportation • Punishment of Victims
  7. 7. • Raise Awareness• Assist Authorities• Reduce demand • Economy highly demands labour • Human exploitation fills demands
  8. 8. • Requires more worldwide participation• Businesses & Individuals can help too• Poverty & lack of education contributes to vulnerability