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New Distribution Capability (NDC) Take Off: Planning for the Long Haul

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New Distribution Capability (NDC) is challenging the way Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have traditionally operated; as intermediaries between travel agencies and airlines. The NDC framework is changing the dynamics within the existing airline ticketing and pricing distribution ecosystem. It will allow travel agencies to offer ancillary services just like airlines can on their own websites – such as extra legroom, lounge access, and baggage options.

Thus, an apprehension that GDSs will lose significance is not unfounded, and GDSs must adapt in order to continue to be relevant in the future. They must transition from their current role to become aggregators and technology service providers in the emerging system.

WNS DecisionPoint(TM) has looked at some of the key factors that are likely to help GDSs evaluate their adaptability and readiness to continue to thrive in this new ecosystem. Some of these include:
- R&D focus to develop new products in-house
- Strategic acquisitions to help diversify their offerings
- Use of open technology platforms
- Further penetration in the non-air travel segment

Explore what the new NDC system will mean for different stakeholders, how it will affect GDSs and how they should respond. Read our full report at:


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New Distribution Capability (NDC) Take Off: Planning for the Long Haul

  1. 1. wnsdecisionpoint.com NDC Take Off: Planning for the Long Haul Imperative to Modernize Distribution Channels A Report by WNS DecisionPoint™
  2. 2. 1© Copyright 2013 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved1 Wnsdecisionpoint.com What does NDC plan to achieve? To enhance the communication capability between airlines and travel agents, such that comprehensive merchandise information is made uniformly available across all booking channels Objective Agencies can choose to directly connect to the Airline Offer Management System instead of connecting via GDS Major Change Launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard Program Result: Changing the approach from mere distribution to ecommerce  Allow airlines to combine various ancillary services based on the customer’s preferences and offer them with the base ticket at competitive price points  Enable customization of offers by airlines, based on passengers’ buying history, thereby enhancing the potential revenue from each passenger 1 Wnsdecisionpoint.com
  3. 3. 2© Copyright 2013 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved2 Wnsdecisionpoint.com Exposure to emerging markets and LCCs 11 Financial well-being for investments in R&D and acquisitions 22 Use of open technology platforms 33 Penetration in the non-air travel segment 44 How will NDC affect GDSs and are they equipped to face this change? GDSs’ role as intermediaries between airlines and agents will lose some importance GDSs will need to constantly innovate and maintain a comprehensive and relevant range of offers. This has so far been ensured by a two-pronged strategy WNS DecisionPointTM has developed a Future Adaptability and Readiness Framework to aid in the self-analysis of the existing GDS players as well as the new players in the aggregator market in the post NDC world. Some of the factors include: In-house development of new products 11 Strategic acquisitions 22 2 wnsdecisionpoint.com
  4. 4. 3© Copyright 2013 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved3 Wnsdecisionpoint.com Post NDC scenario for all stakeholders  Innovatively use ancillary products to boost yield  Highlight and promote fare families in a better way  Increased usage of customer analytics due to growing volume of data  Enhanced customization for customers who reveal their identity at the search stage Airline  Accept and integrate an airline’s NDC XML API with other airline content from one or more sources  Contend with big GDS companies in the emerging aggregation market Aggregator  Role as intermediaries between airlines and agents will lose some importance  Assume the role of aggregators and thus, face entry of newer competitors  Focus on the non distribution, IT side of the business GDS  Access complete catalog of airline fares, products and offers through a single channel/screen  Gain efficiency due to faster transaction time Agency  Better customization will mean relevant promotional messages  Loyalty members will be able to clearly see the perks provided as a result of their loyalty status  Enhanced experience in the process of searching, booking and flying Customer 3 wnsdecisionpoint.com
  5. 5. 4© Copyright 2013 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved4 Wnsdecisionpoint.com Where will GDS fit in the emerging travel ecosystem? GDSs will be more involved as aggregators and IT service providers in the emerging paradigm SMART MOBILITY ERA TRAVEL AS A SINGLE DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE PROLIFERATIONOFSENSORS-IOT ENDOFSILOSINTHETRAVELINDUSTRY GDS/AGGREGATORS COMMONDATASTANDARDS Other Modes of Transport Airports Hospitality Airlines BIG DATA 4 wnsdecisionpoint.com 4 Click here to download full report
  6. 6. 5© Copyright 2013 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved5 Wnsdecisionpoint.com© Copyright 2016 WNS (Holdings) Ltd. All rights reserved @WNSDecisionPt WNS DecisionPoint WNS DecisionPoint A credible insights hub for companies looking to transform their strategies and operations by aligning with todays realities and tomorrow’s disruptions. Email: perspectives@wnsdecisionpoint.com Website: wnsdecisionpoint.com