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"Healthy and Bright Future"
I am Veronika and I am 39 years young and live in fresh air filled picturesque Erevan, a city in sunny Armenia.
Everything was working for me just fine. I love and I am loved. My profession and skills allow me to make women look beautiful because I design women clothes. It is such a pleasure to create a great dress from a piece of fabric and bring happiness to someone. I had dreams and desires like anyone else. I dreamt of creating my own collection, having a family and simply being happy.
Now my priorities have changed since I was diagnosed with progressive myopathy which refers to a clinical disorder of the skeletal muscles. Unaware of this coming disaster I worked and was happy. Only three years ago I noticed my illness and it has progressed so fast. I understood that I was severely stricken by this disease when one day I could not walk and my hands weakened. I am not able to move by myself because of this.
I thought a lot about what has happened to me and why. I started having doubts in my diagnosis and I have reasons.
I want to have a complete examination in the German clinic and this needs a lot of money. Fortunately I have become aware of Crowdfunding International
I am optimistic. Nothing else I want more than get healthy again and live out my dream of doing my work and sharing happiness with my friends and family.
I have been promised help in Germany. Please help me to get there.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help.

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