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Informação adicional quad inglesina

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Informação adicional quad inglesina

  1. 1.  QU _____ Quad Quad travel chass that d Mélan system and de Pre-ar travell to the for all seat, w offers Quad  St  C  H  St  C  M  Le  R Chas  Th  S  Sw  O  St  C Chas Closin Chass Chass BASIC BIKE Strolle Overa Pram Mater Strol  S  Th  5-  S  Th gr  P  Th zi AD・ mo ___________ , innovation t is a new con even the rou sis, that grant raw their ins nge Jersey. T m - Inglesina esigned acco rranged for c ling for little o wide, armch seasons tha with its cocoo more comfo d consists troller arrycot uggy Group torage baske up holder Matching bag eg cover for s ain cover for ssis feature he chassis is ingle handle wivel front w ne-control ac torage baske up holder bu ssis technic ng type: sis dimension sis weight: C version wh version whee er dimension all stroller we dimensions rials of the st ler seat fea uitable for ut he seat is rev -point adjusta pacious shap hanks to the rowth. rotection sho he hood is se pped extens odular sy ___________ that takes yo ncept of trio t ughest terrai ts it lightness piration direc Thanks to the a patent - ma ording to the car transport, ones. The st hair-effect se anks to the pa oning shape ort to the child of: 0+ car seat et stroller r stroller es: s fitted with re with soft tou wheels with sh ctive brake, w et approved uilt into the ch cal specific ns when clos heels: els: ns when open eight: (chassis + c ructure: atures: tilisation from versible (the able safety h ped seat with triple positio oulder straps eamlessly in sion. ystem __________ ou anywhere that combine n. That’s tha s and sturdin ctly from natu e single hand kes it possib e latest safety , by means o roller has rev eat, it is suita added leg co , provides gr d. A car seat evolutionary uch grip, adju hock absorbe which moves up to 3kg, wi hassis. cations: sed: n: arrycot) m birth up to 1 position on t harness. h cocooning on, the heigh s in soft padd tegrated to th ___________ . es extremely nks to the la ness. The lini ure and rang dle it can be ble to close a y standards, of the special versible seat ble to accom over, rain cov reater protec t ideal to be u book folding ustable heigh ers. s automatica ide and easil boo 61 8 K in E 195 270 with 195 270 61 12 61 alu 15 Kg of weig the chassis c seating. t of the seat ded jersey. he seat, and ___________ modern and rge wheels f ings emphas ge from the te pushed com and reopen it has a wrapa l optional Ing t to be easily mmodate the ver and folda ction from sid used either in g, one hand o ht. ally into posit ly accessible ok folding x 74 x 27 cm Kg (BASIC ve EVA with bal 5 mm diamet 0 mm diamet h ball bearing 5 mm diamet 0 mm diamet x 82/109 x 7 Kg (BASIC v x 116 x 86.5 minium ght. can either be safety back the width is ___________ d technical ap fitted with ba size the partic exture of jute mfortably with easily with o around shape glesina Car K y turned towa child from th away hood w de impacts, w n the car or o only system, ion upon act e. m (width x he ersion) – 9,2 l bearings ter at front ter at rear gs, in EVA a ter at front ter at rear 77/98 cm (wid version) – 13. 5/102,5 cm (w e facing mum straps can b also adjusta __________ ppearance w ll bearings a cular “cross o e, the lightnes one hand on one hand onl e that ensure Kit, it assures ards mummy he earliest mo with sun shad while the incli on strolls, att patented by uating, ensu ight x depth) Kg (BIKE ve t front, in rub dth x height x .2 Kg (BIKE v width x heigh mmy or the st e adjusted, t able, thanks t ___________ with sturdines nd the innov over” appea ss of linen an nly and the c ly. The carry es a high leve s comfortable or the outsid onths of life de extension. ination angle tached to the y Inglesina. uring greater ) ersion) bber at rear x depth) version) ht x depth) treet). thus adapting to the practic 2015 c ___________ P ss and the ab vatively desig rance with fa nd the softne chassis locki ycot, extra lar el of protectio e and safe de world. Tha and is equip . The Huggy e of the back e chassis. safety in use g to the child cal concealed collection _____ Page 1 of 3 bility to gned abrics ess of ng rge on. anks ped car rest e. d's d
