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Using Facebook 'Live' to Activate Influencers

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Facebook introduced 'Live' for Facebook Mentions, allowing verified Pages (only) to share real-time video with fans. Athletes, celebrities, actors and influencers can authentically engage with the Facebook community at any time, with the simple click of a 'Go Live' button. At the end of a broadcast, videos will be saved to the verified Page for viewing later purposes, but can be removed as well.

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Using Facebook 'Live' to Activate Influencers

  1. 1. Facebook is on their video game. As a verified public figure on Facebook, wouldn’t you love to report live to all your fans from the red carpet…well now you can! Facebook recently made a slew of updates to their video capabilities and earlier this week, the social network revealed ‘Live’ for Facebook Mentions, a new way for verified public figures to share live video with their fans. With this new feature, public figures can take their fans/the Facebook audience behind the scenes, host live video chats, share announcements, and then some. What are Facebook Mentions? Let’s back up one minute. Facebook Mentions are only available to public figures with verified pages and are a way for athletes, celebrities, actors, influencers, etc. to better connect with their fans via a more “personal” [mass] communication. Introducing ‘Live’ for Facebook Mentions Why Go ‘Live’? So what does ‘Live’ really do? There are many benefits to this feature, only available to public figures. ‘Live’ can be used to: Grow & Engage Your Fan Base: it doesn’t matter if you’ve already established a solid fan base or are looking to build up your following, now you have the opportunity to engage with your audience authentically. Once a ‘Live’ video has started, it will show up your fans’ News Feeds, in which they can like, comment and share your video at that moment. Facebook users who have previously engaged with your Page will receive a notification once your ‘Live’ broadcast has started, so that they can tune in. Communicate With Fans in Real-Time: once your video is live, you will be able to see the real-time number of viewers tuning into your broadcast and can respond directly to comments from the live stream, or choose to hide any comments that may deter the conversation. A Home For Your Video Content: all ‘Live’ videos will be published to your Page after the broadcast has ended. This is a great opportunity for fans who may have missed your ‘Live’ stream to view at a later time. You also have the option to remove the video, should you not want it on your Page. How it Works It’s fairly simple to start a live broadcast from Facebook Mentions: 1. Click on the Post and select the ‘Live’ video button 2. Add a description to your broadcast (this is important so that fans understand what you’re sharing) and then select ‘Go Live’ 3. Once the broadcast is up, you will be able to see how many viewers are tuning in and you can comment directly on the stream to questions in real-time. Should you want to hide the comments, this option is available. 4. To end your broadcast, select the ‘Stop’ button 5. Once your video has ended, it is automatically saved to your Facebook Page for fans to view later. If you choose to remove the ‘Live’ video content, that is an option as well. 1 2 3 What it Means For Your Brand While brands themselves are not public figures, ‘Live' can be used to activate influencers using ‘behind the scenes’moments at branded events, visits to the office, photo shoots and during campaign awareness initiatives. Brands should consider ‘Live’ when partnering with influencers to help reach new audiences, encourage community engagement and promote branded opportunities.