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  2. Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction Name : VISHNU PRANAV P S Register No: 727821TPMB155
  3. Internal Guide: KARTHIKEYAN A Designation: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Qualification: BSc AGRI, MBA, PhD.., External Guide Name: VIJAYRAGHAVAN Designation: HR MANAGER Qualification: MBA Company: BOOMA INNOVATIVE TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED Contact No: 9585800111
  4. About the Company • Boom Motors is an EV company based out of Coimbatore, India. Our goal is to reduce vehicular pollution by helping the world transition to sustainable energy vehicles. Every vehicle we build is leveraging cutting edge technology and engineering to deliver superior products at great value to our customers. • We believe that in order for EVs to achieve mass-scale adoption, the vehicles need to be better not just for the environment, but also for your wallet, while retaining or exceeding the convenience, performance and peace-of- mind offered by petrol vehicles. • We are a highly technology driven company with many patents developed and high-level of indigenization. We are a group of engineers, thinkers and dreamers fully designing, developing and manufacturing EVs in India.
  5. Title of the Study To study on “Factors Influencing Employee Satisfaction” at Booma Innovative Transport Solution Private Limited
  6. Theoretical Framework MEANING : Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. Keeping morale high among workers can be tremendous benefit to any organization, as happy workers will be likely to benefit to any company. There are many factors for maintaining high employee satisfaction, which wise employers would do will to implement. EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: To increase employee satisfaction, many companies will have mandatory survey or face to face meeting either employees to gather information. Both of these tactics have pros and cons and should be chose carefully. Surveys are often annoying allowing workers more freedom to be honest without fear. Interview with company management can feel intimating but if done carefully can let to workers know their voice has been heard and their concern addressed by those in changes.
  7. Many experts believe that one of the best ways to maintain employee satisfaction is to make workers feel they are part of the family or team. Holding Office Events such as parties and group outings can help close bonds among workers. Many companies also participate in team building retreats that are designed strengthen the working relationship of the employers in the non-working related settings. Company trips, pain ball wars and guided back parking trips are versions of this type of team building strategy, with which many employees have founded success. The backbone of employee satisfaction in respect for workers and the job they perform. In every interaction with management, employees should be treated with courtesy and interest. In easy avenue for employers to discuss problems, with upper management should be maintained and carefully monitored. Even if management cannot meet all the demands of employees. Showing workers that they are being heard and putting honest dedications into compromising will often help to improve morale.
  8. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM • Booma innovative company is a startup company they have a high retention rate. • So the company wants to understand the overall employee satisfaction level. • That is the main problem currently arriving at the company.
  9. Objective of the Study • Primary Objective To study and analyze the Employee Satisfaction at Booma Innovative Transport Solutions Private Limited • Secondary Objective • To improve corporate wellness • To know about New employee benefits • To understand Work-life balance • To understand employee satisfaction in EV (Electric Vehicle ) Industry
  10. Design Strategy • The design chosen to analyze the information using surveys and interviews, finding enquiries. Hence, it is a Descriptive Research
  11. Methods of Data Collection Survey : The act of examining a process or questioning a selected sample of individuals to obtain data about a service, product, or process. Data collection surveys collect information from a targeted group of people about their opinions, behavior, or knowledge.
  12. Sampling Design Sampling Unit: • Employees from production department • Employees from finance department • Employees from operations department • Employees from R&D department Sample Size: 250
  13. Sampling Method The probability sampling method-Random sampling method will be used to study and analyze the employee satisfaction at Boom Innovative Transport Solution Private Limited
  14. Tools for Data Analysis • Percentage analysis • Hypothesis testing • Chi-Square test
  15. QUESTIONNAIRE • 1.Employee Engagement Index Survey  Do you feel proud within your Company?  Do you think you can recommend our company to your friends?  How likely are you to call your company the “Best places to work”?  Do you feel great when you wake us before the working day?  Do you see yourself working for that company in the next two years?  Do you feel empowered at work?
  16. • 2 .Employee Communication Survey  Do you like the process of contribution of your ideas and opinions in your workplace?  Do you feel comfortable asking for help if you need it?  Do you trust your managers to listen?  Do you have a good understanding of informal structures and processes within your company?  Do you usually know whom to ask for help when uncertainty rises?
  17. 3 Employee satisfaction Survey  How can we improve our corporate wellness program?  How does one feel about work today?  What perks, rewards, or benefits does one think we’re missing?  Do you have the acceptable amount of data to form correct decisions about your work?  What do you think about the overall quality of the management system?  What quite new employee benefits would you wish to see?  Do you like your work environment?  Overall, how satisfied are you working for [Company Name] rate 1 being poor and 10 fantastic?  What would improve your overall satisfaction at work?
  18. Reference • wiN9oy5n7_9AhW3ErcAHWGdDUwQFnoECCEQAQ& ectric-vehicles&usg=AOvVaw3-16i9GB0V9aUnBb0EBr6M • wiEud_EoL_9AhWp-TgGHRNABh0QFnoECDEQAQ& drivers%2Ftypes-of-evs%2F&usg=AOvVaw0ihkl5USWs9tVM6uCiXlrN • wijsvvdoL_9AhVZ- zgGHUJXD6UQFnoECCQQAQ& satisfaction&usg=AOvVaw2j12k3vSynqhlamney-qlj • The Five Fundamentals Of Employee Satisfaction (