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Vizeum Monthly Media News_September_October_2015_ENG

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New season start: updates, innovations and activity strengthening in media

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Vizeum Monthly Media News_September_October_2015_ENG

  1. 1. In this issue: New season start: updates, innovations and activity strengthening in media
  2. 2. TV MARKET. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015 2 WGRP All 18-54 50k+ Jan- Oct’14 Jan- Oct’15 +/- Pharma 258 895 280 723 8% Alcohol 209 914 119 664 -43% Products 93 032 109 107 17% Non-alcoholic beverages 85 628 97 050 13% Trade 57 313 86 704 51% Communications 63 217 79 094 25% Hygiene 83 308 58 520 -30% Entertainment 37 916 43 933 16% Confectionary 65 280 43 316 -34% Household Chemicals 54 451 33 668 -38% Transport 30 444 33 488 10% Cosmetics 49 639 30 665 -38% Finance 24 147 26 813 11% Perfumes 19 883 18 662 -6% Household Appliances 11 628 12 388 7% Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social/political ad, entertainment and Mass Media TOP cathegories • 7% activity decrease comparing to the same period of last year; • Following categories continue to grow: Communications and Trade; • Pharma hold leadership and intensified raise due to cold season start; • Cosmetics and Household Chemicals– are the categories with the greatest decrease due to decline in investments by major international companies; • Alcohol – further activity decreasing due to entry into force the law about beer advertising restriction
  3. 3. Trade: Rozetka.ua, hardware stores and Epicenter are category drivers in September-October Communications: Mobile and 3G Internet services active support by providers CHANGES IN TOP CATEGORIES. SEPTEMBER-ОCTOBER 2015 3Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social/political ad, entertainment and Mass Media Significant increase in January-October 2015 showed following categories: +51% +25%
  4. 4. TV MARKET. SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2015 TOP advertisers • Beer companies AB InBev and Carlsberg Group gradually lost leadership position on TV after Law restrictions entered into force; • Nestle & L'Oreal is a constant leader, Unilever grows leadership with positive activity dynamics in this year; • Major international companies, such as Kraft Foods, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser etc., continue investments reduction; • Rozetka.ua is a local player with the most active growth, enters into Top-5 leaders. 4 WGRP All 18-54 50k+ Jan - Oct'14 Jan - Oct'15 +/- Nestle & L'Oreal 54 503 66 146 21% Carlsberg Group 23 882 28 991 21% Unilever 23 366 26 324 13% Rozetka.ua 4 608 24 783 438% Mondeliz Ukraine (Kraft Foods) 27 595 24 580 -11% P&G 42 368 24 177 -43% AB InBev 21 154 24 109 14% Farmak 21 796 21 438 -2% Ukrtatnafta 21 566 21 150 -2% MTS GSM 15 794 21 086 34% Novartis 24 932 20 186 -19% Pepsico 15 193 18 887 24% Kyivstar GSM 15 586 17 894 15% Reckitt Benckiser 21 041 16 402 -22% Coca-cola 9 894 14 716 49% Total 1 225 336 1 138 713 -7% Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social/political ad, entertainment and Mass Media Local players
  5. 5. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 29 31 33 35 37 39 41 43 Thousands, EqGRP 2015 2014 WEEKLY TV ACTIVITY. JAN-OCT 2015 5 After a negative trend at the beginning of the year and even while reducing inventory by 25%, situation is showing a stabilization and from mid- September players have been showing higher TV activity, than at the same period of last year. Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social/political ad, entertainment and Mass Media
  6. 6. 6% 11% 15% 16% 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Thousands, EqGRP Political ad TV activity, without political ad WEEKLY TV ACTIVITY. ELECTIONS PERIOD 6 Political advertising made a significant contribution in advertising blocks filling in elections period. Source: Nielsen Ukraine, All 18-54 50К+, excluding social/political ad, entertainment and Mass Media *Data without including regional channels and regional blocks on majority of national channels
  7. 7. CHANGES IN LEGISLATION 7 Suggestion about pharmaceutical products advertising prohibition in Ukraine A new law in draft about introduction of changes into Laws“About medicaments”and“About advertising”was registered in Verkhova Rada. Due to initiated legislation, only the advertising of medical techniques, prevention, diagnostic and rehabilitation techniques, which are approved in Ukraine in accordance with established order are permitted. In such advertising prohibited usage of: referring to therapeutic effect relative to diseases, which are immedicable or hardly curable; doctors or others medical workers as well as people, imitating doctor’s appearance presence; referring to medical properties of such articles, If such properties aren’t confirmed legislatively. Folk medicine services and people, who provide them, advertising is possible only if there’s an appropriate permission to practice. It’s suggested, that such changes will permit to lower level of self-treatment among citizens.
