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Social Shaping of Digital Research

Presentation to the Oxford e-Social Science (OESS) Symposium on the Social Shaping of Digital Research, on 12 March 2012.

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Social Shaping of Digital Research

  1. 1. The Social Shaping of Digital Research Bill Dutton Oxford Internet InstituteOxford e-Social Science (OeSS) Symposium #oessinsight
  2. 2. What is thesocial shaping What is the socialof technology? shaping of digital research?
  3. 3. How the Social Sciences Support Digital Research Challenging Taken-for-Granted Assumptions Understanding Methodological Opportunities and Limitations Providing Context to Data Identifying Social, Ethical and Legal Issues Studying the Social Shaping of Technology
  4. 4. • Momentum, path dependencies Bias of Technology • Reconfiguring access • Digital Research Innovation • Collaboratories • Crowdsourcing • Human-Computer Interaction User Centric • Computerization Movements • Socio-Technical Interaction Networks (STIN)Social and Technical • Social Shaping of Technical ChoicesSocial Construction of • Actor Network Theory (ANT) Technology • Infrastructure Studies Institutionalist • Political economy • Ecology of Games Perspectives Critical Turns on • Edisons of the Digital Age (Carr) Digital Research • Critical political economy (exploitation of unpaid labor)
  5. 5. Contributions Multiple SST Growing Area of Social Perspectives of Research Sciences
  6. 6. The Social Shaping of Digital Research Bill Dutton Oxford Internet Institute Working Paper posted on SSRN #oessinsight