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career path المسار الوظيفي

some ideas how to begin searching and determining your career in different work ares such permanent job ,free lance or entrepreneurship

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career path المسار الوظيفي

  1. 1. ‫الوظيفي‬ ‫المسار‬ Career Path Dr. Walid El-Etriby Dr. Walid El Etriby
  2. 2. ‫د‬.‫االتربي‬ ‫وليد‬ ‫مهنتي‬‫هي‬‫مس‬‫اعد‬‫ة‬‫في‬ ‫عملهم‬ ‫مهارات‬ ‫ير‬ّ‫و‬‫تط‬ ‫في‬ ‫الناس‬ ‫اإلدارة‬ ‫مجاالت‬,‫التسويق‬‫البشرية‬ ‫والتنمية‬. ‫خبراتي‬ ‫اكسبت‬‫م‬‫خالل‬ ‫ن‬‫و‬ ‫االكاديمية‬ ‫الدراسات‬‫في‬ ‫العمل‬ ‫ثقافات‬‫و‬‫ال‬ ‫طوال‬ ‫مختلفة‬ ‫وأسواق‬ ‫صناعات‬15‫الماضية‬ ‫سنة‬. ‫االعما‬ ‫وريادة‬ ‫الجديدة‬ ‫المشروعات‬ ‫بدأ‬ ‫هو‬ ‫الرئيسي‬ ‫تخصصي‬‫ل‬ . Dr. Walid El Etriby
  3. 3. ‫د‬.‫االتربي‬ ‫وليد‬ ‫االسكندرية‬ ‫جامعة‬ ‫صيدلة‬ ‫بكالريوس‬ ‫فرنسا‬ ‫اسلسكا‬ ‫من‬ ‫اعمال‬ ‫ادارة‬ ‫دبلومة‬ ESLSCA " Ecole Supérieure Libre des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées " ‫ال‬ ‫والتصاميم‬ ‫للتدريب‬ ‫جرافيتوبيا‬ ‫في‬ ‫التسويق‬ ‫مستشار‬‫حديثة‬ ‫البشرية‬ ‫التنمية‬ ‫و‬ ‫واالدارة‬ ‫التسويق‬ ‫لعلوم‬ ‫مستقل‬ ‫مدرب‬ ‫الصغيرة‬ ‫المشاريع‬ ‫من‬ ‫لعدد‬ ‫مدير‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  4. 4. ‫األجندة‬ ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫المرشحين‬ ‫اختيار‬ ‫طريقة‬ ‫الوظائف‬ ‫انواع‬ ‫الدائمة‬ ‫الوظائف‬ ‫النسر‬ ‫الفري‬ ‫االعمال‬ ‫ريادة‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  5. 5. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  6. 6. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫ل‬ ‫الذاتية‬ ‫السيرة‬ ‫ارسال‬HR‫ال‬ ‫او‬ ‫للشركات‬ ‫مجمعة‬Emails Dr. Walid El Etriby
  7. 7. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫ال‬ ‫لمسئولى‬ ‫الذاتية‬ ‫السيرة‬ ‫وتقديم‬ ‫مباشرة‬ ‫الشركات‬ ‫زيارة‬HR Dr. Walid El Etriby
  8. 8. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫والمجالت‬ ‫الجرائد‬ ‫فى‬ ‫التوظيف‬ ‫اعالنات‬ ‫تصفح‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  9. 9. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫التوظيف‬ ‫معارض‬ ‫زيارة‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  10. 10. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫وظائف‬ ‫عن‬ ‫للبحث‬ ‫التوظيف‬ ‫مواقع‬ ‫تصفح‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  11. 11. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫وظائف‬ ‫عن‬ ‫للبحث‬ ‫االجتماعى‬ ‫التواصل‬ ‫مواقع‬ ‫تصفح‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  12. 12. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫قوية‬ ‫عالقات‬ ‫شبكة‬ ‫انشاء‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  13. 13. ‫وظيفة‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫لنفسك‬ ‫والترويج‬ ‫شخصية‬ ‫سمعة‬ ‫بناء‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  14. 14. ‫المرشحين‬ ‫اختيار‬ ‫طريقة‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  15. 15. Select employees Best match Skill fit “history” resume Company fit “presentation” interview Job fit “predictability ” Assessment Dr. Walid El Etriby
  16. 16. ‫الذاتية‬ ‫السيرة‬ Curriculum vitae Dr. Walid El Etriby
  17. 17. Curriculum vitae  The Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression and translates to ones course of life, more commonly known as a CV in the modern world  In United States and Canada it is generally called a Resume Dr. Walid El Etriby
  18. 18. Curriculum vitae It need to capture a number of key areas including: A Personal Profile Statement. Roles , responsibilities and achievements quantifiable wherever possible. Skills and Abilities. Educational qualifications and personal development. Hobbies and Interests. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  19. 19. TYPES OF C.V.s Reverse Chronological CV Functional CV Dr. Walid El Etriby