  8. 8. CHANGES IN LEGISLATION 8 President enacted the bill about media transparency The Law obliges TV channels and radio stations to expose an information about their owners and called to raise property’s transparency in point of television and radio organizations and program service providers. Online mass media, which gain licenses from state, should furnish the documents about media property structure and final beneficiaries to National council on television and radio broadcasting and promulgate this information on their web sites within the six months. Also, off-shore and Russian companies are not allowed to be a channel and radio owners in Ukraine.
  9. 9. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. TV 10 UBR channel has changed program broadcasting conception National council on television and radio broadcasting decided to changeTV channel format from educational- informational to informational. Scientific-educational programs volume was reduced in favor of informational-analytical and journalistic programs. The main part of TV product is in-house production. UBRis Ukrainian TV channel, which broadcast since 2009. Committee of Media Holding “VestiUkraina” directors decided to concentrate on UBRchannel developmentand affirm new concept in 2015.
  10. 10. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. TV 11 TV channel MusicBox HD started it’s broadcasting in Ukraine MusicBox HD is a music channel, which duplicates a MusicBox UA air in high definition (1080i). All new in-house production music videos and programs are transmitted in high definition (FULL HD) format. Music videos, which were made in 4:3 format are converting in HD format with improved quality. TV channels logo will be the same – animated with popup‘HD’inscription. Channel viewing is available in cable Ukrainian networks.
  11. 11. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. TV+RADIO 12 Ukrainian TV and radio started broadcasting on temporary occupied Lugansk region Concern RRT (Radio broadcasting, Radio communication andTV) implemented an appropriate transmitters, so now citizens of occupied territories, which are located closer to separation line, have an opportunity to inquire news from free part of Ukraine. “Radio Puls”(Lugansk All-Ukrainian State Television and Radio Broadcasting company) program is broadcasted on a frequency 99,5 MHz and TV – on 25th channel. Signals partly reach Lugansk. It’s promised to raise transmitter’s power after government funding.
  12. 12. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. OOH 13 Outdoor Advertising Association has presented All-Ukrainian public online advertising construction base Project will allow to raise market transparency, reduce shadow angle size and improve quality of services. Base is realized on the basis of Yandex maps on the website legal.outdoor.org.ua. Besides the options of photo/media schemes displaying on city maps and search filters, there is an opportunity to import completed address programs of advertising campaigns by codes. Base also analyze surfaces legality and put out a report on official Ukrainian Outdoor Advertising Association form. All providers can pass his surfaces to add into a data base for free. After checking up for legality surfaces are plotted on map.
  13. 13. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. OOH 14 Risk of advertising prohibition in historical centers of Ukrainian cities Ministry of Culture develops legislative changes about culture heritage objects preserving. one such changes example is a prohibition of advertising placement in historical centers, on state historical significant monuments and UNESCO memorials. In security or buffer memorial’s area It’ll be available only stylized and socially important advertising placement. Thereby, Ukrainian cities will look like European, where advertising in historical places is absent or ordered.
  14. 14. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 15 AdBlock started to show an‘Acceptable ads’ Adblock, one of the most popular ad blocking extensions for the Chrome web browser with more than 40 million users announced to its user base that it has been sold and that it has joined Adblock Plus' acceptable ads program. To be in the program ads must be static, mainly text, and positioned in a way that doesn’t distract from the primary content on the page.
  15. 15. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 16 Google innovations New targeting opportunities in Google AdWords Customer Match tool will allow advertisers to download mailing list of users, establish a rates and create advertisements, which are focused on audience from mailing list. Extension“similar audiences”is available for re-targeting lists in context-media Google network. Now It’s available to build them on CRM audience activity basis. Both tools will be able to be targeted on YouTube and Gmail. Launch all over the world is planned in the nearest time. Native ads in Gmail New ads are displayed at the top of“Promotional actions”tab in“Inbox”folder and is available both in web and mobile versions. Users will be able to resend to each other advertising posts and save them in“Inbox”folder. Advertisers pay only for clicks by ads, which users made to display ads. Payment for clicks inside ads isn’t collected.
