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Basic digital marketing plan- Sample

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Basic digital marketing plan- Sample

  1. 1. 1 Digital Marketing Plan ForXYZ, Inc.
  2. 2. 0101 Agenda: 1.Objectives 2.Situation Analysis 3.Competitive Analysis 4.Modern Marketing Landscape 5.Our Approach 6.Marketing Plan (Phase Wise) 7.What Next
  3. 3. Our Objectives: 1. Setting up strong marketing process. 2. More Client Acquisition: Generating more leads for the business thus sales & revenue. 3. More Brand Awareness: Projecting the company in a position where we acquire ample amount of business by the words of the mouth. 4. Maximizing the ROI: As our business model is not a recurring business we must focus on ROI from very single day.
  4. 4. 0101 Situation Analysis Website: Seems like the web design has recently been changed but still it needs major changes in Call to actions and story building. Old Version New Version
  5. 5. 0101 •Layout & theme of home page: Good •Content and story building of home page: Inconsistent, making hard to understand what we offer. •Call to actions: Major changes are required. Website Analysis
  6. 6. 0101 Website Analysis •Image Quality: Inconsistent and sometime poor. •“Edfora” website is not working and we have their reference at our website at crucial places. •Prompting to connect on social but sharing no content there.
  7. 7. 0101 Web traffic Analysis Major traffic sources are direct, referral and organic searches.
  8. 8. 0101 Web traffic Analysis •Most of the traffic is from FIITJEE’s domains i.e. most of the traffic is in-house.
  9. 9. 0101 Web traffic Analysis •Organic search is the only medium from where we are receiving the traffic.
  10. 10. 0101 In Sum: •Though the one page layout is good, the content placement, story building and call to actions need to be improve. •Most of the traffic seems like coming from the FIITJEE students. To expend the business we must try other online media.
  11. 11. Let’s have a Radical look at what exactly ourcompetitors are doing in Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis
  12. 12. Toppr.com
  13. 13. Toppr.com
  14. 14. Toppr.com
  15. 15. Toppr.com
  16. 16. Toppr.com
  17. 17. embibe.com
  18. 18. embibe.com
  19. 19. embibe.com
  20. 20. embibe.com
  21. 21. iprof.com
  22. 22. iprof.com
  23. 23. iprof.com
  24. 24. iprof.com
  25. 25. iprof.com
  26. 26. In Sum: Toppr.com Embibe.com Iprofindia.com Monthly Visitors 400 K 230 K 170 K SEO Focused Highly Focused Focused Search Marketing More than 30 % NIL More than 35% Display Approx 9% NIL Approx 10% Affiliate shorte.st, Vcommision NIL Zedo Social Facebook Facebook Youtube, Facebook Mobile Presence YES NO YES Most of the competitors are using balanced marketing mix of paid, owned and earned media.
  27. 27. Understanding The Modern Marketing Trends
  28. 28. Hit them when they are ready to buy..:) Traditional way of Marketing
  29. 29. Source: Google& CEB 57%—that's how far the average buyer is through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep. 12%—that's how much of your customer's total mindshare you as a supplier have across the entire purchase path. Recent Trends of Buyer
  30. 30. Upcoming Trends of Marketing
  31. 31. So how we are going to manage it all.. Marketing Approach
  32. 32. c Open to Buy but not looking Not thinking about it Who Think They are not Interested Who Know they are not interested Ready to buy Using our services Sharing the case studies, Facts & knowledge by emails. (preferred in video formats) Sharing the case studies, Facts & knowledge by emails & SEO. Sharing the knowledge by emails, Content marketing & get them engaged them on social. Provoke them to come at the our website on social, related blogs and other places Direct sales pitch through all possible medium.. NIL We will hit the prospects at each of theirBuying Stage
  33. 33. c Open to Buy but not looking Not thinking about it Who Think They are not Interested Who Know they are not interested Content Marketing, Email, SEO Email, Content &Social, SEO Email, Display Ads, CPA, Content, Social Email, Display Ads, CPA, Social,content Ready to buy Email, Display Ads, CPA, Social, Search Marketing, SEOUsing ourservices Channels to hit the prospects at each of theirBuying Stage
  34. 34. Lead Segmentation..
  35. 35. Targeted Audience Lead Management Process Segment-A Segment-B Segment-ESegment-DSegment-C Sales Department Marketing Efforts Leads Automated Feedback Via Real Time Integration Leads Segmentation
  36. 36. . How we will segment : 1st . Based on the call to action and content forwhich visitorhas given the contact details we will first segment the lead. 2nd . We will send the unique email sets to each of the segment. 3rd . Based on the theiractions on ouremails, we will be furthermove the leads in othersegments. 4th . When leads comes at the ready to buy segment, we will transferthe lead to sales department. 5th . Based on the interaction with the sales person, if deal is not matured, we will keep following the prospect on emails. Note: This whole process would be automated, only sales persons may need to give theirfeedback in the form of single drop down question in integrated CRM.
  37. 37. Action Plan
  38. 38. Pre-Launch & Creating the grounds Setting up the strong online marketing foundation
  39. 39. Pre-Launch •Website revamp. •Set up strong SEO foundation, intensive keyword research and link building. •Set up lead management process and email sets. •Set up analytics codes, key indicators and dashboards. •Video production: Testimonials, How to, informative. •Email marketing: Promotional. •Mobile application development. •Content strategy and production.
  40. 40. Phase-I
  41. 41. Objective of Phase-I 1. Targeting the “Ready to Buy” prospects. 2. Understanding the buying psychology of consumercoming from search engine. 3. Short listing the most profitable search term forourbusiness. 4. Hitting the corporate segment, at least making them aware about xyz 5. Minimum recurring liabilities on company until we understand the userbehaviorand ourROImargins.
  42. 42. Phase 1:1 Instant result measurement. Controllable Action. Low Implementation Time. No additional man power. Display Marketing (20%) Search Marketing (80%) More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awerness 30% More UserEngagement 0% Why these two? Email SEO
  43. 43. Phase 1:2 Foroptimum results from ourefforts. More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awareness 30% More UserEngagement 0% Why Optimisation? Email Marketing Optimisation Lead Nurturing Process Optimisation Target Efforts Display Marketing Optimization Search Marketing Optimisation
  44. 44. Phase-II
  45. 45. Phase 2.1 More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awerness 30% More UserEngagement 0% SEO Content & Video Marketing Social
  46. 46. More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awerness 30% More UserEngagement 0% Optimisation & Pacing Phase 2.2
  47. 47. Phase-III & Phase-IV
  48. 48. More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awerness 30% More UserEngagement 0% Gamification Phase 3
  49. 49. More Client Acquisition 70% More Brand Awerness 30% More UserEngagement 0% Optimization, Pacing Phase 4
  50. 50. What Next
  51. 51. Agendas of Next meetings Agenda of First Meeting: today •Market analysis •Competitive analysis •Approach finalization Agenda of Next Meeting(2nd ): •Story to be deliver on each channel. •Tools & Techniques finalization for each channel. •Dashboards and key indicators finalization. Agenda of third Meeting: • Execution plan. • Required support for execution.
  52. 52. Thank You Any Questions please ..