  20. 20. The Reverse Chronological CV  Individuals employment history starting with the current role and then working back in time.  The last 10 to 12 years should be covered.  Highlights work experience and/or employment gained  3-5 pages Dr. Walid El Etriby
  21. 21. The Reverse Chronological CV Advantages:  Will show career progression and highlight additional responsibilities over a period of time.  It is easy to read and organise  Potential employers often ask for this version. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  22. 22. The Reverse Chronological CV Disadvantages:  Breaks in employment history are quickly identified.  The current or last position held, may not be the most important role you have undertaken.  If similar roles within a relative short period of time, the CV will be too long and diluted to employers. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  23. 23. Functional CV This type of CV is becoming more popular.  When individual is looking to change industrial sectors.  It presents career achievements over a period of time which are not date sensitive.  It retain other key aspects of an individuals skills and abilities.  2 pages Dr. Walid El Etriby
  24. 24. Functional CV Advantages:  Can show earlier career achievements if they are considered more important.  Grouping achievements all together making these readily available for the reader to pick up on.  Breaks in employment are not brought to the readers attention Dr. Walid El Etriby
  25. 25. Functional CV Disadvantages:  If a prospective employer is looking for a full CV, this may not be considered the desired document.  Career paths & positions are not recognised  Gaps in employment are more evident . Dr. Walid El Etriby
  26. 26. ‫الوظائف‬ ‫انواع‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  27. 27. ‫الوظائف‬ ‫الدائمة‬ ‫الوظائف‬ Fulltime Jobs ‫الحر‬ ‫العمل‬ Freelancer ‫األعمال‬ ‫رواد‬ Entrepreneurs Dr. Walid El Etriby
  28. 28. ‫الدائمة‬ ‫الوظائف‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  29. 29. ‫؟‬ ‫دائم‬ ‫عمل‬ ‫على‬ ‫للحصول‬ ‫المطلوبة‬ ‫المهارات‬ ‫هي‬ ‫ما‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  30. 30. Soft skills and career success Dr. Walid El Etriby
  31. 31. The Opportunity !!! Dr. Walid El Etriby
  32. 32. Components of soft skills Dr. Walid El Etriby
  33. 33. Soft skills categories “7” 1. Communication Skills 2. Leadership 3. Influencing 4. Interpersonal Skills 5. Personal Skills 6. Creativity 7. Professional Skills Dr. Walid El Etriby
  34. 34. The Actual Skills ? 1. Verbal Communication 2. Body Language 3. Physical Communication 4. Writing 5. Storytelling 6. Visual Communication 7. Humour 8. Quick-wittedness 9. Listening 10. Presentation Skills 11. Public Speaking 12. Interviewing 13. Team Building 14. Strategic Planning 15. Coaching 16. Mentoring 17. Delegation 18. Dispute Resolution 19. Diplomacy 20. Giving Feedback 21. Managing Difficult Conversations 22. Decision Making 23. Performance Management 24. Supervising 25. Managing 26. Manager Management 27. Talent Management 28. Managing Remote Teams 29. Managing Virtual Teams 30. Crisis Management Dr. Walid El Etriby
  35. 35. The Actual Skills ? 31. Facilitation 32. Selling 33. Inspiring 34. Persuasion 35. Negotiation 36. Motivating 37. Collaborating 38. Networking 39. Interpersonal Relationships 40. Dealing with Difficult People 41. Conflict Resolution 42. Personal Branding 43. Office Politics 44. Emotional Intelligence 45. Self Awareness 46. Emotion Management 47. Stress Management 48. Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty 49. Taking Criticism 50. Self Confidence 51. Adaptability 52. Resilience 53. Assertiveness 54. Competitiveness 55. Self Leadership 56. Self Assessment 57. Work-Life Balance 58. Friendliness 59. Enthusiasm 60. Empathy Dr. Walid El Etriby
