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Intelen presentation @ Greentechmedia (extended updated version))

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Intelen's presentation @ Greentechmedia's event

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Intelen presentation @ Greentechmedia (extended updated version))

  1. 1. Advanced GamificationTechniques for ConsumerEngagementVassilis Nikolopoulos, PhDCEO & co-founderIntelen, Inc
  2. 2. Engagement for utilities Can gamification increase the customer engagement and loyalty for Utility services towards sustainability ?
  3. 3. Intelen, Inc• Fully integrated Building Energy Efficiency platform ― Real time Building Analytics ― User engagement via gamification• Cloud based solution provided on SaaS basis• Seed Funded by investors in Europe and Silicon Valley• Based in New York Real time data Advanced Analytics (6 second intervals) (scenario planning) Real time user interaction Long term user engagement (behavioral response?) (gaming and social principles)
  4. 4. Intelen’s engagement process
  5. 5. Gamification of dynamics not objectives Real time gamification of dynamics We analyze your energy data (MDM) and NOT objectives Estimate building’s efficiency potential & profiling (Analytics) Using our mobile app we create behavioral DR events We use collective behavior change to engage
  6. 6. Gamification CASECase study onGamification- 50 School buildings- 10 Coprorate buildings
  7. 7. Service Process Roadmap
  8. 8. Cloud platform
  9. 9. Cloud platform
  10. 10. Cloud platform
  11. 11. Game mechanics services
  12. 12. Game mechanics services
  13. 13. AMR/AMI architectureMDM on 15mins aggregationsLocal AMR on 6secIPv6 enabled
  14. 14. Gamification CASE insights•A 12 week projectProved that through competitionand games in Intelen & Facebookplatform, a noticeable shape ofdemand can be achieved.Results:AVG Engagement time 34 minAVG Playing time 0,2 hrs/dayAVG energy reduction during games 29%
  15. 15. Gamification CASE insights Day 1: Observed peak on lights Day 2: Peak reduction because of behavior change Trend change: new lower consumption profile driven by efficiency response
  16. 16. Gamification CASE insightsDR Engagement graph % Ratio: no. of DR messages sent over no. of DR messages served within 30mins % Reaching DR Goal78.00% 77.02%76.00% 76.03% 74.61%74.00% 73.21% 73.03%72.00% 72.96% 71.40% 71.65%70.00%68.00% 66.97%66.00% 64.65%64.00%62.00%60.00%58.00% week1 week2 week3 week4 week5 week6 week7 week8 week9 week10
  17. 17. Gamification CASE insights Day 1: Opening windows in the morning causes heat loss and temperature drop Day 2: Change of behavior pattern due to intervention reduces energy needed to reheat building
  18. 18. Intelen’s disruptive extensionsFocused crowdfunding for savings - Gamification of crowdfunding for energy efficiency - Employees are part of the investment life-cyleGreen skills based on impact factors - Create a new Green skill mechanism - Measure each consumer’s impact factor
  19. 19. ConclusionsGamification can raise awareness and engage - Assess impact and create motivation - Measure every gamification step before objectivesGamification of dynamics and not objectives - Gamify process and not static objectives - Dynamics change behaviors on the processGamification under corporate/social norms - More efficient if we apply to structured norms - A-priori motivation and competition
  20. 20. Thank you Intelen, Inc 241, Centre Str Suite 608 New York NY 10013 USA http://www.intelen.com