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Product Line

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Product Line

  1. 1. 5822 Henkel Road Howard City, MI 49329 Phone: 231-937-8000 Fax: 231-937-8091 www.flexcable.comEngineered Solutions ISO 9001 Certified ◆ TS 16949 Certified ◆ HUB Zone Certified Revised 7/16 Operating at a world-class level of engineering and manufacturing capacity because of our ability to: ▶ Increase quality ▶ Increase flexibility ▶ Offer superior customer service ▶ Keep ahead of innovation ▶ Decrease cost ▶ Lower lead time We maintain a continuous improvement culture working toward zero defects. Our products are designed to your satisfaction with a high-level of performace and quality. We work to improve the connectivity industry with products that are: ▶ Accurate ▶ Durable ▶ Flexible ▶ Safe ▶ Reliable
  2. 2. ISO 9001 Certified ◆ TS 16949 Certified ◆ HUB Zone Certified Injection Molding Metal Fabrication Copper Stamping and Fabrication Custom Molded Plastic Parts Plating Options Available Finishing Options Available Sheet Metal Fabrication Welding Services Milling & Drilling Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Specialty Simple Blankings Complex Stamping Dies Kickless Cables Water Cooled Cables Air Cooled Cables Resistance Welding Laminated Shunts Primary Cables Micro & Milli Ohm Meters Carbon Arc Cables Induction Furnace Cables Induction Heating Cables Furnace Products Low Impedance Cables Air Cooled Cables Copper Repair & Rebuild Services Flexible Bus Bar Round Cable Solid to Flexible Bus Bar Bus Bars Shielded Bus Bar Aluminum Bus Bar Jumpers Components (Clamps, Brackets, etc) Retract Dress Systems Static Dress Systems Robot Dress Universal Dress Systems MIG Assemblies Cables & Hose Protection Solid Bus Bar w/ PEM Studs Round Cable to Flexible Bus Bar Round to Flat to Round Wire Servo Motor Cables Servo Motor Extension Cables Servo Motor Box Mount Cables Motion Control Cables Servo Motor Purge Cables Resistive Brake Module Cables Stand-Alone Encoder Cables Rectangular Connectors Military Connectors Circular Connectors Custom Cables Custom Assemblies Private Label Over-Molding I/O Fan Out Cables Product & Service Line Card Short Run & Prototype Molds Multi-Component Capability High Production Capability Non-Ferrous Specialty Plasma Cutting Turning Custom Machining Plating Options Available Break-Out Boards Transition Cables Feedback Cables Custom Umbilicals Robot Bypass Box Revised 7/16