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Employees Rising: Seizing the Opportunity in Employee Activism

  1. 1 employees rising: seizing the opportunity in employee activism
  2. 2 Employee activists make their engagement visible, defend their employers from criticism and act as advocates, online and off defining employee activists…
  3. 3 01 unrest in the workforce
  4. 4 01 unrest in the workforce Recently experienced an employer change Defended their employer from criticism Can describe what their employer does Are deeply engaged with their employer
  5. 5 02 the big bang
  6. 6 post messages, pictures or videos in social media about their employer have shared praise or positive comments online about their employer have shared criticism or negative comments online about their employer posted something about their employer in social media they regret 02 the big bang
  7. 7 Employers encourage use of social media to share company news and info Employees have taken these actions: YES NO Encouraged others to buy company’s products or services 72% 48% Recommended employer as place to work 68% 54% Made positive comments about employer publicly 63% 32% Defended employer to friends and family 60% 44% Done volunteer work for a cause employer supports 55% 30% 02 the big bang 33% 56% 11% Yes No DKEmployer encourages use of social media
  8. 8 03 the employee activist is now amongst us Two in 10 employees are all taking positive actions to support their employers 21%
  9. 9 03 weber shandwick workforce activism spectrum
  10. 10 04 the playbook for activating employees
  11. 11 – Provide readily accessible tools – Provide messages – Provide social media access at work Top 3 ways to further encourage Activists Employer communications to Activists – Hungry for all means of internal communications – Email is most preferred way to get internal communications – Index much higher for preferring text messages, social media and Skype 04 the playbook for activating employees
  12. 12 1 Embrace the new reality of employee activism. Leverage the new reality. 5 step activation guide Identify your workforce segments. One size does not fit all. 23 Activate from the top. Leadership matters. 5 Encourage social. Have a clear plan and policy.4 Flip the right activism switches. Attend to your igniters.
  13. 1313 Moderated by Nikki Waller Management and Careers Group Editor The Wall Street Journal Your panel today REBECCA FELDMAN Solutions Consultant LinkedIn STEVEN BAUTISTA Karma Kommando Zappos JIM LARRISON GM & Co-Founder Dynamic Signal KATE BULLINGER Global Co-Lead Employee Engagement & Change Management Weber Shandwick ERIC NYSTROM Director, Social Media and Community Dell Dr. Leslie Gaines-Ross Chief Reputation Strategist Weber Shandwick EMPLOYEES RISING Research discussion by