  2. 2.  QU _____  K  W  Th  4-  H  2-  C  Th Strol Mater Carry  S  Th  Th en  Th pa w  P  C  M  Th E Tech Intern Extern Weigh Mater Mater Mater Hugg  A  La  S us  Av be w  Po  C  Ad  Eq st  C  A  E  Ad  It  Se Tech Body Mater AD・ mo ___________ ristall window Wide leg cove he leg cover -position recl andrail and f - position adj ompletely re he seat is fix ler seat tec rial of the ext ycot featur pacious, com he backrest r he carrycot is nsure natura he inner linin arts in direct ith a damp c ractical carry entralised re Matching bag he carrycot is uropean stan hnical spec al carrycot s nal carrycot s ht: rial of the ext rial of the inte rials of the st gy car seat pproved acc atest Side He uitable for re sed in front s vailable sepa e used only i ww.inglesina. ossibility of u entralised un djustable 3-p quipped with trollers. arry handle w perforated s rgonomic bu djustable and can be used eat and hood hnical spec material: rial of the linin odular sy ___________ w on the hoo er, perfectly e , soft and pa lining backre footrest in tec justable footr emovable lini xed and remo chnical spe ternal lining: res: mfortable and reclines to va s equipped w l air circulatio ng is complet contact with cloth. y handle, inte elease mecha with protecti s suitable for ndard ECE 4 cifications: ize: size: ternal lining: ernal lining: ructure: t features: ording to sta ead Protectio everse-face f seats where a arately: SHP n cars equip .com website use also with nbuckling me point safety h h Easy Clip s with ergonom shell and mes ffer cushion d removable d as a baby c d lining totall cifications: ng: ystem __________ od. enveloping e dded, can be est with centr chnical wate rest board. ng and hood oved very ea ecifications d designed a arious positio with a specia on and ideal tely removab the child. Af egrated in the anism of the ive shoulder r use in the c 44/04, only re andard ECE R on technolog ixing only (ag airbags are f P base to be f pped with Iso e). hout base. echanism on harness with system for ea mic grip, adju sh inserts in made of soft e hood made carrier and ho y removable ___________ ven in newbo e hooked into ralised contro rproof mater d, hand wash sily by mean s: poly according to t ons through al device at th temperature ble and hand fter removing e textile linin carrycot from strap and ch car and it is a ecommended 29/ 47 Kg poly poly poly R44/04 for g gy for overall gainst directi fitted as stan fastened by m fix connecto the backres padded sho asy fixing on/ ustable in fou the lining im t jersey. of jersey ouse seat, al e and hand w poly poly ___________ orn configura o a suitable p ol. rial, resistant hable at 30°C ns of the side yester fabric the latest saf a practical fr he front to ad e. washable at g the inner lin g, with ergon m the chassi hanging mat approved for d with the op /35 x 24 x 66 x 65,5 x 86,5 5,54 yester fabric yester fabric ypropylene roup 0+ (from improved ba ion of travel) ndard. means of the rs (see list of st rear side. oulder straps /off the car se ur positions. mproving brea lso with swin washable at 3 ypropylene yester ___________ ation. position to pr t and easily w C. e handles, tha c fety standard ront control. djust the air f t 30°C, thus ning, the bott nomic grip. s. supplied as group 0 (bab ptional Ingles 6/77 cm (widt 5 cm (width x c c m 0 to 13 kg aby safety ag and recomm e car safety b f vehicles in . eat bases an athability and ng function. 30°C. __________ rotect the ba washable. anks to the E ds. low: special ensuring the tom of the ca standard. bies from 0 to ina Car Kit. th min-max x x height x de of weight) gainst side b mended for u belts, or the n the instructio nd on compat d increasing c ___________ aby from the c Easy Clip me adjustable o e most thorou arrycot can a o 10 kg), acc x height x dep epth) umps and sh use in rear se new ISOFIX ons manual o tible Inglesin child comfor 2015 c ___________ P cold. echanism. opening vents ugh hygiene also be clean cording to pth min-max hocks. eats - cannot base, which or in na chassis an t. collection _____ Page 2 of 3 s of ned ) t be can nd
  3. 3.  QU _____ Harne Fixatio Positio Seat e SHP b Isofix Weigh AD・ mo ___________ esses: on with car b on in the car external dime base dimens base dimens ht without ba odular sy ___________ belts: r: ensions: sions: sions: se, with hoo ystem __________ d: ___________ 3 a belt only 41x 43 43 Kg. ___________ nchoring poi ts at 3 points y opposite to x 56 x 65 cm x 18 x 53 cm x 15,5 x 53,5 . 4 (hood inc ___________ ints s o the driving (width x heig m (width x he 5 cm (width x luded) __________ direction ght x depth) ight x depth) x height x de ___________ ) epth) 2015 c ___________ P collection _____ Page 3 of 3