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Tying of nuptial knot in bengali marriage

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A brief account signifying the nuptial knot made at Bengalis marriage. https://weddingdoers.com/

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Tying of nuptial knot in bengali marriage

  1. 1. Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  2. 2. Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage “Marriages are wondrous and have to be cherished lifelong. In order to spiritualize the wedding  ceremony nuptial knots are made by the groom to the bride. North Indians have changed the outlook of the sacred thread by adorning it with corals and black beads. Earlier they were made of couple of strings adorned with black beads of various lengths as required by the bride. But nowadays short length ones are preferred in wedding  ceremony. The nuptial knot symbolizing Indian  culture Though Indians have adopted… Page 1 of 7
  3. 3. Page 2 of 7 westernization, there are certain rituals and customs that reflect the Indian culture especially in weddings. Indian culture is known for its uniqueness and differentiates itself from the respect given to traditions that are hereditary in wedding ceremony. Superstitious beliefs in marriage Marriage relationships are strengthened by the nuptial knots tied at the wedding. Though it may seem to be a blind faith, Indian women’s convey their respect to the groom’s family by following the customs at the wedding ceremony. Relationships are embraced by the wedding performed… Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  4. 4. Page 3 of 7 amidst the relatives, well-wishers and friends. This symbolizes Indian culture. How it all is made in a Bengali marriage? 1. Bengalis are more often orthodox and follow a strong custom in their wedding. They exhibit the care and love for their children at the wedding ceremony by pampering the couple with all necessary amenity. Brothers of the bride are intended to show their care by carrying the bride on their arms to circle the groom. This is completed by circling the groom seven times with each circle given a meaning in the Vedas. … Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  5. 5. Page 4 of 7 Auspicious time for the auspicious knot to be made Most of the time, the wedding ceremony is scheduled to be held at the bride’s home. The groom is being welcomed by the bride’s mother to create a marriage relationship with her daughter. The groom is bound to tie the nuptial knot at the auspicious hour which commences with the music or sounds made by the women gathered at the wedding to gain the attention of the invitees. Significance of the nuptial knot The interpretation of knot at… Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  6. 6. Page 5 of 7 the wedding differs from region to region in India. It is a kind of proof to others that they have legally accepted to enter into a marriage relationship. It also showcase that the couple have created a bond to care, love and respect each other. It is also believed that the wedding ceremony performed along with the nuptial knot impedes the evil spirit thereby it devoirs the couple to enter into a happy marriage relationship. Today’s scenario of marriage relationship The wedding ceremony although conducted with regard to the… Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  7. 7. Page 6 of 7 Indian culture, few have forgotten the importance of nuptial knot nowadays. The mangalsutra has been greatly reduced in size from two strings to a single fragile one. It is only because of the grandparents and aged members in the family that we still hold on to it .Henceforth care must be taken to dignify the nuptial knot at the wedding ceremony. The knot flavours the essence of marriage relationship in one’s life. Tying Of Nuptial Knot In Bengali Marriage
  8. 8. Thank You! Visit WeddingDoers.com Page 7 of 7