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Ten Things Marketers Need to Know in '10

Audio track offline until 1/30/10.

EVENT: 2010 Consumer Electronics Show
AUDIENCE: Marketers
SYNOPSIS: The Social Media Hype Bubble is OVER. Consumers are getting burnt out on the hype around the media. So should marketers get out of social marketing? HELL NO. This presentation provides ten suggestions that leverage current trends in social media adoption by both consumers and business.

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Ten Things Marketers Need to Know in '10

  1. Ten things<br />marketers need to<br />know in ‘10<br />ERIC WEAVER<br />2010 International Consumer Electronics Show<br />Las Vegas<br />
  2. SLIDES: slideshare.net/weaveCHATTER: twitter.com/weave<br />
  3. 3<br />1. The hype bubble around social media as a medium has burst.<br />
  4. 4<br />
  5. 5<br />
  6. 6<br />April 2009: Oprah joins Twitter, Ashton & Larry duke it out; CNN adds its Twitter handle<br />May 2009: 4,487 self-proclaimed social media gurus, ninjas, jedi on Twitter<br />By Dec 2009: Nearly 11,000 more “gurus” joined Twitter, post-Oprah<br />BL OCHMAN, 12/29/09<br />
  7. Help a Reporter Out, 1/5/10<br />7<br />
  8. 8<br />2. Despite this, your marketing must become even more social. Srsly.<br />
  9. Five reasons to be social<br />Precious time is spent connecting socially<br />17%* of Internet time spent on social networks (tripled from 2008)<br />Consumers want to connect where they live<br />Social content = conversation, and Google <3 conversation<br />When content is social, it can be discussed—and trusted<br />You can’t join a conversation without an entry point<br />SOURCE: NIELSEN ONLINE, SEP 2009<br />9<br />
  10. 51% of consumers trust peers for company & product info; 13% trust marketers.<br />2009 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER<br />
  12. Another reason: competitors.86% said they intend a spending bump in social programs in ‘10.<br />E-CONSULTANCY, SOCIAL MEDIA AND PR REPORT, NOVEMBER 2009<br />
  13. 13<br />3. Consumers want to co-create your offering with you.<br />
  14. And you may not even know it.<br />14<br />
  15. 15<br />4. 2010 is the year to find your voice.<br />
  16. 16<br />
  17. 17<br />
  18. “The only way to put out social media fire is with social media water.”- Ramon DeLeon, Domino’s Pizza<br />
  19. 19<br />5. 2010 is the year to take risks.<br />
  20. “Are you asking for a budget increase?”<br />
  21. 54% of companies surveyed have implemented social monitoring.Yet many only listen.<br />E-CONSULTANCY, SOCIAL MEDIA AND PR REPORT, NOVEMBER 2009<br />
  22. 22<br />6. Fear also creates control issues. But control is gone.<br />
  23. 23<br />7. You need a strong brand now more than ever.<br />
  24. 66% of all brand touchpoints are now consumer-generated.<br />MCKINSEY QUARTERLY, JULY 2009<br />24<br />
  25. 25<br />8. You don’t need your prospects’ time. You need their trust.<br />
  26. 26<br />2009 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER<br />
  27. There’s only really one lever to pull.<br />27<br />Source: Agent Wildfire<br />
  28. 28<br />9. 2010 is the year to demonstrate your market intentions.<br />
  29. Consumers want to trust you.<br />29<br />2009 EDELMAN TRUST BAROMETER<br />
  30. 30<br />10. 2010 is the year to demonstrate your societal intentions.<br />
  31. 83% of consumers are willing to change their consumption habits to make the world a better place.<br />2008 EDELMAN GOOD PURPOSE STUDY<br />
  32. Globally, 80% of consumers feel that during a recession, it is still important for brands and companies to set aside money for social purpose<br />2008 EDELMAN GOOD PURPOSE STUDY<br />
  33. 33<br />Of all the tools at our disposal, social tools provide the greatest ability to connect, engage, build trust and demonstrate intent.<br />
  34. DANKE.AND QUESTIONS.<br />me:twitter.com/weave <br />company:tribalddb.ca<br />slides:slideshare.net/weave<br />
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