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  1. 1. + You have just participated in an important meeting with your superior. How will you ensure that every part of the instructions you received will properly reach all subordinates, suppliers and clients, located in different parts of the world ? Presentation by VivekVasireddy
  2. 2. + Outline  Clearly understand/document the requirements  Project timeline  Determine key stake holders  Cross functional meetings  Identify and share information with suppliers & clients  Document information & close out
  3. 3. + Understand & Document requirements  Clearly get answers to below mentioned questions 1. Project finish date 2. Resources 3. Budget  Create a project schedule, taking above 3 inputs into consideration.  The project is most likely going to be a failure if any of the above 3 control factors go over the projections.  Document the requirements and get approval from your superior to make sure that both of you are on the same page.
  4. 4. + Project schedule :Time line  Break down project into individual sub-tasks.  Using a project management tool such as, MS project, assign start and end dates for each of the sub-tasks.  This process will assist in managing project, without missing deadlines, with ease.  Consult superior for agreement.
  5. 5. + Identify key stakeholders  Come up with a list of all key stake holders & departments that need to be made aware of the project.  Make sure to assign a person for each of the sub-tasks.  Assign responsibilities for each specific person using a RACI sheet, example shown in next slide.
  6. 6. + Example : Documented RACI
  7. 7. + Communication & meetings -- subordinates  Since project involves working with around the world and in different time zones, it is imperative to select a communication medium that is acceptable by all.  Although face to face meetings are the most productive, teleconferencing has proved to be ideal & cost effective due to constraints.  As some information is required to be kept confidential to safeguard interests of the organization, make sure to communicate expectations to stakeholders internal to the company.  If project involves multiple meetings have a clear documentation that tracks progress and maintain it in a shared database accessible by all.
  8. 8. + Suppliers & clients  Capture information that can be shared with external supplier & clients.  Gather a list of key participants and call for individual & separate meetings with both suppliers & clients.  List out any un-answered questions and follow up with stake holders to get these answered.
  9. 9. + Documentation & Confirm agreements  Store all the information in a shared database that all the stake holders can have access to.  Setup a project close out meeting with your superior/stake holders and confirm if you have met all their expectations.
  10. 10. + Flow chart Capture requirements Project schedule Identify & meet stakeholders Share information with suppliers & clients Documentation & project close out