  36. 36. The Actual Skills ? 61. Problem Solving 62. Critical Thinking 63. Innovation 64. Troubleshooting 65. Design Sense 66. Artistic Sense 67. Organization 68. Planning 69. Scheduling 70. Time Management 71. Meeting Management 72. Technology Savvy 73. Technology Trend Awareness 74. Business Trend Awareness 75. Research 76. Business Etiquette 77. Business Ethics 78. Diversity Awareness Dr. Walid El Etriby
  37. 37. Why Soft skills ? Dr. Walid El Etriby
  38. 38. Soft Skills and career success A person's soft skill is an important part of their individual contribution to the success of an organization and his own success Dr. Walid El Etriby
  39. 39. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  40. 40. Soft skills used to manage ?  The people you are working with you. self management skills. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  41. 41. Soft skills used to manage ?  The people you are interacting and everyone else in the world People skills Dr. Walid El Etriby
  42. 42. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  43. 43. How Soft Skills Helps you?  Soft skills can be helpful through the ways in which you work in key areas of your profession Dr. Walid El Etriby
  44. 44. How Soft Skills Helps you?  As an Effective Communicator Your soft skill as a designer lies in the ability in communicating the thought process clearly to clients across the spectrum so that the task at hand gets completed successfully. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  45. 45. How Soft Skills Helps you?  Development of Lateral Thinking Lateral thinking is key soft skill which helps you take critical decisions at challenging times Dr. Walid El Etriby
  46. 46. How Soft Skills Helps you?  Become an Influencer A distinct advantage of having strong soft skills is that you become a key influencer in the organization is a short span of time. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  47. 47. How Soft Skills Helps you?  Emergence as a Strong Leader Your juniors look upon you in every walk of their life and by displaying true leadership skills; you help them achieve success both on personal and professional fronts. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  48. 48. ‫الحر‬ ‫العمل‬ Freelancers Dr. Walid El Etriby
  49. 49. ‫الرقمي‬ ‫الكنز‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  50. 50. ‫الكنز‬ ‫عن‬ ‫البحث‬ ‫رحلة‬ ‫الرقمية‬ ‫الثورة‬“‫الكنز‬ ‫مفاتيح‬” ‫المستهلكين‬ ‫وسلوك‬ ‫االسواق‬ ‫نوعية‬ ‫في‬ ‫الجديد‬“‫الخريطة‬“ ‫عالم‬“Freelancing”‫النسينج‬ ‫فري‬“‫الكنز‬” ‫نجاح‬ ‫أمثلة‬“‫القبطان‬” Dr. Walid El Etriby
  51. 51. ‫الثورة‬ ‫الرقمية‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  52. 52. ‫الرقمية‬ ‫الثورة‬ ‫من‬ ‫كل‬ ‫في‬ ‫التطبيقات‬: ‫االجتماعي‬ ‫التواصل‬ ‫وسائل‬ ‫اله‬ ‫تطبيقات‬‫وا‬‫النقال‬ ‫تف‬ ‫االنترنت‬ ‫طريق‬ ‫عن‬ ‫العمل‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  53. 53. ‫في‬ ‫الجديد‬ ‫االسواق‬ ‫نوعية‬ ‫وسلوك‬ ‫المستهلكين‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  54. 54. ‫والمستهلكين‬ ‫األسواق‬ ‫العولمة‬ ‫المستهلك‬ ‫تمكين‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  55. 55. ‫والمستهلكين‬ ‫األسواق‬ ‫الرقمي‬ ‫التسويق‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  56. 56. ‫والمستهلكين‬ ‫األسواق‬ ‫السلوكي‬ ‫التسويق‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  57. 57. ‫والمستهلكين‬ ‫األسواق‬ ‫التعهيد‬OUTSOURCING Dr. Walid El Etriby
  58. 58. ‫أسباب‬ ‫التعهيد‬ ‫على‬ ‫التركيز‬ ‫االساسيات‬ ‫تحسين‬ ‫النوعية‬ ‫زيادة‬ ‫االستخدام‬ ‫االبتكار‬ ‫دفع‬ ‫الحفاظ‬ ‫رأس‬ ‫على‬ ‫المال‬ ‫تخفيض‬ ‫التكاليف‬ ‫توفير‬ ‫الوقت‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  59. 59. ‫عالم‬ ‫النس‬ ‫الفري‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  60. 60. ‫كنزا؟‬ ‫يعتبر‬ ‫لماذا‬ ‫المطلوبة‬ ‫االدوات‬ ‫تعلم‬ ‫شخص‬ ‫الي‬ ‫يمكن‬ ‫الوظائف‬ ‫من‬ ‫النوع‬ ‫لهاذا‬ ‫االحتياج‬ ‫ازدياد‬ ‫مر‬ ‫ابداعية‬ ‫بامكانيات‬ ‫نتمتع‬ ‫اننا‬ ‫تأكد‬ ‫االحصائيات‬ ‫كل‬‫تفعة‬ ‫عالية‬ ‫تنافسية‬ ‫ميزة‬ ‫منحتنا‬ ‫الجنية‬ ‫قيمة‬ ‫انخفاض‬. