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ME 2402 – COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING                                         UNIT – I                              ...
13. What is meant by sculptured surface?    Surface produced from combining two families of curves that intersects in cris...
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Unit 1 cim qb

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Unit 1 cim qb

  1. 1. ME 2402 – COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING UNIT – I COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN PART – A (Two Marks)1. Define CAD1 and CAM2. 1 – Design activity that involves effective use of computer to create, modify or document an engineering design. 2 – It involves effective use of computer and computer technology in the planning management and control of manufacturing function.2. What are system software1 and Application software2? 1 – Used to perform / control the operation of computer, Eg. Operating sys. 2 – known as application program used for general or specialized problems. Eg. Pro – E, AutoCAD, ANSYS3. List the reasons for implementing a CAD system. Ans – To increase the productivity of the designer, to improve the quality of design, to improve communications, to create database for engineers.4. Mention the six phases of Shigley’s Design Process. Recognition of need, Identification of needs, Synthesis, Analysis and optimization, Evaluation, Presentation5. What is the scope of CAD, CAM and CIM in industry? Design, manufacturing planning, manufacturing control, Business functions6. What are characteristics of a CAD package? Simplicity, consistency, completeness, robustness, performance, economy7. List the various desirable features of a CAD package. Geometric modeling, Editing, Display control, Programming, Analysis, Connectivity8. What is meant by Geometric modeling1 and Computer Graphics2? 1 – Computer compatible mathematical modeling of geometry of as object 2 – Generating, presenting and manipulating of a object9. Differentiate between uniform scaling1 and non-uniform scaling2. 1 – Scale factors are equal, change in size, not in shape 2 – Scale factors are different, change in size and shape10. Distinguish between reflection1 and scaling transformation2. Both involves only diagonal element, magnitude for scaling, Sign change for reflection11. What is meant by concatenation? Use of more than one basic transformation, obtained by product of required transformation matrix.12. What is the purpose of homogeneous representation in transformation? - To concatenate the entire transformation matrix should be multiplied, so representing points by their homogenous coordinates provides an effective way to apply concatenation. - n-dimensional space is mapped into (n+1) dimensional space. - h(scaling factor) is taken as 1.AKTMCET/MECH/ME2402-CIM/QB 1
  2. 2. 13. What is meant by sculptured surface? Surface produced from combining two families of curves that intersects in criss-cross manner, creating network of interconnected patches14. Name any four Editing command1 and Utility command2 used in a CAD package. 1 – Break, chamfer, divide, erase, mirror, stretch 2 – units, limits, scaling, snap15. Write the 3D reflection transformation matrix for x, y and z axis.16. List the surface entities of a typical surface modeler. Plane, Ruled, Surface revolutions, Translated surface, Bezier surface, B-spline, Coons pitch, Fillet surface, offset surface17. What are types of approaches followed in solid modeling? CSG, B-rep, sweep, cell decomposition, half spaces, Octree encoding, primitive instances PART – B (16 marks)1. a. Explain the functional areas of CAD in design process. (8) b. List the benefits of implementing a CAD system. (8)2. a. List out the desirable features of CAD package and explain them briefly. (12) b. What are the applications of CAD? (4)3. a. Explain briefly about different types of 2D transformations. (12) b. Write a note on applications of CAM. (4)4. a. Explain briefly about different types of 3D transformations. (12) b. Write down the major function to be performed by a computer aided drafting software. (4)5. a. Describe briefly about different types of drawing features in a CAD package. (12) b. What are the basic features of a CAD system? (4)6. a. Describe the different entities used in surface modeling. (8) b. Describe the approach used in B-rep to create a solid model. (8)7. a. Explain, with suitable examples, how solid models are generated using Boolean operations. (8) b. List the applications, advantages and disadvantages of surface modeling. (8)8. a. Write a note on wireframe modeling. List the advantages and disadvantages of wireframe modeling. (10) b. What are the basic characteristics required for a CAD software. Write a note. (6)9. a. Write a short note on concatenation and homogeneous representation. (8) b. Explain the typical CAD command structures used in a CAD package. (8)10. a. Compare CSG and B-rep techniques of solid modeling. (8) b. If the triangle A (1, 1), B (3, 1), C (1, 3) is scaled by a factor 2, find the new coordinates of the triangle. (4) c. Rotate the triangle ABC counterclockwise by 30°, where the triangle has coordinates A (1, 1), B (3, 1), C (1, 3). (4) Prepared by Approved by Principal P.Vetrivezhan, A.P/Mech HOD/MechAKTMCET/MECH/ME2402-CIM/QB 2

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