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Activites in Vännfors, Västerbotten Sweden



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Activites in Vännfors, Västerbotten Sweden

  1. 1. Join for a picture tour in Vännfors …
  2. 2. Vännfors is an active village with about 200 inhabitants representing four generations. It is a village that many young people often return to… Vindelälven Wallhalla
  3. 3. … forming the next generation.
  4. 4. Wallhalla from above in the 1950s.
  5. 5. Vännfors in the early 1960s.
  6. 6. Vännfors has its own narrator: Ragnar Sandström has done a sterling job in the local history book ”Vännfors village – a story from the archives” (2007, in Swedish).
  7. 7. The book ”Memories of Vännfors – the village by the Vindel River”(2010, in Swedish) was the result of a study by devoted villagers.
  8. 8. Vännfors has the last rapid in the river …
  9. 9. … before it gently continues …
  10. 10. … to meet the Ume River in Vännäsby
  11. 11. ”En liten minnesbild från mitt barndomshem” (1981) ”Från flydda barndomstider” (1992) ”Julstämning i tolvbarnsfamilj” (1975) ”Hemtrevnad i Västerbottenskök” (1993) Ruth Wållberg (1920-2010) has in her naivistic manner depicted life in Vännfors and on our farm where she grew up with her 11 siblings
  12. 12. Vännfors with its surroundings can offer a beautiful and diverse nature.
  13. 13. And every season has its charm.
  14. 14. If you want to get out on your own, there are many possibilities for excursion by car, bike or on foot…
  15. 15. Bring your picnic or barbecue equipment for a walk along the river, through the woods…
  16. 16. … via the villagers´own tennis court …
  17. 17. … to the barbecue place …
  18. 18. … high up above the river …
  19. 19. … hike past “the Lovers´s Cape” …
  20. 20. Follow the river to the beach …
  21. 21. … and back to Wallhalla
  22. 22. Or put on the skis to take you around the village 5 km track starting behind our barn.
  23. 23. Car or bike around the bridges along the river on the east side via Selet och Rödåsel (where you can visit the Antique Trade)
  24. 24. A short trip will be if you cross the river at Selet.
  25. 25. In Western Selet you find ”Glassbonden” with locally produced ice cream, beautifully situated with view of the Chain Bridge.
  26. 26. On the other side of the river Western Vännfors has a local history museum.
  27. 27. Continue west through Gullbyn to West Spöland. From there Linnévägen goes to Jämteböle, a 7.7 km hiking trail that is part of the old inland road where Carl von Linnaeus was traveling on his Lapland journey in 1732. On 26 May that year, he spent the night in Jämteböle. As a tradition, annually on May 26, a hike is organized on the trail from Spöland to Jämteböle and vice versa.
  28. 28. Go and see the view from Vindelälvsdalen, Middagsberget or visit the Royal Stones and views from Hemberget in Vännäsby. From Svettåkersbacken, ”Sweat Field Hill”, the view is also impressive.
  29. 29. Another excursion is the Tavelsjö trail. Follow the ice trail up to the supreme coastline! You start with the regiment in Umeå, continues until “Tavelsjöberget” and “Torrberget” both connected to the Vindel River and the Vindel River Trail. The trail offers many outdoor experiences as tallmor, streams and lakes, unusual flowers, caves and high mountains with breathtaking views.
  30. 30. Tavelsjö mountain's highest peak reaches 284m above sea level - one of the highest points in Umeå Municipality. Also visit the tower at “Vallberget”, a mountain that is well suited also for mountaineering. Along the trail you find rare flowers like fjälltolta and fjällnejlika. It is easy to find your way in the terrain thanks to marked trails. There are also many ready-made picnic areas.
  31. 31. The traditional dance on Midsummer Eve usually gather several hundreds of people of all ages...
  32. 32. … ...to the tune of the village pride "Ivar's Band"..
  33. 33. The Vännfors rowing relay is organized on Midsummer Day. It gathers large crowds when the villages around the river clash in precious rowing competition in the often unruly river..
  34. 34. The last relay change in the dog race "Vindelälvsdraget" from Ammarnäs to Vännäsby takes place on the river in Vännfors the third Sunday of March every year- you cannot miss it - just listen to the skull from the eager dogs.
  35. 35. Renowned in the area is also the Vännfors Choir that by popular demand give its Christmas and Spring concerts in the local church and at the bonfire. In early summer the EFS Assembly organizes a Music Café and in the autumn its harvest market.
  36. 36. The village also has its own website www.vannfors.se which provides information on current activities.
  37. 37. Drive E12 from Umeå to Vännäs about 24 km, turn right before the bridge over Vindelälven. Drive 7 km... Find your way to Wallhalla
  38. 38. … now you are almost there …
  39. 39. Turn left at the sign Inibyn. Wallhalla is the first farm on the right.
  40. 40. Welcome …
  41. 41. … to Wallhalla B&B!