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Alexander Lukin, Yandex

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Next-Level Analytics – Behavioral Segmentation in AppMetrica
Next-level аналитика – поведенческая сегментация в AppMetrica
(White Nights Conference St. Petersburg 2016)

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Alexander Lukin, Yandex

  1. 1. Run experiments and UX Concepts testing App Analytics Study your audience and watch project KPIs - AU, retention, engagement, target events Improve user experience
  2. 2. Ad Tracking Track traffic sources and build reports on user acquisition campaigns Optimize CPI, CPA campaigns
  3. 3. Crash Reporting Watch app stability Allow for quick updates on new issues and how to reproduce and fix them
  4. 4. Things to know Real-time reports Unlimited data - no quotas on audience and custom events Access to raw data - all data attributes including device IDs Free
  5. 5. One platform to rule them all Crash ReportingAd TrackingApp Analytics
  6. 6. SDK for all platforms One platform to rule them all
  7. 7. Try demo and sign up at appmetrica.yandex.com
  8. 8. Behavioral
  9. 9. Behavioral Analytics User-centric analytics - primary feature for studying and segmentation is user behavior.
  10. 10. Behavioral Segmentation Apply condition for Custom Event, Install or Launch for separate date ranges Add up to 5 conditions Users from given condition can be Included or Excluded from the segment
  11. 11. MAU Connection Type WAU Jailbreak Session Length Geo Platform Platform Version Application Version DAU Network Provider Traffic Source Device Screen Resolution SessionsGender Age New Users Returning Users Crash Logs Retention Rolling Retention Goals Completions Behavioral Segmentation Can be used for all reports to analyze metrics by any dimension Allows to build almost all queries you can speak out =)
  12. 12. Yandex Music Build a report to show conversion to second-time purchase
  13. 13. Yandex Music Show geography and device type of users who had been loyal previously but haven’t launched the app during previous 4 weeks Build a report to show conversion to second-time purchase
  14. 14. Yandex Music Show geography and device type of users who had been loyal previously but haven’t launched the app during previous 4 weeks Compare retention of users who skipped/passed on-boarding Build a report to show conversion to second-time purchase
  15. 15. Behavioral Segmentation
  16. 16. Behavioral Segmentation
  17. 17. Custom Events | Must Have Insights Sign In Tutorial Complete Checkout Purchase
  18. 18. Custom Events | More Useful Data Not just signal events. Engage event payload to get more breakdowns in reports. Level Complete LevelID: 12 Score: 74 Time: 23 Sign In Type: social Provider: fb UserId: 123456 Purchase ID: com.my.in-app Cost: 1.99 Currency: USD
  19. 19. Custom Events | Report Analyze number of devices and number of events with breakdown to event properties values
  20. 20. Custom Events | Segmentation Use properties for segmentation
  21. 21. 1. Design and describe your event model. Include event content, conditions and context where it will be sent. 2. Implement in application - just single-line reportEvent() call 3. Verify reports to make sure that all is fine 4. Ready for production usage Custom Events | Steps to start
  22. 22. Users Profiles Build CRM-like with Custom Events. This allows to explore a single user path and history
  23. 23. Users Profiles User Profile ID: someuuid Name: Dave 1. Add User Profile event. It can be sent once or more. Event should uniquely identify a user. 2. Design event content - which identifiers or data should be passed and stored? 3. Segment desired report to get the path of this user
  24. 24. Hypothesis Testing A/B and other tests are good way to get new insights, measure new features perception, assess effectiveness of marketing activities.
  25. 25. Hypothesis Testing 1. Prepare hypothesis and determine resulting report you expect. Put appropriate marker events. 2. Correctly distribute the experiment to audience samples 3. Analyze the result HMarker Experiment: experimentID Timestamp: 1234567
  26. 26. Hypothesis Testing Simple experiment to improve conversion to authorized users
  27. 27. 〉Carefully design event model for your application Summing Up Take step towards user-centric analytics 〉Develop metrics and scenarios
  28. 28. Free install attribution and mobile analytics platform Sign up and try demo at appmetrica.yandex.com lookin@yandex-team.com