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Writing Resumes & Giving Effective Interviews----Tips & Insights

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Based on the experience of conducting interviews in four different sectors in Pakistan, New York, Dubai and Kabul, there is a strong need to develop skills of professionals on writing resumes and giving effective resume.

This Presentation is designed by the Trainer, Mr Annan Waffi Sohail Qureshi based on his Global HR experience with four different sectors.

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Writing Resumes & Giving Effective Interviews----Tips & Insights

  1. 1. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Resume Writing & Interviews
  2. 2. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Starting points • • • • • Be calm & relax Stay in this room for next few hours Listen Actively Write your questions Learn Proactively
  3. 3. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” What is your goal • In next 6 months • In next one year • In next 3 years
  4. 4. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Exercise • Write down resume of yourself • Time is 30 minutes.
  5. 5. Resume “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” • Is a written document of your self • Includes the most important information in eyes of employers. • Information that employer expects. • Relevant to job requirements • Not more than one page ( for graduates) • Not more than two pages for working professionals ( 4 to 6 years) • Not more than 3 pages for professionals ( 10 to 15) years
  6. 6. Resume “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Dos • Read the job requirements carefully • Keep your resume updated. • Highlight the most important information, achievements, projects. • Give specific information • What was the impact of the project? • What was your role in project team? • Project Presentation……….. • Make sure that there are no grammar mistakes. • Use professional font & simple format • Register to every employer through on line systems
  7. 7. Resume “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Don’ts • Apply for every vacant position. • Use same resume for every position.
  8. 8. Resume format “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” One Page for Graduating Students • • • • • Objective: Personal Details: Qualifications & CGPA: Competencies: University Experience: • Project No 1 • • • • • • Project Incharge/teacher Project Description Scope of Project My role in project Key Achievements Key findings/outcome: KEY TECHNICAL SKILLS: Problem solving, report writing, etc Accomplishments: Sports & Memberships: Research Papers: References:
  9. 9. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Interviews • Role Plays Situation 1: • Panel Interview • Position: Officer • Salary: 20 thousands Situation 2: Behavioral based interview Situation3: Stress Interview
  10. 10. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Different Types of Interviews • • • • • • Unstructured Interviews Structured Interviews Mixed Interviews Behavioral Interviews Stress Interviews Panel Interviews
  11. 11. Interviews “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Basic preparations: • Review the company’s website, key projects, management team, key clients etc. • Find out more about the company, culture, people etc through informal ways. • Dress up professionally but not costly. • Enter the room with smile and confidence. • Shake hands with the interview panel members • Keep eye contact while talking. • English is not important but clarity of words is. • Sit in a relax manner but not informally.
  12. 12. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Sample Interview Response Question: How will you describe yourself? • Response 1 : My name is Fahad, I did my degree from XYZ University, I did internship in AAA company for the 3 months. • Response 2: My name is Fahad, I believe in hard work, Hard work etc honesty and passion for my work. I am good at analytical demonstrate applicant personal values thinking and focus on delivering results. For example, in my University Project…. With examples, personal values are validated
  13. 13. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Interviewing Techniques/tips • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Your goal is to: Demonstrate POSITIVE & LEARNING ATTITUDE. Read the NET to know what is happening in Pakistan, Region and Globally. Listen to complete questions very carefully & then answer. Non verbal communication impact is more than 70% . Keep your non verbal alert and active Implement 20:80 rule Beginning of the interview is the most important. Talk about success stories How did you do it? What did you do it? Give examples of problem solving, team work, handling challenges etc. Be positive and respectful Be precise and to the point Say politely “ sorry I don’t know” if not known. Be honest about yourself. Keep conversation friendly and informal. Talk about your key strengthens even if not asked otherwise. Demonstrate that you want to learn and grow. Good salary is not the objective. Seek Clarity
  14. 14. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Interviews Most Frequent Questions in an interview • • • • • • • • • • • • Tell me about yourself? What are your strengthens and weakness? Have you seen our website? What did you like about our website? Why should we hire you? Give us example of team work, leadership etc? What is team work, leadership etc What is your goal in life? What are your personal values? Why do you want to work for this company? What are your Likes & Dislikes. Which is your favorite movie & why?
  15. 15. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” What Employer Values • The Acid Tests • The first test is for INTEGRITY • People with integrity will tell the truth, keep their word, take responsibility for past actions, admits mistakes etc • The second test is for INTELLIGENCE • People has a strong dose of intellectual curiosity, with a breadth of knowledge to work with or lead other smart people in today’s complex world • The third ticket to game is MATURITY • Mature people respect the emotions of others, have a sense of humor, have seen ups and downs of companies, have worked in multi-diversified places, have the ability to take teams and individuals together etc. • Final is YOUR PASSION TO ACHIEVE TARGETS
  16. 16. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” Q&A Session
  17. 17. “Forget Success, Pursue Excellence” FREE COUNSELING Session ( one on one) after the training program TRAINING PROGRAM WRITING RESUMES AND GIVING EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWS 19th Jan, Sunday 2014 Crown Plaza Islamabad 9 am onwards Students: Rs 1000. Working Professionals Rs 1500 with refreshments