  16. 16. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 17 Facebook has laucnhed new lead generation tool Lead Ads for all advertisers Tool will allow advertisers to automatize new registration forms filling and sending, appropriated for user’s contact data collection. Fb integrated this functionality by SRM- platforms, thanks to which brands will be able not only collect information in real time mode but also use received data in other directions: sales, marketing and client service. Besides, now companies can customize forms for automatic lead’s generation, by using open questions or questions with multiple choice.
  17. 17. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 18 Facebook and Instagram started blocking links to Vkontakte When you try to post a link https://vk.com in a personal message or a new entry in Facebook and in the comments under the photo in Instagram message as follows:“the Materials that you’re trying to share includes a link that is registered by our security system as unsafe”. After the publication of the reference to“Vkontakte”desktop version of Facebook proposes to conduct online computer scan for malware, which is necessary to download the program F-Secure Online Scanner. The references of“Vkontakte”on the users page, photos and videos are sent without any problems. Previously“Vkontakte”has ceased to maintain an active hyperlink on Instagram.Many people linked it with the release of their own lenses, theRussian social networkcalled Snapster.
  18. 18. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 19 Promo posts has appeared in“Odnoklassniki” New advertising format will allow to target the audience outside the communities thanks to rb.mail.ru and MyTarget systems. Promo posts allow to raise community publications coverage with detailed targeting on target audience. In this case advertiser receives a viral effect from post for free. In users feed, who aren’t signed on community, post will be displayed with“Sign”button, what additionally brings new subscribers to community. Paid posts in Vkontakte appeared as late as in thespring.
  19. 19. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 20 “Vkontakte”has launched advertising posts on Android Now when creating advertising post or editing It, user can choose the placement options – all platforms, mobile devices or only personal computers. Advertising creation is available in personal account. Thanks to“Posts promotion”option advertiser is permitted to place ads in user’s feed on behalf of company’s community and also It doesn’t depend on whether network user is signed on it or no. Advertising posts in appearance are similar to usual, but they have a tick“Advertising post”.
  20. 20. 21 Ukrainian radio resumed broadcasting in Crimea Now it’s possible to find Ukrainian radio stations on medium AM frequencies in occupied Crimea. It’s spoken in National council on television and radio broadcasting in Ukraine press service message. Ukrainian radio (UR – 1), Worldwide service UTR and Odessa radio“Mayak”are available. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. RADIO
  21. 21. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. RADIO 22 GfK Ukraine held up Radio ES (European Station) research Radio network“Radio ES”(JSC“Radio Company Gala”) went out from radio audience research, provided by GfK Ukraine through the request of branch association Radio Committee. On the part of radio station had raised a claims to research quality and given data representativeness. Collaboration was held up by the research company initiative. According to GfK Ukraine, the situation was caused by default on financial obligations on the part of radio station: first wave of research wasn’t paid, then as now the third wave already has been finishing.
  22. 22. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. RADIO 23 Romany radio Chiriklо started broadcasting in Ukraine Radio works in digital format on the web-site radiochiriklo.com/. It’ll be available on FM-frequency soon. Radio conception is based on Netherlandian radio station experience. Besides Netherlands, such purely Romanes media- sources have already works in Balkan-Carpathian region countries, Sweden, Spain and Russia. New radio project goal is overcoming of negative stereotypes about Romanes, discrimination an segregation. Radio mission is to provide voice to Romanes, spread information about ethno-national politics and state programs. Culture component: Romanes music history, it’s modern directions, Romanes history and culture, their modern life etc. Chiriklo will broadcast in Ukrainian (75%) and Romanes (25%). Two podcasts will be translated into Russian and English. Content is figured on wide listenership, including youth. It’ll be spread in social networks and through mobile app.
  23. 23. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. RADIO 24 “Ukrainian radio”resumed broadcasting “Ukrainian radio”resumed transmitters’operation, which were cut off on September, 9 because of budget financing restriction. UR – 1 will work in usual volumes, day break on powerful transmitter, which cover the south of Ukraine and Crimea, will be cancelled. Also“Promin”and“Kultura”channels network resuming its work. Broadcasting return became possible thanks to collaborative actions of state organizations in charge of financing enhancement.
