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Analyse of websites

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Analyse of websites

  1. 1. Definition: a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more web pages in the aim of passing information onto audiences.
  2. 2. The Home Page: the homepage of a website should have a welcoming presence and short phrases that might appeal to a viewers interest. These are usually presented as a hyperlink that leads to an external page. The main navigation bar is presented at the top in a stylistic banner to attract the audiences eye. The key words are easily accessible and are hyperlinked to another page in relation to Griffin, which go on to give more detail with in the selected area. Eg. Bio will lead to a page presenting a biography of Griffin. Patty’s most successful and latest album occupies the centre of the home page to help the viewer establish an image of the artist and introduce her works early on. This is also a form of album promotion. The over all tone the webpage creates, by the use of colour and style, absolutely reflects Griffin’s style of music. Therefore, viewers get a sense of what sort of artist she is by the conventions her webpage follows.
  3. 3. The Music Store Due to the dark effect the colours create. The main products they are trying to promote stand out against the background and help catch the audiences attention One of the most famous images of the Dixie chicks are at the top of the page to help the viewer associate with them.
  4. 4. Tour Information Page Tour dates listed in simple, linear fashion. Making it easy for the audiences gain the information they need A tainted picture of Angaleena Presley in the background just to establish and promote the artist more, within her own website. This makes the audience feel more connected to the artist in some respects. A hyperlink to the ticket master website, whereby audiences can gain access tickets efficiently The reinforcement of the artists style to help the audiences associate with Presley’s artistry
  5. 5. Contact Page The latest social media updates are posted on Ashley Monroe’s contact page. This is beneficial as it helps fans of the artist communicate with other people who have the same music preferences. The twitter updates column, reveals the latest tweets in regard to the artist and keep all viewers of the webpage in circulation with other social sites.
  6. 6. Gallery Page This page pinpoints all the past albums of Carrie’s work and reveals all the previous artwork of her music career collection Clear hyperlinks and Titles introducing what the viewers will be looking at. In regard to this page it warns viewers that this page features several galleries pin pointing Underwood’s career