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18 things to do in europe before you die

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From the mandatory to offbeat, adventurous to laid­back, romantic to fun, this continent has all possible options covered. Depending on your mood, choose from Europe’s diversity. We guarantee you will be spoilt for choice! To help you plan your European itinerary, we’ve compiled a list of some must do things in this amazing land of possibilities. Bon voyage!

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18 things to do in europe before you die

  1. 1. You Must Do In Europe Before You Die 18 FascinatingThings
  2. 2. If you haven’t tasted Dutch cheese, here’s your chance. Discover how it’s made, and learn about its fascinating history. DON’T JUST SAY CHEESE, SEE IT BEING MADE TOO IN AMSTERDAM. Read The Complete Article >
  3. 3. Pay homage to the world’s most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Pose for a picture on Juliet’s balcony, and leave behind a love PLAN A RENDEZVOUS WITH THE SHAKESPEAREAN LOVERS IN VERONA. Read The Complete Article >
  4. 4. How about a walking tour that lets you explore rustic locales where ‘Sound of Music’ was shot? Find out first hand if the hills here are alive with music! FOLLOW THE VON TRAPP FAMILY’S FOOTSTEPS IN SALZBURG. Read The Complete Article >
  5. 5. The caves can be accessed by boat during low tide, and glow with an ethereal blue light. The water is crystal clear, and is a great site for scuba diving. GET SET FOR A SURREAL EXPERIENCE AT THE BLUE GROTTO CAVES, NEAR CAPRI ISLAND, ITALY Read The Complete Article >
  6. 6. The wine capital of the world, Bordeaux offers wine tours and tastings for the connoisseur as well as the novice. BE INTOXICATED WITH THE BEAUTY AND ‘SPIRIT’ OF BORDEAUX. Read The Complete Article >
  7. 7. Grab a chance to watch and learn the pulsating dance form, Flamenco. Twirl, spin, and set the floor on fire! DANCE IN MADRID, LIKE NO ONE’S WATCHING. Read The Complete Article >
  8. 8. Be a part of Oktoberfest, an annual beer festival, and one of the world’s biggest. Drink to your heart’s content! DRINK BEER AND SPREAD CHEER IN MUNICH. Read The Complete Article >
  9. 9. Prague is a spectacularly beautiful city, easily covered by foot. Take a walking tour that highlights history of the Prague Castle, SOAK IN THE HISTORY AND MAJESTY OF PRAGUE. Read The Complete Article >
  10. 10. A visit to West End, London’s entertainment district is an absolute must. Make merry in the vibrant atmosphere and do watch a musical at one of the many theaters in and around the area. MINGLE WITH JETSETTERS AND CREATE DRAMA AT THE WEST END IN LONDON. Read The Complete Article >
  11. 11. A cable car ride in the Titlis Rotair is quite literally an elevating experience, given that you’re 9,000 feet above sea level! Put your fears to rest, and be awed by views of one of Europe’s largest glaciers. SOAR HIGH IN THE SKY TO REACH THE SUMMIT OF MOUNT TITLIS. Read The Complete Article >
  12. 12. Welcome to Count Dracula’s lair! A walk through the 13th century Bran Castle is bound to be a hair raising one! LET DRACULA SCARE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF YOU, IN TRANSYLVANIA. Read The Complete Article >
  13. 13. Referred to as the ‘Venice of the North,’ Stockholm is a treasure trove of picturesque islands. Red and yellow timber summerhouses give it a storybook look. BE BOWLED OVER BY THE PICTURE PERFECT LANDSCAPE OF STOCKHOLM. Read The Complete Article >
  14. 14. Fjords are long steep valleys formed by slow moving glaciers. A cruise through Norway’s magnificent fjords is a jawdropping experience. Don’t miss this one! LET THE NORDIC FJORDS OF OSLO WORK THEIR MAGIC ON YOU. Read The Complete Article >
  15. 15. Seat of the mighty oracle, the ruins of Delphi lie atop a hill. Tourists get a scenic view of the landscape below, and who knows, maybe you get an answer to a query from the divine oracle! AN AUDIENCE WITH THE GREEK GODS AWAITS YOU AT DELPHI. Read The Complete Article >
  16. 16. The most romantic city in the world will take your breath away by night. Take a boat ride on the Siene after dark, and be mesmerized by the illuminated monuments on land, and twinkling stars above! LOSE YOURSELF TO THE LOVE AND GLAMOUR OF PARIS. Read The Complete Article >
  17. 17. Before that trip to the Colosseum, how about a two hour tutorial at a gladiator school, with costume, weapons and the works. Perfect fun day for the whole family! DON’T MISS A CHANCE TO BE A MEDIEVAL FIGHTER IN ROME. Read The Complete Article >
  18. 18. A stunning scenic drive through the Scottish Highlands will take you past castles that seem to be right out of childhood fairy tales. Valleys and mountains worthy of poetry, and the ever famous whisky distilleries. What more can one possibly desire! EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY AND FINE WHISKY AWAITS YOU AT GLASGOW. Read The Complete Article >
  19. 19. Famous for it’s delectable chocolates, the city’s renowned chocolatiers open their doors to tourists for a peek into their world.Revel in this magical world, and see how chocolate is crafted, while you devour this sinful delight. INDULGE YOUR SWEET TOOTH AT CHOCOLATE FACTORIES IN BRUSSELS. Read The Complete Article >
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