  24. 24. OTHER MEDIA TRENDS. PRESS 25 “Media Group Ukraine”gained publishing rights for Vogue in Ukraine Vogue in Ukraine will be published by“Media Group Ukraine”under license agreement Conde Nast International. First common issue will be the October, 2015. Vogue mission is to represent culture and world in fashion. Ukrainian issue is a magazine with Ukrainian character, heroes and hue. Vogue goal is to be №1 issue about fashion and beauty. Vogue publishesin USA since 1892. It was launched in Ukrainein June2012and became one of 21 international“fashion bible” issues. Also Vogue publishesin USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia and many other countries.
  25. 25. 26
  26. 26. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. ООН 27 Respublika App Respublika retail chain has implemented a new technology iBeacon trackers in mobile app“Respublika” with support from Getsy.co and made it possible for all mobile users in Russia. New iBeacon technology will make it easier for customers to be orientated inside the shop, find the necessary stuff, and get push notices about special offers and discounts. Getsy beacons will be able to define micro-geo-location and sent different content about product – news, videos, photos, detailed description and special offers when consumer is in a special zone or near defined item. For interaction with products it’s enough to turn on Bluetooth and run the application.
  27. 27. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 28 Google is testing a new AdSense ad format for mobile Google is calling them anchor/overlay ads and vignette ads. The Anchor/overlay ads (320x50) are ads that are mobile specific and they stick to the edge of the user's screen and are easy for the user to dismiss. The vignette ads are also mobile only and are full screen ads that appear between the page loads on your site and can also be dismissed by your users.
  28. 28. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 29 YouTube has launched paid version The new option is called YouTube Red. It costs $9.99 per month and will be available for purchase on October 28th, starting in the US, then rolling out worldwide. Along with removing ads, subscribers will be able to save videos for offline viewing, and keep videos running in the background on mobile. YouTube Red subscription permits to play materials on any devices. People who have already signed onto that service will get an access to exclusive content (various shows and movies) since the start of 2016. Service isn’t available in Ukraine yet.
  29. 29. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 30 YouTube will launch a purchase function in video spots Google will launch new Shopping Ads tool inside the own video hosting YouTube. Tool will permit advertisers to place ads in their videos, by clicking on which it’ll be available to make a purchase. Payment model: only for clicks by ads. Shopping Ads format will be similar to Cards and TrueView for shopping, YouTube users will be able to find and click on icon“i”at the top right video corner to see ads. New advertising type testing in YouTube is planned for Autumn.
  30. 30. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 31 Advertising has appeared in Start menu in Windows 10 In new Windows 10 update has appeared place for advertising in Start menu. Microsoft is describing them as ‘Suggested apps‘. At this stage software developers don’t pay for placement. Function is oriented on helping users to find useful apps and opportunities. Now new apps are recommended only to test participants and ads demonstration could be turned off. In case of successful testing, this innovation will take place in release version.
  31. 31. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 32 Mozilla is launching advertising in Firefox Now when opening new tab in Firefox browser users will see“Suggested tiles”. Innovation presents a content from partners, among which areYahoo, Fortune, Quartz, Make-a-Wish Foundation and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Content is based on previous user’s requests. As for now function is free of charge, but Mozilla consider a possibility of monetization. Personal users data wouldn’t be tracked and recommendations turning off is available at any point.
  32. 32. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 33 Instagram expands boundaries Photo hosting intend to provide a platform not only for huge advertisers, but also for small business, by adopting the 30-seconds video spots (previously it was 15-seconds). For brands, which planning a new product launch is suitable purchase option Marquee, which permits to reach users at the launching stage. Also Instagram has updated CTA-buttons functional (‘Buy Now’,‘Sign up’and‘Learn more’), what will help to attract tourism and entertainment, electronic commerce and retail industries advertisers. Servicehas complementedstandardsquared photos by portrait and album formatsfrom the late summer.
  33. 33. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 34 Facebook and Instagram news Like and Share buttons track interests Facebook and Instagram users data, based on Like and Share, will help target ads more accurately: it’s possible to choose demonstration of interest-based advertising in settings. Previously network conducted experiments with the purpose of assembling users’data, but this caused arguments and displease among human rights activists. Now social network’s management is affirming, that politics due to cookie-files is totally transparent. Facebook has launched targeting tools forTV-advertisers New metric TRP (Total rating point) provides planning, purchase and measuring ads opportunities together with TV-campaigns. Project realization became possible due to Facebook partnership with Nielsen and Millward Brown Digital analytic companies. Now It’s available to control total TRP for social network and TV, analyze advertising campaign results in mobile and provide mobile polling.