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  61. 61. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  62. 62. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  63. 63. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  64. 64. ‫أمثلة‬ ‫للنجاح‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  65. 65. ‫ر‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  66. 66. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  67. 67. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  68. 68. Freelancing sites: 99Designs Art Wanted Authentic Jobs Behance Computer Assistant CrowdSpring Coroflot DesignCrowd Envato Studio Field Nation Geniuzz Get A Coder Hexi Design Joomlancers Programmer Meet Designer Project4Hire SEOClerks Smashing Jobs TopCoder Toptal Upwork Dr. Walid El Etriby
  69. 69. ‫األعمال‬ ‫ريادة‬ Entrepreneurship Dr. Walid El Etriby
  70. 70. WHAT IS A Entrepreneurship ?Dr. Walid El Etriby
  71. 71. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  72. 72. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  73. 73. Entrepreneurship  defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business. Typically begins as a small business, such as a startup company Offering a product, process or service for sale or hire.  The people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  74. 74. Why not to be an Entrepreneur? •Lack of experience Dr. Walid El Etriby
  75. 75. What do we need to be an Entrepreneur ? Dr. Walid El Etriby
  76. 76. 1. The IDEA ?! Dr. Walid El Etriby
  77. 77. Innovation & added value Dr. Walid El Etriby
  78. 78. Innovation vs. invention what are the differences ? Dr. Walid El Etriby
  79. 79. Added value Dr. Walid El Etriby
  80. 80. 2. Recourses Dr. Walid El Etriby
  81. 81. The three key resources , the 3Ms: Men/women (the human resources); Money (budgets); Minutes (time). The 3Ms Dr. Walid El Etriby
  82. 82. 3. Business plan / model Dr. Walid El Etriby
  83. 83. How we start-up the business? Dr. Walid El Etriby
  84. 84. Business Model Dr. Walid El Etriby
  85. 85. Dr. Walid El Etriby
  86. 86. “A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value” business model Dr. Walid El Etriby
  87. 87. It is consist of 9 building blocks . business model Dr. Walid El Etriby
  88. 88. Cost Structure Key Partnerships Key Activities Key Resources Revenue Streams Customer Relationships Channels Value Propositions Customer Segments
  89. 89. 1.CUSTOMER SEGMENTS An organization serves one or several Customer Segments
  90. 90. 2.Value Propositions It seeks to solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs with value propositions.
  91. 91. 3.Channels Value propositions are delivered to customers through communication, distribution, and sales Channels.
  92. 92. 4.Customer Relationships Customer relationships are established and maintained with each Customer Segment.
  93. 93. 5.Revenue Streams Revenue streams result from value propositions successfully offered to customers.
  94. 94. 6.Key Resources Key resources are the assets required to offer and deliver the previously described elements . . .
  95. 95. 7.Key Activities The activities do you need to perform well and which is most crucial.
  96. 96. 8.Key Partnerships Some activities are outsourced and some resources are acquired outside the enterprise
  97. 97. 9.Cost Structure The business model elements result in the cost structure.
  98. 98. Thank You ‫لكم‬ ‫شكرا‬ Dr. Walid El Etriby
  99. 99. Contacts “walid.eletriby” Facebook www.facebook.com/walid.eletriby Linkein www.linkedin.com/in/walideletriby Dr. Walid El Etriby

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some ideas how to begin searching and determining your career in different work ares such permanent job ,free lance or entrepreneurship


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