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  1. 1. Quality Leads in Real Time
  2. 2. Why Should a Moving Company Purchase Leads? The truth about Movers, Leads and the Internet Lead generation sites have been around for many years within the Moving Industry. However, gradually over the years, the quality of the leads has declined substantially. Many Lead Providers, in order to remain competitive and keep up with demand, have started to generate a huge percentage of their leads through partner and affiliate sites and less through their own sites. This has led to a depreciation in the quality of the leads and made many movers skeptical about purchasing leads. Lead Companies generating poor leads for Movers in their network, either by unknowingly purchasing leads from non-exclusive partners and non-endemic third party sites, in an attempt to maintain lead volume and keep their costs down has led to a huge demand for quality leads in the industry. Thus further raising SEM prices and causing smaller Moving Companies to either go out of business or resell their used leads to other companies, which has led to a vicious and never ending cycle of bad and recycled leads. As a result, Moving Company Owners are now reluctant to buy leads and attempt to generate their own leads in an over inflated and over saturated market place. Unfortunately for most Moving Companies, advertising on Search Engines in today’s market can cost as high as $20 per click in some areas. Many movers spend a fortune in SEM only to realize that the consumers they pay so dearly for, are still going to shop around anyway. This type of consumer behavior is so common place, that companies in industries such as travel have started publishing ads for their competitors on their own websites! Knowing that a consumer will compare rates regardless has led many companies in the travel industry to generate a fortune in advertising revenue from traffic that they send to other travel companies! As outrageous as it may sound, to list your competitors on your own website in order to generate revenue, it is becoming more main stream and comparison marketing is now passing into many verticals. So, as the owner of a Moving Company, before you go ahead and seek out unique traffic and pay $10 to $20 for a click that may or may not convert to a lead, consider that industry statistics suggest seeking unique traffic is not considered progression, in terms of today’s internet marketing trends and the needs of the modern day consumer. The Solution is to find a Lead Company that generates their leads through their own website and not artificially to increase volume. If you are a Mover that is fortunate enough to have good SEO ranking, there are still many leads you could miss by avoiding Lead Companies.
  3. 3. TMQ Admin For Movers With TMQ, no more waiting around to make changes to your campaign. Log in to your account and change your weight and areas!
  4. 4. TMQ Admin for Movers Example 2 Account out of funds? Need to change your daily budget? No problem! TMQ Movers can both edit their daily budget and add funds to their account using a credit card or even paypal
  5. 5. How shippers find us There are many terms that shippers use to find movers online, below are some of the highest searched words. TMQ run campaigns at different times of the day or evening, based off our movers needs. Below are some of the highest searched words you will find us highly ranked.
  6. 6. How We generate our leads
  7. 7. How we generate our leads
  8. 8. You will find us highly ranked for many commonly searched terms and high paying keywords and if you don’t see us in your area, let us know and we will get you leads catered to what you need! How we generate our Leads
  9. 9. How Movers Can Find Us Movers Searching for leads online can find us easily.
  10. 10. Why Top Mover Quotes? If you are still not yet convinced to try our leads. Top Mover Quotes generate 100% of their leads through strategic online marketing. When consumers search for a mover online they typically search for terms such as ‘moving quotes’ and ‘moving companies’. TMQ does our best to ensure that we are on the first page of a search engine when this happens. By doing this, we generate 100% of our leads from our website and then send them to movers within our network ,within a few seconds of verifying the leads are legitimate. Fortunately, bidding high on Search Engines is one of the best ways to minimize bad leads which is what TMQ does. By strategically basing our online marketing campaigns in the areas in which we have the most Moving Companies in network, we have been able to avoid buying leads from other websites and fortunate enough to keep our losses at a minimum and therefore our quality at an all time high!. What this means for you as a Moving Company is a fair and affordable way to market your services in a way that benefits yourself, the consumer and us. We place our priority in quality over quantity and in by doing so we have successfully created a unique and high quality product. We generate all our leads from our website in real time. These are real people, families and businesses that are looking for a full service mover. (Not truck rental, U-Haul …) This means that you as a mover can call, text, or email our leads while they are still looking for a mover, which results in a higher closing rate for you. Administrative support is available at your convenience. We only charge for leads from people wanting a full service mover in your area . If you ever get an unusable lead, your account manager will be happy to credit that lead back to you. We only work with licensed and insured moving companies to ensure our shippers receive a high quality move and you can bid competitively. Unlike other lead providers, we allow you to self manage your campaign and choose or change the area codes to suit your needs. We also allow you to add funds to your account when it suits you and we in turn bid for leads based off your needs. All movers in our network are being monitored for fair business practices. 90% of our existing Mover base calculate having a higher closing rate with us, as compared to our competitors. By word of mouth alone and marketing we have recently started to generate a higher volume of leads and we are actively seeking Moving Companies to sign up with us. In some areas we receive more leads than we have companies to sell to and rather than see a good lead go to waste, we are offering great promotions to all new Moving Companies who sign up with us before Moving Season begins. Give us a call today, at 800 960 4060 or visit our site TopMoverQuotes.com and enter your information. A member of our experienced staff will call you right back and get you started with the best leads in the industry within hours. Give us a try and see for yourself! The only thing you will ever pay for with TMQ - is our high quality leads. TOP MOVER QUOTES INC . 48 Wall Street . 11th floor . New York., NY 10005 . Ph & Fax., 800-960-4060