  34. 34. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 35*Advertising-communication holding Wire and Plastic Products (WPP) head Facebook changes approaches to ads measuring Such actions partly are an answer to strident Martin Sorrel’s* attack. According to him, traditional measuring model began to show signs of strain, also Facebook’s video metric, which counts 3 seconds as video viewing is ludicrous. Previously audience interaction with spot took into account from 3rd second of viewing, now purchase structure has changed and social network convinces advertisers, that users will see their spot fully. Also there’s an opportunity to estimate unique views quantity and see which cover was organic and which was reached due to paid promotion.
  35. 35. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. INTERNET 36 Apple removes some adblockers from the App Store over privacy concerns Apple has removed certain content blocking apps from the App Store over concerns that users’data could be exposed to third parties. According to company, such actions oriented to protecting customer privacy and security. Been Choice, one of the apps that Apple took down, blocked ads in browsers as well as in apps. Company is working closely with these developers to quickly get their apps back on the App Store, while ensuring customer privacy and security is not at risk.
  36. 36. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. OOH 37 Cell phone charging stations in shop Retailers has found an excellent way to attract bigger amount of customers in their shops. Project was realized due to ChargeItSpot company, which developed charging station for mobile phones. Station contains 8 sections, each of which are closable, what gain an opportunity bravely go shopping without any concern that smartphone can disappear. According to developers purchase quantity increased up to 54%. Such charge kiosks has already placed by Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Whole Foods, Under Armour, Bergdorf Goodman and Urban Outfitters.
  37. 37. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. PRESS 38 Uber has launched It’s first magazine New edition Arriving Now publishing was confined to FashionWeek in New York and contained professional advices, fashion establishments and details about coming events. One of style setter Olivia Palermo adorned magazine cover and told about favorite shops, trends and her love to New York. Previously Uber was engaged in quarterly Momentum edition publishing for drivers about health, personal care and insider advices. Popular service Airbnb follows the same tendency: It has it’s own periodical edition Pineapple.
  38. 38. GLOBAL MEDIA TRENDS. FUTURE 39 Advertising in Virtual reality environment In the nearest future It’s planning to create advertising network for virtual reality. American company Airpush took upon oneself a revolution in advertising industry. Company attends to place the most famous brands in virtual reality environment. Airpush developers created tools, which permit to integrateVirtualSky in any VR app and load content instantly. In experts’view virtual reality can pick up speed and became conventional phenomenon by 2018.
  39. 39. UKRAINIAN CASE. SOCIAL NETWORK CAMPAIGN: “Support your team together with Mastercard”, Mastercard, Ukraine, 2015 SITUATION: Mastercard, the permanent UEFA Champions League sponsor, keeps looking for the new ways of supporting football fans every year GOAL: let fans to express emotions in a unique way SOLUTION: A football fan on a website received an avatar customized and revived with it’s own emotions. The face recognition system track the users mimicry through a webcamera and imitated it on the avatars face. Fans recorded joy, anger, happiness or sorrow caused by matches of their favourite teams. Everyday they could share their reaction on championship events with friends on social networks. Users have a lot of additional preferences to making their own avatars, that reflected their emotions very accurately. Fans had an opportunity to win certificates on a purchase in sport online-shop or mobile recharge. RESULTS: • 85K emotions avatars were created; • 78K emotions shared; • 6,2M earned media contacts. 41
  40. 40. CAMPAIGN: Nike Air Max 95 Collectables, Nike, Hong Kong, 2015 SITUATION: Nike Air Max 95 is one of the most iconic and sought after sneakers all the time. Twenty years on from original launch, they were being re-released again in Hong Kong. GOAL: to increase awareness and drive traffic into the Nike stores IDEA: Tapping into the mid-90’s craze of collecting exclusive trading cards and limited edition sneakers, local artists created a specially designed series of collectable cards showcasing the AIR MAX 95 range to mark the re-release of this all-time favourite shoe with a throwback to 1995 in Hong Kong. The original card machines were installed in- store. People came back daily to try and collect them all. Special rare cards unlocked limited edition sneakers or design and customise their very own pair of Air Max 95. RESULTS: These cards gained awareness across the city and internationally. As a result it drove traffic to the Nike stores: • +23% increase in store traffic; • +56% increase in shoe sell through. WORLD CASE. AMBIENT MEDIA 42
