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Culture And Tradition Of Rajasthani Marriage

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Wedding is that rope which bins two couples in an unbreakable bond of love, care, commitment and a promise of staying together until death. The culture and tradition of Rajasthani wedding is quite imperial and majestic embellished with a stroke of interesting and enjoyable customs which are each followed as per the culture and heritage of Rajasthan.

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Culture And Tradition Of Rajasthani Marriage

  1. 1. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthani Marriage
  2. 2. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan Page 2 of 9 One of the prestigious events of life is wedding. Wedding is a ceremony which unites two people, man and woman in a strong bond of love, care and commitment. Well, every couple has an enthusiasm of celebrating their marriage in an imperial and majestic way and Rajasthan has proved to be one of the favored places to have a grand celebration of wedding with rituals and customs of Rajasthani wedding. Wedding dress is a choosy custom as far as wedding is concern. Lehenga choli is among one of the most famous and preferable dress in traditional Rajasthani wedding. …
  3. 3. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan In addition, a dress reflects its prestigious culture and personality, by what its people wear and how they wear. Rajasthani Wedding customs: The entire Rajasthani wedding have some common pre and on marriage customs. Pre marriage Rajasthani ceremonies and customs: •Engagement: Inthis wedding ceremon y, bride and groom exchange rings as a part of acceptance of each other which is being followed by the blessings of all the elders and an offerable feast for relatives and friends. Page 3 of 9
  4. 4. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan Page 4 of 9 •Ganpati Sthapana: The  idol  of  Lord  Ganesha,  god  of  intelligence  is  being  worshipped  and  accompanies  with  the  shower  of  blessing  from  the  almighty  Lord  Ganesha  for  a  successful Rajasthani wedding.  •Pithi Dastoor: In  this Rajasthani wedding, the custom of applying paste  of turmeric/haldi on the hands and feet  of bride and groom in their homes after  which they are not allowed to leave the  house  until marriage is  completely  done.
  5. 5. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan • Mehfils: Before the day of marriage a  small  party  or  mehfil  is  planned  in  the  home  premise  which  is  an  important  custom  in Rajasthani wedding.  The  event  is  accompanied  by  dance  and  songs  along  with  a  dinner  for  both  families.   •Janeva Ceremony: In  this  ceremony,  on  the  day  (morning)  of  the marriage day,  groom  is  dressed  in  saffron  robes  and  is  supposed  to  perform  a  Havan,  in  which  he  is  supposed to wear a pious thread which  signifies  that  he  will  seek  renunciation  from the worldly affairs and step into a  married life.  Page 5 of 9
  6. 6. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan •Palla Dastoor: In  the  early  morning  hours  of wedding day,  the  father  and  brother of groom visit bride’s house with  a girt of jewelry and wedding dress for  the bride. •?Toran: The entrance of bride home is  decorated  with  beautiful  flowers  called  Toran. The groom hits the Toran with a  straw to ward off evil eye from his to be  bride. This custom is called Toranchar. Rajasthani Marriage customs and Ceremonies: Granthi Bandhan: After  applying  turmeric paste on girl’s hand, father of… Page 6 of 9
  7. 7. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthan bride gives her hand in the hands of groom which signifies to hand over her responsibility to groom. This custom of Rajasthani wedding is called Kanyadan. •Paani Grahan: In this marriage ceremony, the groom promises to take her responsibility for lifetime. •Phera Ceremony: The couple goes round the fire for seven times which is called Phera. •Satapadi: The bride and groom take seven steps together toward the… Page 7 of 9
  8. 8. Culture and Tradition of Rajasthani Marriage direction of Sun God Direction which signifies to wall together in all situations in life. •Bidai: After completing all the Rajasthani wedding customs the girl is sent along with the groom to start with the new life. Page 8 of 9
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