  41. 41. CAMPAIGN: #LITTLEMONEYBIGFUN, KFC, Romania, 2015 GOAL: KFC wanted to draw attention to its cheapest ever meal deal IDEA: KFC Romania aimed to prove that you don’t need lots of money to have lots of fun. The fast food brand parodied the #RichKidsOfInstragram with their very own #LittleMoneyBigFun hashtag campaign, powered by a site that challenges fans to pick famous rich kids Instagram photos, reshoot it in a fun, low budget way, upload it on online generator and share the merged result on social media. RESULTS: • #1 leading twitter topic in Romania; • over 1 Mln Euro in free media; • KFC sales went up 21%. WORLD CASE. SOCIAL NETWORK 43
  42. 42. WORLD CASE. SOCIAL CAMPAIGN 44 CAMPAIGN : Pay with blood, Untold Festival and National Blood Centre, Romania, 2015 PROBLEM: Romania has a big issue regarding blood donations. It ranked second to last in Europe for active blood donors (less than 2% of population). Hospitals desperately need blood. Only 0,2% of young people are donors GOAL: to change the mentality of young people and show that donating blood can be part of their everyday life SOLUTION: The biggest music festival in Romania Untold organized in Transylvania, region associating for Dracula and the vampires stories. Festival teamed up with National Blood Centre and launched a national campaign to collect blood donations. Each person that donated during campaign received a free pass or discount to Untold. RESULTS: • more than 3 М Earned Media were reached thanks to media and celebrity (DJ’s and singers) support; • 129 М impressions; • hundreds of people queued to donate blood, transfusion centre had to extend schedule and the fridges were full.
  43. 43. CAMPAIGN : Moving Track, Run With Heart Foundation in partnership with Warner Music, Universal and Sony, Poland, 2015 SITUATION: Over 50% of young people don’t do any exercises GOAL: to help curb the childhood obesity epidemic by finding an effective and fun way to kids to get moving. SOLUTION: the 'Run With Heart Foundation' in partnership with Warner Music, Universal and Sony have launched mobile site “Moving tracks”. The simple site lets kids listen to exclusive, unreleased songs, but on one condition the track only plays when GPS detects they are actually running. RESULTS: • the project is ongoing and already reached over 500 K people; • after 2 weeks launch lots of free earned media were talking about application. WORLD CASE. MOBILE APPLICATION 45
  44. 44. For sure, all of us have heard about marketing wars between car giants, Coca Cola and Pepsi, McDonalds and Burger King. In this issue we’ll tell You about unfamiliar, but no less interesting advertising brands’ confrontation. And although David Ogilvy wrote, that‘Advertising shouldn’t be aggressive – don’t confuse advertising campaign with war’, by no means all market players adhere to this principle. Enjoy! Interesting page 46
  45. 45. INTERESTING PAGE 47 Indian advertising wars Considerable marketing struggle were sparked between airline companies in Hyderabad. All started, when JetAirways decided to make a rebranding, where one of points was uniform changing, about which they decided to inform by billboard with title‘We’ve changed’. Airline company Kingfisher intercepted, placing above title‘We made them to change!!’and agitation to use their services. But one more aggressive was GoAir competitors’behavior, who placed oneself higher, than others:‘We’ve not changed. We’re still the smartest way to fly’.
  46. 46. INTERESTING PAGE 48 PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Fight between companies happened, when, while launching new Xbox One, Microsoft for their gaming consoles advertising decided to hit to PlayStations’4 raw spot, notably an opportunity to share by accounts and games. To the effect company even screened spot, which demonstrates as easy It’s to share by game: simply give a box for friend.
  47. 47. INTERESTING PAGE 49 Despite that fact, that in Russia advertising with brand-competitor mention is prohibited, ways to prohibition overcoming usually discovers. In this way Danone company called on from TV screens ‘ Don’t wait a miracle, drink Danone’ and Knorr, hinting at opponent Maggi, voiced the following: ‘Real sup – any magic’. Also represent You shining and demonstrative struggle examples on billboards.
  48. 48. INTERESTING PAGE 50 In modern world a hundreds of brands, trade marks, company names and products surround us. To this end, we propose you to play a little: in the next slide dispose brands due to products, which are appropriate them. Solution you’ll find further. Have a good luck in quest!
  49. 49. 51
  50. 50. See you in the next issue!